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Ramsey: Nobody has told me why contract offer was withdrawn

Aaron Ramsey says he has no idea why the contract offer from Arsenal he thought was agreed was withdrawn.

The Welsh International can leave on a free next summer but had believed he was close to putting pen to paper on a new contract before Arsenal appeared to rescind the offer.

Speaking after he captained the side in the 1-0 win over Sporting last night, he insisted he remained in the dark as to the club’s motives.

“Hopefully somebody will come up and tell me why,” he said.

“I’ll accept that if there’s a reason. We all know that the contract was taken off the table. I’m not sure exactly why because a few weeks before we sort of agreed and I was ready to sign.

“Something happened, I am not sure exactly what, but that contract is no longer there, or nothing’s on the table.

“I just have to get my head down, work hard and try and help this team as much as I can now.

“We’ll see where that takes me.”

The 27 year said he hadn’t asked anyone why the offer was taken away, but spoke well of boss Unai Emery who he believes still has faith in him despite the contractual stalemate.

“He is just concentrating on football as well and wants me to do the best for this club,” Ramsey continued.

“He trusts me, he’s made me one of the captains and we are just focusing on trying to achieve something special this season.

“I have an important part to play in the dressing room. I had the opportunity to captain the team which is always a privilege.

“Hopefully there will be a few more opportunities.”

Sporting 0-1 Arsenal – player ratings

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If you’ve agreed then it only takes a minute to sign not a few weeks. He’s in this position most likely because of his agent. Loving the club’s stand on this one. Can’t wait to see how this plays out. He’s a really good midfielder but we can always get better either from within or from the market.

Arsene's Coat

You’re making assumptions. He might’ve agreed to terms with a follow up meeting being necessary to actually sign whatever the lawyers produce.


Assumptions and opinions that align with the financial benefits of one of the wealthiest families on the planet make me uncomfortable. I have a feeling it will come out that Ivan offered the contract, then when it was clear he was going, kse pulled the plug.


Aren’t we all making assumptions? It’s all we can do until we learn the truth of the matter


Footballers need agents to act on their behalf in contract matters. An unfortunate consequence of this agency relationship is that it further stalls what is already a relatively long process if the contract being negotiated is one of any significance. I know people wanted a more ruthless Arsenal but if its true that Ramsey – our longest serving player, who is also a captain and current player of the season – was not given any explanation for the offer being revoked, then my opinion is that this is a pretty shitty thing to do by Arsenal. There’s absolutely no legitimate… Read more »

Owl faced Deeney's cojones

Look, we want to replace you with a world-class player next summer and we also want you to give your very best until then.
Just can’t say that to a player.


If that were the case then why not sign him and sell him next summer?


I would like a zaha or a draxler if sanchez goes to psg


You wouldn’t say that. But shouldn’t have to, he’s an employee who makes in a year what most won’t make in a lifetime. Commitment to the cause should go without saying, extension or no extension.


Maybe he should ask his agent to get his head out of the sand.


I agree without chidi. This is a positive move by the club and I hope it puts an end to players and agents dicking around. There should be a policy that players not extending with two years left on their contract either leave or sit on the bench. Yes there might be extensive resource on the bench but in the long run it will save a lot of money. Tired of players arsing about and Ramsey is no exception. He could ask the club directly why he has not been given a reason but he chose to go public. Perhaps… Read more »


I has been a very long contract saga my guess is that the club eventually thinks that we can have a better quality player with such a sum of money and I think the club has targeted somebody in the market for that, probably on a free transfer as well.

Petit's Handbag

There’s something about him and I’ve never liked. I’ll irk a lot of people saying that, but just seems like the kind of guy who is only happy when he’s the centre of attention. I love the FA Cup winning moments, but I can’t help the general dislike of him. I’m sure he’s lovely and donates kittens to people with no kittens.

Simon Ryder

I really dislike his quotes. He’s almost playing the sympathy card here.

“We sort of agreed and I was ready to sign” Sounds sort of like bullshit to me.

Other players coming through, unlikely to improve, not a automatic first 11 starter at the moment and hence not worth the wage demands. He’s had plenty of time to sign, and didn’t.

