Friday, March 1, 2024

Leaked picture of Arsenal’s third kit emerges

Short post.

We’ve already seen the home kit, the away kit is being launched next week but is already on sale in Australia:

Arsenal Away kit 2019-20

And now, across the Interwebs this evening, comes a picture of what is purportedly our third kit.


Arsenal Third kit 2019-20
Arsenal Third kit 2019-20

Quite nice in our estimation.

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Looks black?
Surely the third kit will be the same colour as our training Kit?


Looks navy to me.


don’t look black in anger


Even our third kit deserves to be worn at the Emirates. Add a couple of shrewd signings and we’re good to go for the new season. Lo Celso anyone?


Digging the shirt, but are those black shorts with the navy shirt? A weird choice if true. Will be tough for full kit wankers to pull off that ensemble

Carlos _ Santana

Full kit wankers ?

North London is Redder

There is such a hype around these kits but they all look pretty shite to me. A great video though.


Thats how it looks to a natural born whiner. We have plenty of those in this community, or what do you think?

North London is Redder

I’m actually a pretty positive Arsenal fan. Love loss of the players including Ozil (exception for Mustafi). Well looking forward to seeing the young guns turn our fortunes around. It’s just design is my forté. I’m a professional artist/designer and honestly I don’t see what all the fuss is about. Again, aside from the wonderful video. Big up Wrighty.


Out of curiosity, could you specify exactly as to why is it that you think this is not up to your artist/designer standards? (wouldn’t mind a bit of technical/designer/artist language if that’s how you could explain). Which is your favourite Arsenal kit? Was the Puma kit last year better in terms of design?


Confused as to what you want an Arsenal kit to look like? They look better than anything Puma has spat out and honestly, that’s all that really matters.


I think you have a couple of other fortés that you’ve unaware of mate.

Iron Ljung

Like a new signing


Maybe not a popular opinion, but I like the third kit more than the second kit.


Think the away kit is the best of them. The home kit is cool but the ones from Puma have been nice, too. It’s not that hard. Red Shirt, white sleeves.
The 3rd kit is pretty classic and I understand that people are more in favor of that than they were of those let’s call them experimental ones from Puma. But the away kit from Adidas is better than all of the Puma away shits imo. Even better than the golden one which I really liked.


Yes, Puma’s away shits really stunk.


Not mint green? I freaking love it. Doesn’t take much to impress me.


I hope Adidas haven’t given all of their goods kits out in one go!

I’d have saved this kit for an away shirt in a couple of years time when they need a change from yellow (not that yellow needs a change in my view!)


Lovely kits this season. Now we just need to see Tierney and Zaha in them. (y)


Every shirt with a text saying ‘visit rwanda’ is ugly.

Anne Noyd

They’ve really hit a marketing jackpot there. If anything it’s more obvious than the Emirates on the front


More than 60 percent of the people in Rwanda live in extreme poverty. They receive huge amounts of development money. Instead of using it 100% for their people, they paid Arsenal 30 million Euro to become its sleeve sponsor. I am not convinced they will be able to justify this, whereas I don’t expect they will attract a lot of tourists as long as Rwanda finds itself in this situation. But hey, I guess some people don’t give a f*ck as long as we can buy a new midfielder. Right?


Win or lose next season, atleast we will look good doing it. ??

Could not stand the sight of us losing in those puma muscle shirts.


Boring! Let’s see some new players or I continue watching boobies!

Maul Person

Go on then. Keep looking at your fat chin.


I might actually buy all three. It’s been so long since I’ve been interested in an Arsenal kit. Plus I have a natural affinity for Adidas branded gear (the retro type stuff) so these jerseys are definitely up my alley.

As much as I don’t want to support the prick that is Kroenke, the way I see it is Arsenal have already collected their monies from Adidas for it anyway so me purchasing the jerseys is making no difference. That’s what Ill tell myself.


I thought we’d already seen the 3rd kit and it was blue? Or did I dream that?

Dave Cee

Isn.t it just the old Real Madrid 3rd kit recycled? Bit unispiring for me


This’ll be the first time I buy all three. Those are sharp looking kits!

David Hillier's luggage

I’m expecting a barrage of downvotes, its not awful but this is a pretty genetic kit. It’s a plain dark navy kit with gold adidas branding and an Arsenal badge slapped on. Majority of our Puma kits were awful, this one is just lazy.


Mint third kit, interested to see the colour of the shorts however. It’ll be interesting to see how they’ll pull that one off.

Ms s

I forgot Australia’s time zone is set in the future.

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