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Report: Adidas deal to net Gunners £300 million

According to the Daily Mail (no link because…you know, it’s a horrible publication), Adidas will take over from Puma as Arsenal’s official kit partner from next season – but then if you’re a regular listener to the Arsecast, you’ll know this already because we revealed that a few weeks ago.

The Gunners have reportedly agreed a £300 million package that will see the German company pay us £60 million a season for five years; double the figure currently earned from Puma.

If confirmed, the terms would be the third-highest kit deal in world football, level with Chelsea (Nike) and behind Manchester United (Adidas, £75m / season) and Barcelona (Nike, £105m / season).

Puma took over from Nike, who partnered with the Gunners for 20 years, in 2014 and have made 15 kits for the club.

Arsenal worked with Adidas between 1986 and 1994, producing some of the clubs most iconic kits, including the famous bruised banana away shirt and home and away kits worn by Championship-winning sides in 1989 and 1991.

There’s unlikely to be any official confirmation of the deal for a while yet, but no doubt, should the report prove correct, the increased revenue will come in handy during next summer’s transfer window.

Hopefully, Adidas will also deliver some decent eye-catching designs, fans have been very critical of Puma’s offerings in recent seasons.

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Correction: Adidas deal to net Kroenke 300 million


Boring. You could have replaced that name with others in years gone by, who very happily sold out to kroenke. Stop with the rose tinted glasses, people.


And it is because of people like you, Antony, that the likes of Kroenke will not only destroy the club as we know it, but consequently destroy top tier football in this country too. Unfortunately for every Arsenal supporter who would be willing to boycott match tickets and merchandise unless or until Kroenke guarantees full financial accountability, there will be two people like you willing to drink the Kool-Aid and buy into this bullshit. Supporters of other clubs already take the piss out of the number of “soccer tourists” who turn up at the Grove on match days but they… Read more »


“Destroy” – LOL


You won’t be laughing out loud when you’re supporting the Newco Arsenal Lions in five years’ time because old Arsenal could no longer service a $1 billion debt that grew from $600 million because of bridging loan interest rates and the inevitable collapse of TV revenues. But maybe I’m worrying over nothing – like fuck I am!!

Mayor McCheese

Calm down. Btw, if you or anyone else would like to hear from someone who actually knows how these takeovers work, particularly with respect to bridge loans and KSE, I’d encourage you to listen to the featured guest in the most recent Arsenal Vision podcast. Should go some way to end the hyperventilating.



You are Savage

Daft Aider

Hoping you mean Lily Savage,
and not Robbie Savage as that is a vile slur

Faisal Narrage

I’d rather be a Randy Savage.




Yeah Antony – it’s all YOUR fault lol.


I don’t know why anyone would downvote MisterStew’s message. It is spot on. The Kroenkes will ruin this club. All of Kroenke’s “franchises” have performed miserably over the last years. Gutted.


Have a thumbsdown, Neil. 😉

Its a free country still. People can think what they want. And if that means not agreeing with the hyperventilating, drama queens, who haven’t a fucking clue what they’re on about, then good on them.


Oh – I haven’t got “a fucking clue” because you disagree with what I believe will happen to the club as a consequence of one man owning AFC? Instead of throwing around insults why don’t you try to persuade me otherwise?

Faisal Narrage

Someone literally gave you a reference to a podcast to listen to.
Not trusting Stan is fine, we all don’t. Just better if opinions are more informed, I guess.


And guess what? I listened to it so why assume that I didn’t?

Rectum Spectrum

Antony listed arsenal on the stock exchange and set all this in motion??

Shame on you antony.


You give a toss what other clubs supporters think?

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Can we please stop the drama and get behind the team? Wenger is finally out, let’s return to being fans not political analysts.


I’m just gonna leave this here: “To all the Arsenal lovers, take care of the values of the club.” – AW


“bye bye”

the way how he said that…I MELTED


And why he will always be remembered fondly by real football fans, not the upstarts who demand trophies as the only thing that matters.

Monkey knees

Boring reply.


You know that’s literally not how that works, right?