He made the decision not to sign it when it was on the table – his choice. Why’s that then?? ££££.

I’m pleased the club has taken this stance.

Post January Blip

Would you like some fries with that Haterade?

Simon Ryder

No hate at all my man. The situation is fair enough all round.

I just find it irking that after the contract has been taken off the table he then says he was ready to sign. Something I find unlikely.

Post January Blip

That was meant for Petit’s Handbag, dude. My bad!

Simon Ryder

No, no. I think I ballsed up. Apologies.

Bendtner's Spikey Shoes

Wouldn’t a straw make more sense than fries?

I do hope we sign on Ramsey for a reasonable fee. I don’t think he deserves Ozil level money but he can play a part and HAS played a massive role in past success.


Well this is the real problem, Özil doesnt deserve Özil money. Since he still gets it, why should the rest be beggars? Big mistake by wenger, a very desperate move that dents his legacy and post wenger player contract talks.

Stewart Robson’s therapist

Not kittens. Rhinos.


I thought everyone had a rhino of their own?

Michael Bolton Wanderers

Over the last ten years he hasn’t done a lot to be the centre of attention. My impression is that he don’t want to be the centre of attention, just want to play football

Arnold Rothstein

Absolutely bang on.


Lol. I am happy I dont live in that parallell universe of yours. You can keep your free kittens.


Weird. Sounds like a money issue to me. And/or conflicts with Ozil on the pitch positionally.

He splits opinion but is coming into his prime and is Arsenal through and through so I’d prefer to keep him than not.


being almost 28 he is in his prime since couple of years and has maybe a year or two in which he can perform on the top level. we should’ve sold him last year.
I can’t help the feeling that, given his talent, capabilities (and salary), he under-performed severely if we look the whole of his career at Arsenal.

Public Elneny

Tbh the vast majority of good young prospects at Arsenal in the past 10 years have had a massively disappointing development curve. Bellerin, Holding and Iwobi were on that path too up until this season.

That’s on Wenger and the senior coaches

A Different George

Okay, I will say it: so he is 27 now.

Arsene's Coat

Who knows, maybe the club have a better lead (one they feel confident will be good enough to replace Aaron).


There can be any conflict of position with Özil. Ramsey is not a n°10, a good n°8, yes, but when you’ve got an Özil, you don’t put a Ramsey as a 10. Emery did it and now he’s realised his mistake.


Can’t afford two Paypackets sharing the same space. They don’t compliment each other , so one has to be the bridesmaid. And be paid accordingly, or find a new suitor.


This is all playing out very publicly. Stans building his new stadium in LA, & realised that he can’t be pumping any extra money into Arsenal?

I don’t see Rambo & Welbeck being here next season, & think we’ll seeing some “internal
solutions” to quote the old Gaffer replacing them.


Shouldn’t need to be Stans money. With all the self-sustaining that the champion. Not long announced the bumper Addidas deal either.


I think you’ll find the taxpayers are footing a large percentage of that NFL stadium, which is why kse moved the rams in the first place.


Actually, the Rams stadium project is privately funded. I don’t think much, if any, tax dollars are being used.


Don’t think you can blame Kroenke this season, given how all his teams are performing this year!

A Different George

Just to remind people not familiar with how NFL teams improve: First is the draft, where the best university players (who are around 22) go to the worst teams. Second, the NFL schedule is unbalanced and games outside a team’s own division are scheduled based on the previous season’s record (i.e., easier schedules for worst teams). Third, there is a hard (team) salary cap that insures that the best teams will lose some of their best players every year. This also means that additional expenditures from owners are limited and largely irrelevant. And of course there is never a threat… Read more »


Thanks George. But what’s your point? KSE still (a) shit?
Or EPL would do well adopting some of these rules?

A Different George

My point was that Kronke deserves no praise because his NFL team (which, by the way, he recently moved thousands of miles) is doing well.

carlito el gooner

When has Stan ever pumped money into the Arsenal?


