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More pictures of next season’s third kit colour scheme emerge

Since becoming Arsenal’s kit manufacturers, Puma have had some hit and miss efforts, but in recent times the misses have become far more prevalent.

This season’s blue away kit is one of the worst in living memory – and not just because we can hardly win a game in it.

Last month, pictures of next seasons kits emerged, and today – via Footy Headlines – we’ve got another glimpse at what our third kit colours will be with some pictures of training gear.

The colour is officially called ‘Biscay Green’, like some kind of shite Dulux catalogue. Anyway, feast your eyes on what they have to offer.

Puma’s deal runs out at the end of next season, and it’s being strongly rumoured that the club have been working for some time on a deal with Adidas to take over.

These may be famous last words, but they couldn’t do much worse.

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Looks rubbish, but at least as it’s the colour of grass we’ll be harder to see.


but how will our own players see each other?


Mesut ozil sees all

A Different George

Playing in the Bay of Biscay, Mesut Ozil will bounce a pass off the top of a wave and it will spin directly into the path of the onrushing Aubameyang, many miles away.

Mayor McCheese

You think that’s the colour of grass? Do you live next to a radioactive waste facility, by any chance?


Are you Alex Hleb in disguise?

Mayor McCheese

Yes, you got me. Only I, Alex Hleb, am able to tell the difference between radioactive and normal grass.


I would have loved this in yellow.


Me too. Since when did green and blue kits become Arsenal colours? Should be red for home and yellow away. The rest is about more money.


Since 1982.


Speaking of 1982, get a load of those warmup arms.

Do they REALLY thing that’s coming back, or do they know they’re F’d when the shirt deal comes up for renewal?


Have you seen the 1971 FA Cup Final shirt? After the traditional Red and White it is the best Arsenal shirt ever.


Didn’t think the blue this year was all that bad. But maybe that’s because most of the promos had Olly in them.


Garbage like all other puma kits. They look so lacklustre and what’s with the obsession for non-Arsenal colours? Just make a fucking yellow away kit!!

Jean Ralphio

Maybe it’s just me but I like the colour. It’s different.

Christopher Wreh

Meh. Kit’s a kit. They change it every year and the prices go up along with it.

I’ll stick with my scarf thank you (although I do like to sport the burgundy strip from our last season at Highbury, weather permitting obviously…)

Crash Fistfight

Why do people love that redcurrant strip? We’re supposed to be red with white sleeves, dagnabit! That colour wasn’t even traditional – we never had that colour until that kit (http://www.historicalkits.co.uk/Arsenal/Arsenal.htm) – Nike just made it up!

5280 Gunner

Yes and no. That site doesn’t do a good job at demonstrating the darker shade of red that the club used to wear, but it wasn’t nearly as dark as Nike made it out to be. Think Sparta Prague for an example.


I thought it was supposed to represent the “red” kit Nottingham Forest loaned as a first strip in 1886? Or is this bollocks?

Mayor McCheese

There was no such thing as red in those days. I have pictures to prove it.

A Different George

I think red was first invented in 1992; before that there was only darkness.

Andy Mack

If you look at the photos there was only Black, White and Sepia.

Boom Xhaka Laca

Puma have been pretty disappointing – I’d welcome a change. Not sure I’m overexcited about having chavvy Adidas stripes on our iconic white sleeves though.


Have to agree. The only kit I liked that Puma did was the 2016 away Yellow.

David C

Maybe Puma is mad at us because we are about to jump ship! That colour is mint, right?

I wish we’d go back to Nike, loved those shirts.

Mayor McCheese

Mint Bisque


Really? Including the blue lightning bolts of 95/6; the hoop of 97-9; the sky and blue of 02/3; the two tone hoops of 07/8; the sky and blue diagonal of 11/12; purple & black hoops of 12/13? Nike were also the ones who introduced blue shirts for the first time in the modern era. I did like the white with writing of 07/8 and with pin stripes in 09/10 though. Adidas’ last efforts from 91-94 were an awful goodbye too! Presumably someone in the Arsenal marketing team actually approves these things and, as with most things, ignores any advice from… Read more »


Fixed it, or the jacket atleast:


I don’t know that changing the color to yellow fixes it, but take +1 for the effort.


Almost there. Just change the striping from bilious green to royal blue.




That colour is hideous and nothing to do with Arsenal.
Apart from that I love it.


My poor eyes! Those striped long sleeves are so fugly!

Phil Burton

Jesus christ thats awful. I hope its completely wrong, just a fan mock up or something, but as said judging puma so far it wouldn’t surprise if this comes out. Jeeeeez!

Michael Bolton Wanderers

I don’t really care that much about the third kit. But I do get bothered when we opt to use it when opposition’s colour would let us wear red and white.
A sponsor thing probably


Haha! Good joke…. oh wait

Andy Mack

Although a few of the Puma shirts have been ‘OK’, most of them have been awful. Obviously the next supplier will get the role because they pay the most, but whoever it is needs to improve the standard.


Bloody awful.


Looks like fucking toothpaste


I was going to say mouthwash


Well, my 8yr old daughter is thrilled as Navy and Biscay green are her two favorite colors. Pair it with a Coral hairbow and the guys can look like her and all her little friends.


*vomits everywhere*

Mikel Artekkers

At least your vomit might be yellow.

David Hillier\'s luggage

I don’t mind the stance colour schemes on the third kit. Rather they try something out there than on the home or away.

John Noshi

#£@*! This is hideous. I can’t wait for either Nike or Adidas to take over. I just bought the first Puma kit out of appreciation for them paying us 30-35 Millions and realized they were hideous.

Post January Blip

Can’t wait to see the team lining up before games. We’ll look like a pack of Airwaves.


Biscay Green. lol. Biscay Bay has a reputation of producing the most cases of sea sickness anywhere in the world. Perhaps that’s the plan? Have the opposition vomiting all over themselves when we hit the pitch??? Fucking pens will be brilliant!


Haha the first thing I thought was seasick green. Yuck!


Time to bring back gold away kit and get Sega to sponsor us

As a kit collector with 51 shirts, this is by far the worse thing I have ever seen.


holy shit that is brutal. the old navy and green circa 1987? was a decent 3rd kit. its been pretty shit since then though.

Puma Out

Biscuit mould green…


Enough is enough, Puma out!


Is the kit for the women’s team the same – albeit with different tailoring I guess – or do they have separate designs?


this is shit.


Horrid. Design, colours, everything. Just horrid.


The tracksuit is pretty dope tho


This horrid seasick green is a nasty third kit, but it would be really nice if we binned this season’s horrid chavvy blue away kit and wore this year’s rather nicer third kit until the end of the season for all away games. Am I the only one who absolutely hates that chav outfit? I think the players hate it also because they can’t win in it. PUMA seem to bring out one serious dud kit every season, whoever authorises them at the club needs to do a better job.


Wow. Even using the name ‘Biscay’ is a half-assed attempt at not calling it Seafoam Green. Which is what it is.

It’s like a bad Barca 3rd kit knockoff. A ploy to keep Bellerin happy?


That is just fucking appalling! Puma’s away and third kits have been universally awful, can’t wait to be shot of the useless twats as soon as possible.



The Squillaci Code

I used to love puma gear. I was excited when puma starting doing the aresnal kits.

But then they went and decided on kits like this….

Yes i said it

Absolutely loving our third kits. Three really cool in a row

Tasmanian Jesus

Puma is a bit flaky.
Bring on the one with three stripes. They usually make more tasteful designs.

Does JVC still exist?


I like it and I liked the 2 recent black 3rd kits

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