Indeed. He’d have to be pulling $60m/yr out to make that true. That would absolutely dwarf by orders of magnitude the amount he’s taken out in his entire majority ownership spell.


Hard being Stan eh? He knows little about the sport but he kept his distance and hired people who do. It was feared he’d pennypinch but we definitely splashed the cash, broke our transfer record twice last year. Granted some was wasted. Luje buying Welbeck for that sum on deadline day when we flirted with buying a real striker we needed that summer, then when he failed we went out and bought Lucas for a similar fee to address what Welbeck was meant to, and we didn’t even use the new guy. Hardly. That wasn’t Stan. After falling out of… Read more »


Thanks for that outlook on things. Always had my subjective hat on when it came to discussions about Stan and his hold on the club, but what you mention is true and eye opening looking at it from that point of view . Seems that there are some supporters (not All) that really get onto that negative bandwagon even though things are looking so positive for the team before the new season. Let’s all get behind the boys and Emery. I move to London in 2 months time and I cannot wait to shout, stamp, possibly cry but ultimately fulfill… Read more »


Yup, people freaking out that we won’t have an AGM that serves no purpose anyway, where Stan does not say a word.

This was always going to happen, if not with Stan then with Usmanov or some other billionaire

Other clubs have been fine, keep your pants on


Here, here…a fairly sensible take on things. He will likely take money from the club each year, but he is a first and foremost a businessman who understands that you don’t gut your asset if you want it to keep yielding good returns for you. A long time ownership model seems to be his MO in his other sports teams. True, transparency will go out of the window, but I don’t think he is an idiot who will kill the goose that will lay him golden eggs for years to come. That doesn’t seem to be his way.


There’s no reason to think a single owner cannot be effective for the club. But the issue is the accountability. Unfortunately, we don’t seem to be able to have a small percentage of club ownership for the fans but naturally Kroenke wouldn’t want that. Usmanov wan’t exactly a great candidate either. I think he was waiting out for Kroenke to grow tired of his project but frankly I would not trust Usmanov either. Sweet nothings from him. Its hard to say who else could have come in to balance out Kroenke particularly when they know they have very little say… Read more »


And how have his teams fared recently? Not so well over the last 5-7 years I’d say. Kroenke is interested in finding that line where he can profit without truly investing into the success of his teams.


I am not convinced we can compare US sport to european football. Different setups, different market, different histories. US sport are closed markets, no relagation, no threat of losing thier place in the top league. From an owners point of view, its a easy situation to be in. As the competition grows, thier market grows and thier profits grow regardless of how well thier team is doing. Euro football though, completely different.


Agreed. Comparison to US franchises, and their relative success within those leagues, is largely useless. Sure his American teams are mediocre(though the rams did make the wildcard playoff last year) but the fortunes of NFL teams over the years fluctuate far more than do those of EPL clubs. For example “America’s Team” the Dallas Cowboys, the most valuable sports team in the world, has been quite shit of late.


I agree with you that the differences are many. But at the same time, for so many of his “franchises” to have done relatively poorly suggests a consistent problem that comes from the top.


Funny thing is a lot of fans also gave Hillwood a hard time also when he was in charge…quite hard to please fans (especially the AFC’s)!

Yea olde billinator the eeeeradicator

Is Kroenke really that bad? Did arsenal not spend like Chelsea since January? We’ve spent some where in the reagoin 170 million since then. So what if he doesn’t speak like he has lived in Islington and bleeds red and white and wants to make money from his investments. Do you work for free out of passion or get a pay cheque? How is suddenly a man that had already total power over the football club now have more total power to ruin the club with?


Puma was unfair to men above 18… Not everyone is Giroud, man. Most fans especially.


How do you mean? Like the cut is weird?


I’d love to see Adidas take over our shirts.

Bruised banana away shirt for next season please.


Me too – Currently Adidas are producing some lovely kits.
I’d love to see the Banana shirt re imagined, or the 90-92 Home shirt.
Of all the Puma kits I enjoyed our diamond Gold away kit, I’d love to see what Adidas could do with that too.