That is sort of my point carlito. I’m v familiar how the NFL works, & that new stadium is not being built by taxpayers in California. This new stadium will be shared by the Chargers & The Rams, ie KSE will be paying fur half of it (current estimate $1.3bn) IMHO Rambo will be replaced by Smith Rowe, & Reiss Nelson will be back to take Welbecks place. If we do have any extra cash, I’d rather buy a new LB & a dominant CB. Personal choices would be Chilwell & Koulibaly, but think we’d have to shift a couple… Read more »

Stewart Robson’s therapist

Isn’t it obvious? After Giroud, Walcott, Wilshere, Chambers already this year? It’s a purge of the handsome. Watch out, Granit.




Gabriel ?




Doesn’t float your boat? I think he’s pretty alright myself!


Don’t worry I’m sure he’s not taking his place in the team for Granit.


Ramsey due to his injuries cannot be trusted. He is always injured for at least 3 months in a season.
Welbeck is not good enough for Arsenal, and never will be. Europa League is his standard.


Not sure you’ve noticed, but Europa League is currently ‘our’ standard also

Dan nichols

Europa League is our standard, this right now, based on last year and the year before is an unarguable fact. We are lucky to boast half a dozen players above that standard but there is no way that, until we are comfortable champions league qualifiers we are going to have champions league level squad players content to sit on the bench, as a number three striker /wide player Welbeck is an excellent option.


Welbeck used to get a regular start for Sir Alex. Now I know your a keen judge of talent but I’ll go with SAF, Arsene and Unai.

Forest gooner

You deserve this


I guess Emery decided that Ramsey didn’t fit in his first XI, and the hierarchy found it hard to justify offering ~200k per week to a backup number 10/8.


This is what I call an educated guess


The hierarchy can always go back to Ramsey in January with a reduced offer closer to 120k a week or whatever he’s on now. It would still work out cheaper than buying a replacement unless the replacement is Smith-Rowe or Nelson.


Makes sense but I don’t understand why they haven’t explained that to him.


I still believe that the departure of Gazidis was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I think Wenger and Gazidis were far bigger fans of Ramsey than anyone else at the club, and we can see they’ve decided to now go in a different direction. Looking at the timelines, this idea makes perfect sense. He’s my favorite Arsenal player and I think it’s a shame, but this is football.

Arsene's Coat

Or with Arsene announcing he’s probably going to take on a new challenge in the new year, perhaps he wants to bring along one of his favourite students?


To Japan? 😀 Fair enough!

Arsene's Coat

I’m actually hoping to see Arsene coaching somewhere in Europe.

DB’s first touch

Unai seemed like a pretty big Ramsay fanu until the recent contract fiasco…didn’t he say when he was first announced as the new manager/coach that he wanted to build the team around Ramsay?


But then why not sign him and sell him next summer? Is there any doubt there will be a demand for him?


Aaron answered it himself. He was ready to sign the agreement and few weeks later it was withdrawn. That means he didn’t sign it in a few weeks and the club have been manipulated a lot in recent times by agents hungry for cash.

The other problem is that do we really need a £250,000 pw player that has not really got a position in the team? Ozil proved he needs to play centrally and with Xhaka immovable in the managers thinking, Torreira is the other midfielder.


For that amount of money we can find a better winger to replace him.


Then the professional variant would have been to set a deadline. But to withdraw it and don’t tell him why is just poor. Regardless if you think he should stay or not. Has been with us for 10 years and won us 2 cups. Deserves better treatment.

Arnold Rothstein

Deserves better treatment? Think Arsenal have been more than patient with Arron over the years. He didn’t sign so, fuck him.


Seriously. What is all this ‘I deserve an explanation’ nonsense? An offer will reflect how much the club values you.

If there’s currently no contract on offer… then that’s your explanation right there.


they was going to give him the same amount of money as ozil, but then bottled it

A Different George

Go away.


George, please don’t waste your breath on the cave-dweller.

A Different George

You are right.


Give him a pay rise and a contract with reasonable release clauses to European clubs. Double the amount for domestic clubs. Just don’t let him go for nothing.


