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Ornstein: Rennes meet Arsenal to discuss Koscielny deal

The BBC’s David Ornstein says Arsenal are talking to Rennes about the possible transfer of Laurent Koscielny.

Last week, the Ligue 1 side’s president Olivier Létang denied having an agreement with the former France international although he did also admit that the centre-back had been of interest to them in the recent past.

It’s now suggested that Létang was in London yesterday to meet technical director Edu and Koscielny’s representatives to try and thrash out a deal that appeals to all parties.

After refusing to go on Arsenal’s recent tour of the US, it became very clear that our captain, who is under contract for another year, had no intention of playing for the club again.

The Gunners had previously whacked a €10 million price tag on the 33-year-old, which Kos apparently felt was prohibitively steep given his recent injury problems.


The whole situation has left a bitter taste in the mouth, so here’s hoping there’s a swift resolution.

Ornstein also reported that we’re trying to push Shkodran Mustafi towards the exit door, which presumably means we’ve got another centre-back target in mind.

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get this ungrateful pos out of my club

Public Elneny

Nah Kos is a hero, but he’s clearly mentally and physically exhausted here and knows he doesn’t have what it takes to play another season for us. He was probably promised a move this summer, which the club dallied over, hoping the situation would pass and he’d settle back in. He has a family and young kids, so their living/school etc circumstances being up in the air was probably part of his consideration for trying to force a move too. Totally the wrong way to go about getting a move ofc and will affect how he’s remembered here, but it… Read more »

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Adebayor served the club better than Kos on the pitch. Adebayor is a hero.


Have you lost your god damn mind?!

Public Elneny

Eh? He scored more goals I guess?

Kos held an absolute mess of a defence somewhat together for years, never agitated for a move, and signed contracts without fuss on reasonable wages even when he was on the radar of Barca and Bayern.

Adebayor had some good and and patches in an overall very strong attack, left for a direct rival, and celebrated a goal against us in the most obnoxious way possible.

Spanish Gooner

Never agitated for a move? What do you think this is?

Public Elneny

Are you just going to ignore the 9 years where he was totally loyal? When he could have moved to a giant and doubled his wages and chances of personal glory. To me that means far more than the instance now where he wants to join a smaller club for quality of life reasons, when leaving will cost the club little on the pitch and financially. Is humbly sticking around even to be celebrated when you know you can’t contribute at the required level? It’s just created a bit of a PR situation for the club, that’s all. I don’t… Read more »

Super Joshi

This is different. He’s not trying to move to a competitor a bigger club for tons of money, he’s just trying to be able to play football at a decent level in the last few years of his career after a massive injury.

He seems to be admitting that he can’t really do it here anymore.


What exactly has he held together? we’ve conceded 102 LEAGUE goals alone in the last 2 seasons…. so no, he hasnt held anything together, He has been a part of a woeful defence for a long time

Public Elneny

I said for years (probably 6 years of his Arsenal career total), not these past 2 years


So we’ll ignore the bad? to paint him in a better light, despite the fact we has conducted himself horribly?

Rectum Spectrum

the thumbs have spoken bruh


Kos has been nothing but professional for a decade. By playing through an achilles injury, he literally sacrificed his only chance of a World Cup to try and get Arsenal back into the Champions League. In my opinion he deserves to be let go for a swansong back in France with nothing but my best wishes.


If you are good enough to play in the World Cup, then you play in a European semifinal because that’s your job, not because you are sacrificing yourself.

Is everyone in line to go to the World Cup supposed to stop playing their club’s most important matches at the end of the year?


*He was sacrificed* by the management was my point. Change of regime or not, I feel the club actually owe him one.

Public Elneny

A lot of players in his situation would have taken the achilles surgery mid season in a bid to be fully fit for the world cup, yeah


It might well be that his primary motivation for playing through the injury, was to try and remain in contention for a place in the France WC squad. High risk, and didn’t pay off, but in the circumstances he probably saw it as his best chance. During his subsequent lay off, he was provided with the best of medical treatment and paid handsomely by Arsenal. As for whether promises were made that he might be released from his contract; all the club wanted him to do was to honour his contract, and do the job he was being very well… Read more »


I have to agree even though I do like Kos but as our captain in a time when our defense isn’t at its best, he’s been simply unprofessional to say the least!