That was the only Puma shirt I’ve purchased, the Emirates logo and Arsenal badge had fallen off within 10 weeks.
I really like Adidas, hopefully they’re not just better designers than Puma but also better manufacturers


Yep, just put the side in replica jerseys. At least it’d be fun.

The material those old shirts were made from was so horrible though, you sweat like a bastard every time it’s warmer than 10c.


Something about football shirts I sweat like a madman anyway, so..

Mayor McCheese

If you sweat too much in the new away kit, you look like a bruised smurf.

Gus Caesar

That was one of the big differences – Adidas shirts were much thicker – Puma’s shirts are incredibly thin, prefer to have a quality material personally. The other difference is that Adidas designs are, put simply, cool!


If they make the bruised banana shirt their first away kit, they will probably double that figure in sales.


The only way is up, after the three terrible kit designs by Puma for this year. Would love to see the bruised banana shirt, or at the very least, a yellow-blue away kit

Titsan Arse

Halle bleedin lujha


The quality of the fabric of the puma shirts is terrible too absolutely clings to you during 5 a side


All aboard the Kroenke cash cow!

And by all, I mean: Kroenke.

Daft Aider

Puma have saved me a fair bit with their kits,
if Adidas take over I may go back to buying some


Puma has always been poor with design.

Frankly they mcuked up our first kit … agaiun.

The first kit is iconic.

There isn’t much that should be touched on that one.

The second and third kit they should get more “creative” with.

But it’s Puma.


I loved that kit above: it was stylish and unique. If this is true then this is a real coup for the club. I just hope that the money goes into strengthening the squad and not paying off Stan’s half-billion pound loan. The next couple of years are going to be extremely interesting. The events of last season were a watershed in the history of the club. After tens of thousands of season ticket holders decided to stay away, the owner finally took action against a manager who had been underperforming for years. But simply replacing Wenger won’t, I’m certain,… Read more »

JJs Bender

Still taking pops at AW? Move on man

A Different George

It has been around five years or more since Fatgooner posted anything, no matter the subject, that did not attack Wenger.


I think there was a post from Fats where he forgot to have a go at Wenger circa May 2016?? 😉

Gus Caesar

Still taking pops at fellow fans too. Narcissist.


What’s the source for the line about tens of thousands of season ticket holders not renewing?

Why not

You are a broken record man. Get a life.

Voice in the Darkness

Hilarious if the club’s share value nose-dived? There will be no shares very soon.


Americans don’t know about charging top dollar for second rate products ? Must’ve stayed away from Apple all these years.


“But simply replacing Wenger won’t, I’m certain, placate the huge numbers of disgruntled supporters who put their hard-earned cash into Arsenal FC.” ………………..Fats do you mean “huge numbers” or “huge supporter”?? 😉


And just what are you going to do if we finish fourth eh? Spread your fat on the pitch?

Yea, Kroenke is going to be so afraid of you.

Fats. Talking shit for years.

Wreh's FA Cup dream

Do you mention Wenger in every conversation in real life too?


And we’ll still need to sell before buying new players


Don’t think Puma has been too bad, some bad shirts before but 2nd and 3rd kits this year are tidy and quite a lot of nice training kits etc.

That said Adidas is a return to the top tier they’ve done a lot of big kits for others recently and 60m is great work from Byevan

Da Boss

All the kits this year are terrible – mint green? Do me a favour. I don’t care who the manufacturer is, as long as we get back to some tradition with our colours.


Mint green is actually Alright. You expect they would do something left field for the third kit.

The second kit is where they should show their mark.

First kit they should just not touch very much. Its iconic and we are a club with tradition.


Thank god – the last few season’s kits have been horrible.


And please, please, please no mucking about with the our classic red color, no lines down the middle of shirt and no weird collars.

David Hillier's luggage

I’m much happier we’re getting Adidas over Puma, but give it few season and they’ll start doing whatever they want – just look at Utd’s home kit this season (random gradients, black shorts, red socks).


Yes, the current home shirt is horrible


It’s 2018 the time of the bruised banana kit has passed. Avocados are the way now.

Godfrey Twatsloch

Is that Limpar in the picture? Good player, hideous outfit!