All other factors aside, it does tickle me slightly that it’s now been withdrawn. Players are all too happy to play silly bugger with contracts – letting it run down so they can get more money or wait to see what other options are out there – so it’s quite funny to see it backfire. I know Arsenal are to blame too, but let’s be fair, it could have all been done and dusted a while ago if Ramsey wanted, but he had a big part to play in us getting to this stage and it hasn’t worked the way… Read more »


I’m a little disappointed the club haven’t given him an explanation (if that is the case). If we’re asking he be professional and give us 100% until he leaves, then the club should conduct themselves with professionalism and integrity too by having open and honest dialogue with him rather than it being the elephant in the room.


However, going back a few weeks later to sign is a bit like looking for the remainder of the sandwich you put in the fridge a couple of days ago. People will assume you didn’t want it, and it shouldn’t really come as surprise if it’s not there any more.


He really needs to be giving his agent a good kicking. They have royally fucked this up for him by thinking they hold all the cards and turning the screw. Now they have a bit part player who will see a dip in form through less game time. Good luck trying to get Ozil money now. Hopefully we get something for him in January.


I completely agree with this. From their Twitter account alone, Ramsey’s new agency come across as amateurs and were shamelessly teasing Arsenal fans about a new contract over the summer.

They’ve tried to play hardball but have failed miserably.


Simple fact is we can’t invest 500kpw + on two players who would be competing for the same position. If football is a game of weak links then that money would be better invested in other ares of the squad.


There is no competition between Ramsey and Özil for the n°10 position. Ramsey wanted to play n°10? He got the opportunities and missed them. He is simply not made for that.

A Fleeting Glimpse

Well said Alex. It’s like comparing Bendtner with Bergkamp ?

A Different George

I don’t think Ramsey ever wanted to play the no. 10. He is best as a box-to-box midfielder who drives forward at every opportunity. Would that work next to Xhaka, with Ozil ahead of them as the no. 10? Maybe, but only against a very defensive side. With Torreira beside him? Maybe, but we would (at least for now) lose the long-range passing that makes Xhaka so valuable. In a three-man midfield with both Xhaka and Torreira–yes, but that probably means Ozil on the right instead of central, which is losing out on the skills of our one genuinely world-class… Read more »


I know why the offer was withdrawn, Aaron. You want money that doesn’t match your ability. It’s a sound decision – both from football and business perspectives – on a player who struggles with fitness and consistency and doesn’t fit into the manager’s plans. The club should be applauded. Best of luck getting £250k or £300k a week elsewhere. At the moment, you’re not a £100k a week player.


It´s because Alexis is coming back!! – well to be honest I´ve no idea. Someone knows the truth and we will hear it soon I believe

havin 23 arse

It’s probably they realised that they were offering too much for what is essentially a slightly above average player. Having been bent over the barrel by Ozil and his people, it could be a case of once bitten, twice shy. Rambo thinks he’s good enough for Barça, but in reality, he’s probably the only one who does.


I’m totally miffed as to why: 1. The Club haven’t explained why it was withdrawn Or 2. Why, if they’re not extending it, they didn’t sell him immediately to avoid the contract rundown. Somebody needs to clarify all this. In fact, the more I think about it, the more I need to hear the details of the convo with Ivan when he went back to sign. I imagine: AR: I’d like to sign now please £270k a week isn’t as good as Mezut’s but i’ll take it. IG: No AR: Pardon IG: it’s withdrawn. No contract. AR: But.. but you… Read more »

Glasgow Gooner

It’s like being in the room ? sounds highly plausible to me ?? Sad if he does go but kinda get it.


That clearly isn’t the case though is it. He didn’t try to sign the contract, nobody has said he since tried to sign anything. He hasn’t even asked why it was withdrawn… If i made an offer to someone and they don’t respond for 2 weeks. I will assume they aren’t interested and would see no reason to offer any explanation as to why it no longer stands..


I have a theory about who made the call on the contract withdrawl, but not really why, but it’s based on the history that failson josh kroenke has when managing his father’s sports teams. Josh is also likely the reason behind gazidis and Wenger leaving (take those as you will), as he seems to feel there’s theres a need to impose his will and show authority when he is given any sort of responsibility as a manager or executive (please review josh’s time as general manager for the denver nuggets for a glimpse at his track record).


