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Some background on Arsenal’s Adidas hook up

Earlier today we got confirmation of a long standing rumour that Arsenal were going to do a deal with Adidas to become kit manufacturer when our deal with Puma expired.

These days, there’s a lot more to it than simply making the home and away shirt. On top of the kit there’s training gear, leisure wear and all the various bits and pieces that can be found on the club’s online store.

The German company are set to pay Arsenal £65m per season over five years, bringing the total to over £300m. However, the Gunners hierarchy had initially considered continuing with Puma and an agreement had been reached which would have seen them also pay something in the region of £65m per season.

Perhaps cognisant that the Puma kits weren’t always the most popular, when Adidas came in late in 2017 to match what was already on offer, it was decided to go with them, at which point Puma asked that any announcement should wait until after the 2018-19 kits were launched.

Design work by Adidas began early in 2018 as it takes a surprisingly long time to get from start to finish on a new shirt concept, and Arseblog News understands that next season’s kits are almost at approval stage. Will it be the bruised banana? We’ll just have to wait and see.

The global Arsenal fanbase is a significant factor as a relatively small percentage of kits are sold in the UK, with over 85% of all sales made worldwide, and the popularity of the club in major overseas markets played a key part in the negotiations.

So, it’s an exciting new partnership, with those of us of a certain vintage hoping that we can replicate some of the success we had with Adidas in the past.

Tactics Column: Emery’s Arsenal click with two up top

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Nic Bell

Puma always over complicated it, like that weird track mark down the middle a couple of seasons ago.

Mo Bjonski

And now we get the reverse: three stripes down the sides no matter how well or (usually) badly it fits with the rest of the design.


Welcome back, Adidas.
It’s funny that they canceled their ads with Mesut after Erdogate and are now sponsoring the club where he’s the star player.


Oh is he? He is the most paid for sure but from what I saw yesterday our poster boy is certainly not the star player.


We are blessed with many good players


He wasn’t playing yesterday for your complete information…


Adidas is one of the sponsors who have stood by him, read his statement, he lists them among those who have supported him.


Yes! Mercedes let him down…


Good cash. Let’s hope we spend it on players.


Good cash that we’re going to pay for. I think this deal should bump up kit prices by another £10 for next season


Adidas kits are cheaper then puma


Good call by Vinny here.

Lord Bendnter

I’m so happy! I trust Adidas. Can’t wait to get next year’s kit.

Arsene's zip

Both my Puma shirts have fallen apart after a couple of washes. I still have Nike and Adidas ones that have lasted years.


Same here as well.


Go classic and I might even buy one…


Do we think they will re-release the old classic kits with the Adidas logo on??


Three stripes on everything. Boring. Good money though…


It feels like an upward trajectory in everything we’re doing at present. It feels good.


whisky has no ‘E’ unless you are Irish


Canadian, too.


Or American.


Whilst we’re being pedantic whiskey never has a capital ‘E’


welcome back ADIDAS


I’m still awaiting our official Bourbon or Whiskey partner, hopefully we avoid Proper Twelve 😉

DB10s Air Miles

It now comes on tap…….


Every slavic gooner dream comes true!


They’ll be squatting in the streets from St. Petersburg to Sofia!


The 1979 FA Cup Final was my first ‘proper’ shirt. Prior to that I had a white long sleeves/red middle t shirt that my mum sewed an Arsenal badge on to. I also had a plain long sleeved green goalie jersey in which I pretended to be Pat Jennings. I do remember that the ’79 shirts still had just the cannon and the letters ‘A’ ‘F’ ‘C’ each in a little cannon ball alongside, rather than the full badge. My memory is that ‘proper’ replica tops weren’t so prevalent in those days. You had to order them from ads in… Read more »

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