Are the thumbs down because he was not a good player and that the shirt is a marvel of fashion design?


More money for Stan…. yada yada blah blah blah. Give it a fucking rest people for fucks sake.
This is GOOD news you doom mongering hatstands


Please just give us back our yellow and blue away kits. Funny though how the above kit is seen as iconic now, having been rightly hated as grotesque and ridiculous when it was first unveiled.

A Different George

The thing that annoys me most is the need, presumably as part of the sponsorship contract, to wear various kits at inappropriate times. Arsenal can–and should–wear red and white when we are away at Chelsea, Man City, Everton, Newcastle, Wolves, etc. I know this is not the most important issue in the world, but it seems to me to symbolize one of the things Blogs talks about–the shift from supporter to customer.


That last line 100%

I can see why we need a 3rd kit. Say we have a blue away kit and play a team like Athletico or Palace then we need a 3rd colour.

But why make it a colour like mint green? And not one that represents arsenal?


Good news (hey we’ll take what we can get in light of Silent Stans power play).

It will be nice to have a new kit that, y’know, actually stands up to a repeated washings and doesn’t feel like it will disintegrate on your way to the shop to get milk.


i think the fact with the 3rd best deal isn’t quite accurate. According to this table Real is behind Barca and Bayern between Chelsea and United. But they are all playing CL football, we don’t. So its a fantastic deal I guess. Let’s hope the money will be spent wisely.


We still have a bit of residual value left from the Wenger era and the consistency we showed competing in CL for so long But we have to watch our value in the world, it could erode fast if we don’t get results. See Inter and AC Milan. Currently bc we are in PL, we are still ahead of some teams in terms of marketability if we are behind them in resource and spend. BUT in terms of spending in market, we will find it hard to go head to head with Barca, Real, PSG, Bayern, City, Chelsea, United possibly… Read more »


Bore off with your virtue signalling Blogs. The Daily Mail is no worse than that devisive, loathsome, “liberal” rag you write for. Get over yourself!


Well, good morning, Mr. Sunshine!
Nice to have a happy fellow like yourself on the blogs.


Its all gravy for Kroenke. Don’t see us going out and spending 89m quid for Dembele to draw a line in the sand somehow. Let alone add the Cback and winger we need. It hasn’t been a great transfer window IMO. The elephant in the room some people try to avoid is Mslintat again bought for convenience to his old club. Not all early transfers are good, he sneaked it in before the new gaffer had a chance to assess this all important position. Sokratis is a Squillaci signing at 16m quid which could have been spent on a more… Read more »


I am forever puzzled by why people care so much about uniforms. Baffling.


Dunno about you, but I for one don’t really want to wander around looking like my club put the kit together themselves from a bunch of bits lying around in the bin out the back of the factory after failed color testing.

That’s why I took a pass on the pumas. Sorry, club. I just couldn’t.


Vida – 26m +. YOu have to wonder what we were doing with Sokratis. Early transfer bollocks. Waste of 16m But at this stage, we now need another Cback, Vida looks OK> He certainly looks better suited for Emery’s highline. Heightwise he isn’t better than Chambers and Holding/Mavro have better frame but they are undercooked. If Vida is more experienced positionally, it will reduce the vulnerability we have with crosses and help cover Mustafi. At this point, Boateng now looks set for PSG. United have tuned attention back to Macguire at astronomical price, Alderwierald maybe. Mina still on shelf. Whether… Read more »

Gee Five

Yay! Adidas! Yay! $300M! Boo, whiny ass comments!

EJ Thribb

Farewell then, Arsenal FC
“Club” no more except for the few.
and not really football.

Arsenal Financial Corp
Arse Fin. Corp.
Arsefin corp.
Arse bunch of.
Arse grapes.

With a bit of football on the side
not for the fans
but for the TV fans, you see
hungry for more in markets round the world
and on Thursdays and Sundays
so not even on proper football
days then.

It’s football, Professor
but not as we know it.

To all the Arse
-nal people…
“Look after the values”
was the last cry.
…and, keep buying the merchandising.

RIP Arsenal FC.


fans are very critical of every kit manufacturer’s offerings every season*

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