Video: Cardiff 2-3 Arsenal [Not] On the whistle


Here’s James from Gunnerblog with his thoughts on the 3-2 win over Cardiff yesterday. Things he addresses:

  • Petr Cech
  • Mustafi’s goal and general performance
  • Alexandre Lacazette
  • Granit Xhaka

Things he does not address:

  • That t-shirt

Anyway, here’s the video, happy watching.

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Matthew Farrugia

Excellent sum up. Agreed.


Ridiculous that a double winner and Europe’s top scorer is not nominated for the player of the year award.

Not related to this post but being an arsenal fan and football purist it hurts when Messi doesn’t get the credit he deserves.

Anne Noyd

I agree, and in reality Modric only had 2 good games at the world cup, his impact was hyped way beyond belief in my opinion.


Xhaka, ok yes he made that one mistake and delivered high precision powerful set pieces, had a strong performance overall. Don’t understand why he gets the stick. As opposed to Ozil for whom everyone is buying the obvious rigged narrative of “he had a strong second half” where he hardly played 10 minutes, delivered a simple pass with acres of space. He was nowhere to be found in the first half. Anyway is just the bias that piss me off. Mikhi should be ahead of him. Please watch Ozil when he played for Real Madrid, there was passion and determination… Read more »


Ozil hasn’t looked hungry since the ink dried on his new contract. It’s not an exaggeration to say that he’s not put in one top performance since last January. Does Emery try and play him out of his slump? As I’m not sure a kick up the rear end is going to work? If we’re going to play Aubameyang on the left? I’m not sure you can get away with playing Ozil on the right in too many games. Welbeck or Iwobi are likely our best bets. Other than that, our other option would be to put Rambo on the… Read more »


i wonder whether Klopp would be given the time here at Arsenal that he has been given by Liverpool. Both for him, Guardiola and even Pochettino, it took time. None of them had to relace a manager who has been at the club for twenty years. I really Hope we giv Emery time because nothing siccessful can be built without patience at this club.