This “Oh golly how could this have happened!?” response coming from the Ramsey “camp” is so cringeworthy. Him and his agents fully well know why the contract was taken off the table. 1. It’s been over a year not wanting to commit 2. His performances neither last season or this season justify ludicrous £200k+ in wages 3. He doesn’t even have a proper place in the team 4. He will never be fit enough to play week in week out. 5. That contract was on the table from the Wenger times thus may not fit into the plans of the… Read more »


Great post! Ramsey should have signed the contract a microsecond after it was offered. He is a pampered Wenger-era player who is not worth 200k a week. The smart move from his agent should have been to realise, a year ago, that the good times were coming to an end and to make sure his client got a great deal before Le Prof was booted out the door. Instead, he tried to play hardball and got told to go forth and multiply by the new management. Having said all this, it’s a shame that yet again a decent player is… Read more »

A Different George

Maybe in five years or so, you can post something that doesn’t blame Wenger.


I think the club have been fair with him, but “friendly simpleton”… oof man, chill out.

Dan nichols

you can have a green thumb from me for the comment “Aaron Ramsey is basically a friendly simpleton.” even though i disagree with it.

Irrational Gunner

Exactly. How indignant would we be if this happened to us. Have we seen that from him? No. After listening to the talk from Ramsey since the contract was pulled, I don’t think he was ever going to sign the contract. I don’t want to villify the guy, as he is just running down a contract, but let’s get past the talk of Arsenal being the bad guys in this situation. My take is just the opposite. The club left the contract on the table too long, or thought that there would be a signature forthcoming, and now are sitting… Read more »

Donald's Trump

A lot of people here don’t seem to know how contract negotiations work, even in low paid contract people don’t turn up to a meeting with a contract in hand. They discuss the terms, then the legal bids sort out a contract and then you sign.

People here seem to think they bring a contract and then scribble terms on it and cross stuff out, bit of tipex.


Smith-Rowe and Neilsson are ready to step up next season whilst Ramsey will be sitting on the bench at a ‘top’ club.


It’s amazing to me to see many of the folks here turning so viciously on Ramsey. He’s a great player, if not perfectly suited to some systems. A few months back, EVERYONE here was saying “Sign him up!!”.

Same thing happened regarding Wenger, only on a day-to-day level. Bad game: “Get rid of him”. Good game: “What a great boss.”

People are fickle I guess.


Agreed. With Wenger there were definitely different parties criticizing vs those praising – until nearer the end. But the rest is fair. He might not fit our team well anymore, or at least right now, but there is no need to cheaply insult.

I say this as a person who has certainly been critical of his performances as of late, and doesn’t currently see a good place for him other than rotation shifts. Especially at that expense.


You really think Carl Jenkinson wouldn’t have signed the first contract they put in front of him?

This is on Ramsey and his agent, not “fickle” fans. This need to endlessly criticise fans of your own club for holding different opinions about players is a toxic hangover from the end of Wenger’s tenure. Ease up on the friendly fire.


Maybe because you are punching above your weight. Half a good Season does not mean automatic huge contract.


Hypothetical question: given Ramsey is probably looking for Mkhitaryan money – who would you rather keep if you could (or had to) only keep one?


Mkhitaryan, simply because he knows his limitations and position in team. To accomodate Ramsey, A striker suffers and Özil suffers as a result. Ramsey effectively plays as a striker. This season I have often seen him gingerly moving back from attacking position from opposite half even when Laca is trying to regain possession in our half.


Mkhi’s hardly been top form of late, but I agree with Byte – Ramsey currently seems to have an oil-and-water effect with Ozil and our strikers. Too frequently a speed-bump effect of simply crowding their spaces or bumbling into them.

His Automatisms are out of alignment.


Agreed…perfect example yesterday when in one situation he got in the way of a danny Welbeck one-on-one


Seemed all water (all oil?) to me against Fulham.


If it was agreed, why wasn’t it signed, especially when the offer was on the table for a significant time? Agreed; it is sad that some contract situations were allowed to reach up to this point, but I don’t think the club can be blamed for withdrawing the offer now. Huge fan of Ramsey and what he’s done for the club, but I am alright with him leaving, preferably to a big European club.

