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2017-18 away kit unveiled by Puma

Arsenal’s away kit for the new season has been unveiled this morning. The marketing bumph reads:

Arsenal first incorporated blue into their kit in 1892 and since then has been featured in numerous away kits over the decades, cementing itself into Arsenal folklore.

Whilst keeping a focus on tradition and giving a subtle nod to the 90’s with the blue two-tone treatment, PUMA has incorporated a modern and stylish graphic fade made up of repeat silhouettes of the club’s crest. This design also features across the sleeves of all Arsenal’s 2017/18 shirts.

The new Arsenal away kit will go on sale at 9am on the 27th July and worn for the first time on pitch when they face Benfica in the Emirates Cup on the 29th July.

So, there you go. Pictures below, and the kit is available from

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We should never play in blue!


Don’t look now, but we didn’t wear gold til a couple of times in the ’50s, and not again til ’68. Before that, always white or blue.


And we always had blue and white socks, which we don’t have now. I just don’t like blue, and never have!

Andy McH

Change kits in our history: we have worn yellow 32 seasons, white 26 seasons, blue 21 seasons and in the rest a mixture of blacks, reds, purples and green. This includes the third kits.


Why can’t we have the third kit as our away kit

ZZ Mop

Big fan of the black and pink. This… not so much.


it’s toilet


It’s just not the same without Santis nipples


It looks like a training top


That’s horrendous. Are we a cycling team?


Looks like Man City. What fuckwit designed this?

bob davis

Haha, I’ve never liked the Pima designs. Did anyone notice the thin red border on the end of the sleeve?

Cliff Bastin

It means that we wear the home one against them (and Chelsea) no matter what

David C

Man City or Barcelona away comes to mind. It will only be here for one year, hopefully back to yellow for the away kit next year!

Ciaran kelly

I have never liked the blue kits ever since we got Fowlered make it yellow


The 2002/03 away kit, while featuring a somewhat similar color scheme, looked super stylish. This, on the other hand…


LOL – that was a dark day (and a horrible kit!)


Perhaps we’re a team of goalkeepers?

Stuck on repeat...

Prefered yellow…but perhaps that’s just me.

Steve Counsel

No yellow?

Oleg \"The Horse\" Luzhny

I’ve seen us in a lot worse…Looks better on Danielle Carter

Harish P

I like it.

The detail with the fade using the crest is a neat touch.


I actually much prefer the third kit. I would prefer that to be our away kit instead of this.


Was going to say the same thing. This one is rubbish. When it got leaked late last season, i was sure it was a training top.


chavski/citeh hybrid! Yuk!!!!


Who the hell approves these kit designs? It’s just absymal.

Dave Horn

Sorry, but it has to be yellow and blue

When Skies Are Grey

Luckily for Puma that they have have done well with the third kit, can’t imagine they will shift too many away shirts! Sales might have a dip this season.


Really like the kit. The different shades of blue on it makes it dope

To Hull And Back

I’m confused, maybe i’m too old at 36! but is dope good or bad? Dope in my days was reference to drugs.

Ghostface Killah


Crash Fistfight

“In my days”? The Fresh Prince of Bel Air was referring to things as “dope” (meaning good) in 1990.


how are you 36 yo and only reference to dope means drugs?


I sort of liked it too. It looks different in a good way. The third kit was by far the best I but like this is too. We should encourage them yo take risks like this . maybe it will backfire but in this case I liked what I saw .and as youve said the fading effect looks dope


Marvel at how people are down voting folks because they have a difference of aesthetics over fashion.


I like it. It should look good on the field, with the dots blurring into shading.

Almost every kit launch seems to have the majority of fans going ‘ew’ and ‘who designed this?’


They’ve just used up old spare keeper shirts


Its a spurs kit.


Perhaps the kit launch should also come with Poo-o-Meter




And yet, regardless of whatever will be said in the discussion, sales will prove Puma doesn’t really need to improve for the next season’s kits.. people will buy it anyway deal with it

It Is What It Is

I though it was a keepers kit in the main picture myself. However after reading the statement, it is clear to see that Puma are trying. Yes they will get sales…if it was made by Joma or NoName, they would still sell…the market is already there, and flush with cash (relatively, it is a luxury good – over 5 years, it would set you back £250 minimum). We have, for the most part, on Arseblog, thought little of their efforts. All it take is a little effort from the artistic lot on here to come up with alternatives/recommendations. Place that… Read more »

It Is What It Is

What Chris said below.


This looks like a barca away kit. Get Hector the fuck out of it.


am i the only one who just wants the away kit to be yellow or gold i really liked the gold ones too haha


I appreciate we are part of a cookie cutter set of templates(See Dortmund or anyone puma) but if this is the best Puma have to offer, which is quite disconnected from the club then we need a new sponsor. It feels like a training kit and ironically the 3rd kit feels more of a finished product than this turd. I think more could be done to involve the people who actually buy these f**king shirts i.e. the fans and given we are very connected to the club digitally these days there is no excuse. Club: Do you want a shitty… Read more »

David Hillier\'s luggage

I wouldn’t mind so much if it wasn’t just a rip off of Swansea’s away kit from last season. Which they wore at the Emirates last season. Really poor from Puma.

