Picture! Aubameyang and Lacazette model next season’s Adidas kits


This cropped up on r/gunners and it looks like a very real picture of next season’s Adidas kits.

The models are a P.E.Aubameyang and A. Lacazette, and if real these are very nice indeed.

What do you reckon folks?

Arsenal Adidas Kits 2019-20

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I absolutely love the away kit.


It’s the bananaa! Fantastic!


Big fan as well, and I do like the yellow and red currant. However, I would of preferred blue. However, looking at the original banana, this aligns closer. Just like Yellow and Blue


Never blue. What’s wrong with you? We’re red and white, and yellow.


Kits are champions League material imo. #COYG!!!





Bacary Lasagna

Much much better. Long live the banana skin.

andrey arse shaving

was fully under the impression these were fake

NW Gooner

Thank fuck for Adidas




Looking good. Adidas kits I always loved.




Might actually get myself a shirt for the first time in a while !

Tasmanian Jesus

Me too, for the first time since Nike.
Although I didnt think the Nike home shirts were much better than the Puma, I just ended up never getting a Puma one.
But thank the lords we dont have to see Pumas awful away shirts anymore!

Thierry bergkamp

Me too. I think I bought one of those Puma kits

Drogheda Gunner

You didn’t. Lol. You have to be ripped to look good in them. Lol


Home kit is perfect. Must confess I’m disappointed with the bruised banana effort, though. Doesn’t come close to the original and looks like a watered down training kit to be honest! They missed a trick there.


Fully agree mate. That away top is a big let down. It’s massive opportunity missed considering the home top is a hark back to the 87 home top.

Crash Fistfight

Yep, don’t get all the love for the away kit. It’s a complete cop-out. Any of the concepts doing the rounds the last few months would have been better.

Big Mad Andy

Yep yep yep. Away long sleeve medium for me, please.


Oooooooohhhhhh, niceeeeeeeeeee. One if each, please!


I need both of these! That yellow kit ???

Sir Henry Norris' Brown Envelope

I prefer dark sleeves on the “Banana Skins” as another poster has described it, nonetheless, very happy to see the more “traditional” away kit


Nailed it – dark sleeves would’ve balanced it nicely.

Think with dark blue shorts (and yellow socks?) the overall kit will still look great


Just needs the original trefoil logo to complete the look


Oh, my days!! These are mint!! ???


I like a lot, other than the visit Rwanda bit on the sleeve, if that ain’t there I’m snapping up my first replica shirt for probably 25 years!


I visited Rwanda in 1991. I look forward some day to another trip to that beautiful green country!

Lawrence bavakuno kafuudu

After visiting Rwanda the second time don’t leave Africa with out touring the Pearl of Africa(UGANDA) you won’t regret
A warm welcome is waiting for you
See you in BAKU mayoarsenal


Lawrence, I loved Uganda as well. The highlight was trekking in the Ruwenzori mountains.

Big Dan

You big racist


Tasty bruised banana and hard red-and-white candy.


That home shirt. LOVE!

American Gooner

Two classic, classy, and fine looking kits. Let’s just hope the 3rd kit isn’t mint green again.


More away games next year please! (Some clean sheets would be nice too)


It’s f***in beautiful!!!


That home kit ??


The fit of the yellow one makes me think it’s a training top. Looks a bit too loose although could be a version for those of us with highly relaxed muscular compositions.


It does look a bit ‘relaxed’. I still dig it, but if that’s the training kit, they could do well with a match kit version with the blue sleeves trimmed out like the home kit.


Nailed it


Would have preferred the sleeves to be blue on the away shirt.

That home kit is near perfect.

Sick luzhzy skills

Both kits are going to fly with my beer belly and luzhny skills at the power league!!

Lord Bendnter

Finally the three stripes! I’ve been waiting for this. Can’t wait


Absolutely fire! Thank you Adidas, we’ve got our Arsenal back!

Medium Mozart

Yep, love love love ’em!

Make Arsenal Great Again

I love that home kit ??


Ooh very nice indeed ?

Paul Roberts

Best kits for a long, long time. Bravo!

Charlie George Again

What’s gone wrong? Arsenal shirts that actually look like Arsenal shirts?? See Nike? See Puma…..? That’s what an Arsenal shirt looks like…


The collar on the home kit, simply classic!!!


Love ’em. So much better than these shite Puma kits.




Love both! What? 2 Jerseys to buy this year? Okeedokee!

Ray Middleton

Hooray, Yellow and blue once again.


Classy kits the both of them. Nice to see non-skintight shirts too!


These are ugly

Mellow yellow

Oh my lordy lord lord…. I absolutely love them!…
My 4 year old loves Aubameyang and the colour yellow too… this is great!

Looking good fellas and Adidas. The yellow kit a more subtle version of the classic ‘wasp’ like kit of the late 80s that I can always picture Wrighty or Smudged wearing (and I have replica in my loft somewhere.

Don Alfie

Oh thank God! Been waiting for this since,,,, the last time Adidas designed our kits! The 3-stripes company is just friggin awesome! Pure class, can we get some classy players in it as well ease???!!!

Gonzo Gunner

The home kit so so far beyond anything I expected.

Thierry bergkamp

Beautiful, stunning, flawless.

Thierry bergkamp

Adidas, I love you!


Thank fu*k the Puma nightmare is finally over.

Hopefully these will be manufactured a bit better, I got just the one puma top, and within 2 months the Arsenal badge and the Emirates logo was falling off


That home kit……I see that kit and think of Rocky

Otto Davis

Love them?

Giuseppe Hovno

Aubamayang looks immense