A Fleeting Glimpse

The only possible way he will go to big club is because he will be on a free in the sunmer. He will not get in any big clubs starting 11. He could be a decent player for a mid table team. It will be a shame for him if he goes to a big club. Think Danny Drinkwater

Arsenala Vista Baby

I hope a miracle would happen. Something like, the offer is back on the table after Ramsey impressed with his goals, assist and performance come January ..

A Fleeting Glimpse

Don’t hold your breath

Jean Ralphio

No way to treat an Arsenal legend.

Arnold Rothstein

I’m sure Arron agrees. So, that makes two of you anyway. Legend… FFS.


May be different in UK but in France you can’t propose a contract and just withdraw it without a proper reason, the other party could sue you.


If it’s just an oral agreement with nothing on paper, sure you can?


Not in theory. Plus in this case there was a contract, I assume it was made of paper


Unsigned. Not legally binding until signed. Otherwise someone could just show you a piece of paper, say they agreed, and sue you.


Let me try to rephrase. *In France*, in theory once you have made an offer, you shouldn’t withdraw it *unless you have a reasonable cause*, otherwise the other party can sue and ask for reparations.

Irrational Gunner

It sound like you are talking about something like negotiating in bad faith. Which basically means you put forth a contract that you really had no intention of co-signing.


Ask your agent RAMSEY…..

Rectum Spectrum

Correct me if I’m wrong here but the offer was on the table over the summer, and was only revoked after the season started? So Aaron waited all summer for a better offer from another club, no champions league clubs were interested….Then he begins the season, still dragging his heels….maybe the first explanation should be his?


we have 3 players who practically perform similar role. Fact is we should have bought Mahrez or a wide player last January. Instead Mslintat laid us prey to United’s dictates (and Raiola) and we ended up with an asset (good as he may be) we did not need for team balance. One of Mhkitaryan, Ozil or Ramsey had to go. I suppose with the complications to both Alexis and/or Ozil possibly leaving, Mhki was a hedge. With Ramsey’s contract close to done, the management now probably feel we may as well recoup some money if there is an offer in… Read more »


The contract offer seemed on the table when Emery took over so I don’t really believe it’s an Emery decision as much as a Sanhelli one because it seemed to disappear almost as soon as Gazidis left. I’m sure Emery and Mislintat are involved in the decision as well but my gut feeling is Ramsey’s agent and the change in leadership has resulted in this.


If we can re-sign him without gjving him a massive pay rise, then great. If he wants Ozil type money which would totally destroy our wage structure, then thanks for the service Rambo, but see you later. Ozil makes the most and regardless of what you think about his consistency in level of performances, I think most inside the club would agree that he is our standout world class player. If Rambo is asking for similar wages or to be #2 in earnings at the club, well there’s just no way that would be sustainable when better players than Rambo… Read more »


“”sort off” , is not same as agreed. Indeed, our dear club doesnt have the best track record here, still, its super unlikely there was a done deal, that club removed without any intention of still reaching an agreement, all fingers point at your agent here mr Ramsey. Most importantly, I would be very pleased to see you stay. Big personality and the lvl of flair required to make a difference in a club of Arsenal stature.


Move aside Aaron, I suspect Smith-Rowe will do a better job very soon anyway…


They saw you play..


Biggest red flag for me, nearly every player has either improved or is more effective under Emery. Except Ramsey. Nothing has changed, no noticeable change, he may just be what he is, and in an evolving side that may not be enough. However, to contradict myself, the Fulham WunderGoal showed what he is capable of when the team snap into synch. But unless we are doing our best impression of the Harlem Globetrotters I struggle to see what he brings that is unique, All well and good if he leaves in January, but we need to sign a good player… Read more »


When all’s done and dusted, we may just have to chalk this up to what happens during a transfer of power.


I prefer to keep Ramsey, shaft him to the right and sell mikhi this summer

Jason daniels

Bye bye rambo. U can go to west ham or everton


I wonder, remember that Jack Wilshere leaves because he cant get a promise for more game time? I wonder if Ramsey’s case are similar. Unai seems picking strictly on merit, and after seeing Ramsey in action in his team, he consider that its not important to keep Ramsey and such, the team pull the plug on negotiation.


Bye bye. Say hi to Theo when you sign for Everton next summer.

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