Alex james boat trip

The kit designs were great back in the 30s so simple cant see eddie hapgood wearing this? Maybe time to go back to nike or just have the arsenal badage the stadium has enough adverts plaster over it plain kits get them back

David Hillier\'s luggage

Get used to more crap on our kits. We’ll be getting sleeve sponsors in 2019 when our Emirates shirt deal is up, and I’m sure shots and lower back ads will be common place in the premier league too soon enough.


Have they run out of budget?


It will sell simply because it is new. The colours have nothing to do with Arsenal. Worse than the third kit.


She wore, she wore, she wore a shit blue ribbon…

The sead was great

0 from 3 puma. Stick to trainers


At least Sanchez will feel like he’s at Man City.


I actually laughed, reading this. 😛


truly bad. must go down as one of the worst set of kits. the home is ok just because the other 2 are so yuck.


If you’re into history, our away kits were almost exclusively white and/or blue (royal or navy) for the first 75 years of the club. The gold away kit did not become a mainstay until 1968. In the modern era, suggestions that it should be gold ought to meet reality – we have been rotating in and out of yellow/gold kits for over two decades now. It’s clearly something the club is doing intentionally. Apparently gold kits don’t always sell that well, and alternating to and from them gives kit buyers an extra little push to get something a bit different,… Read more »

Crash Fistfight

You sound like you designed it! Just to back up your comments about the historical colours of the 2nd kit, here is a nice link:

I like the green one from the ’80s. Reckon someone should do an homage to it in the future.


I’ve been expecting the green kit to get a rerun for a while now – especially when Nike bought Umbro a few years ago.

Crash Fistfight

Oh, and just to say, this kit isn’t horrible because it’s blue. It’s just horrible. I liked some of the early ’90s blue kits.

This one just looks like another of these horrible, garish kits that manufacturers are making that are supposed to follow trends (like neon colours on everything).

The other trend that has hopefully ended is the ‘all one colour’ kits that Nike and Adidas designed, with the Nike shirts also having shoulders that look like the wearer has lain in a muddy puddle.


Thank you for this post. Was starting to feel like the only golden oldie, all this modern talk of yellow/gold kits was making me blue. In my lifetime away kits have seen many blue and many yellow/gold, and it’ll no doubt switch back over in the next couple seasons – so stay calm. I’ve no complaints with any of the recent kits, all well made and the players will no doubt have been consulted with what they’d enjoy wearing. Variety is a good thing… My only concern is 3 new kits per season, not including GK’s, is becoming a standard… Read more »

David Hillier\'s luggage

One thing I don’t really understand is how either the club or Puma have come to the decision that a blue & teal combo (not just blue alone) is an ‘Arsenal’ change colour. I actually don’t mind changing away colours (I did prefer the away to third kit cycle meaning we always had a yellow kit if need be though), however I don’t see why the club have made this specific combination a tradition given it was a relatively arbitrary design choice make by a previous kit manufacturer, or why Puma would use these choices made by a rival brand… Read more »

Third Plebeian

Also if you’re into history, there’s never been an online kit reveal in which the attendant comments weren’t full of whingeing and gasps of disbelief about colours and stuff. In reality, nobody cares all that much, and I bet pretty much everyone here, if they walked past this shirt hanging in a shop, would simply say ‘nah’ or ‘it’s ok’ instead of getting hysterical about it.

Such a weird phenomenon. What internets does to some people’s brains.


Sorry to be the dissenter

But I like it

Don Cazorleone

Ermahgerd change…

How will we cope?


Win the league and I’ll like this kit just fine, I think it just needs a splash of silver.

Corona X

For the first time in history, I prefer our third kit over the second…
Shocking to be honest! 🙁 What happened to yellow? That’s what she wore!!

John Norris

I really couldn’t give a toss what colour it is,just score more goals than the home team when they’re wearing it!




Are we a team of goalkeepers?i dont like the blue one

Afolabi Folawole

I like the third kit way better. We can only hope blue brings us luck next season.


HFB should do all the 3 kits. We dont need anybody else to model as long as we have the GOD


I’m the only one who thinks it’s ok then. I’ll be ordering the third kit anyway.


It’s about time we regurgitated the green and blue away strip. Loved it!
This one is OK I guess.


I guess I WILL be keeping the few quid I put aside for kits this season, after all. Was waiting for the away version, and nope, no sale on any. Perhaps this is why Arsenaldirect is offering £10 off your next order? They feel shame, too

Silent Stan

I appreciate Arsenal have had blue kits in the past, but in the same way Sp*rs would never have a red away kit, I don’t understand why we don’t just stick to yellow (or gold) with blue sleeves and shorts. I hate blue or white kits and this one is particularly gross. Judging by social media, the feeling is shared by the majority.

Ralph Lee

Why can’t we have our yellow and blue trim kit…? Blue blue Bloody blue. We’re not Chelski or Everton “We’re ARSENAL God dammit sort it out !

Midwest Gooner

And now we know why Alexis doesn’t want to extend his contract.



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