Video: Watford 0-1 Arsenal ‘On the whistle’


Arsenal moved into the top four with a 1-0 win over Watford this evening. It wasn’t pretty, we struggled against the 10 men after Deeney’s sending off, but in the end took the points and kept a clean sheet.

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Jason daniels

It feels thou wenger never left. We need to control the midfield. If we don’t control mid against napoli we will be in big trouble. Ozil can absolutely not start against napoli. We going to need players to put in a ling hard shift. Im abit disappointed that dinos had a bad game. I like him


I agree – we can expect something very different against Napoli. As Emery conceded, even with a two goal cushion he’s not that confident. If we concede early in Naples, then we could be in big trouble. Our players will be tested out there … are they up to it? The fact that none of us can really answer that question honestly should tell us all something.

Billy Bob

We are missing key players which demonstrates the need for more QUALITY depth in the squad. I do think that had Holding, Bellerin and Wellbeck not had season ending injuries we would comfortably be in third spot. Need to move on some players and bring in some quality replacements – Elneny, Miki and Mustafi should probably be shipped and replaced.

Faisal Narrage

I agree Mavros needs a loan, but I wouldn’t hold this game too much against him. He hasn’t played much all year due to injury and this was probably one of the harder games to throw him into the deep end tbh.