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

I always fight different perceptions of roughly the same thing. Adebayor had bad behaviour at Arsenal and Monaco. Kos did same at Arsenal and french national team.
Lance Armstrong lied and cheated more than Marion Jones did. He never went to jail. They took Marion’s newborn baby from her and threw her in jail.

Public Elneny

@Eternal Nostalgia, are you hinting at racism here? I don’t disagree with the Armstrong/Jones comparison but they have literally nothing to do with this situation. Adebayor doesn’t really either but I’ll compare – Adebayor was at the club 3 and a half years and had overall mixed performances. Koscielny has been here 9 and has been mostly brilliant. – Adebayor left at the 1st opportunity to a direct rival for financial reasons. Koscielny had several opportunities to leave for bigger clubs but remained, instead waiting until he’s physically winding down to join a smaller club in a different league. –… Read more »

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

No hint at racism at all. It doesn’t apply to Kos vs Adebayor. Just that human beings operate by perceptions not facts. To correct you, Adebayor left because Arsenal needed money to pay for the stadium. Wenger called Ade and said: We are in the red, we have to sell players. There is perceptions vs reality already.

Reality check

“Koscielny has been here 9 and has been mostly brilliant”

By that definition, he should have a lot of player and team of the year awards. A lot of praise from experts and top defenders from the past.

Reality check

“Kos held an absolute mess of a defence somewhat together for years, never agitated for a move, and signed contracts without fuss on reasonable wages even when he was on the radar of Barca and Bayern” He’s represents Aarsenal of the last 10 years like no other player. Great potential but inconsistent and soft underbelly. He was equally responsible for an absolute mess of a defense, always had a mistake around the corner. He also had zero leadership qualities, big weakness for someone playing in defense. Easily dominated by physical or more motivated forwards. When exactly was he LEGITIMATELY on… Read more »

Rectum Spectrum

adebayor who ran the length of the pitch to celebrate in front of arsenal fans his goal for man city? hero? that would make an interesting statue outside the stadium….hmmmm….


We can discuss all we want Kos has been a big part of our shitty defence so I don’t get why he gets a pass.


How can you not feel for the guy? Seriously, where’s the respect. He put his body on the line for us time and time again.


It’s not as if he was doing for free.


A player has about 15 years of professional football in their life. Prior to that, they train, they condition themselves, and they give everything up to be not in the top 1% of the world, but probably in the top 0.00000001% During their youth they can’t go out to parties with their friends, they don’t receive a quality education because they need to focus on football, and they have to compete with others that want it just as much as them. Once they get to the top tier, they are judged on their performance week in week out by mercenary… Read more »

John C

If he can no longer play he should retire but he can play he just wants to break his contract, i have no sympathy I’m afraid


Frankly appalled by the fans.


He deserves full respect


Yes and got paid bloody good money for doing so arsenal looked after him and honoured their part of the contract when he was out injured for weeks on end he should do the same let him for the final year


I can’t believe this gets so many likes. Kos really has given us his all over the years. He has struggled with injuries in the last few years, is 33, probably is worried he will cause permanent damage to his body if he carries on in the PL. I sometimes think the main problem with Arsenal is the fans.


But playing three years in another league wont damage him? give it a rest

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Playing in a slower league will be beneficial to his overall physical health.
I don’t understand why so many Arsenal fans are so keen to hate our own players so easily. You just come across as ^%*^%$^$ people.

John C

If he can’t play he should retire

Don Cazorleone

For once, Santori is right. He actually is doing us a favour, pushing the board into action rather than letting them put their heads in the sand and hang him out to dry for another season to get injured and have no value after this season.

What’s the alternative?? Pin our hopes on him and watch our season spiral when he inevitably gets injured??
Nope, off you trot, go and play somewhere slow, we’ll get another player. It’s football.

John C

He’s not doing us a favour really, he’s acting like a petulant brat and it shows the culture that had developed under Wenger that he thought he could just leave at the end of last season with 2 years left on his contract. I certainly would let him go as i’ve never really rated him but you can’t have you players dictate or act in this way. He’s not on particularly high wages and he’s only got a year left on his contract so unless he leaves on favourable terms for the club i’d have him train alone for the… Read more »

DB10s Air Miles

I tend to agree.


Fuck off with this. Kos gave everything to the club. I don’t love how he’s acted this summer, but it’s hardly the end of the world. The man wants out and after all he’s done, why not let him leave? It’s time we moved on anyway, how many games could he realistically play this year – 20 odd games?


Has burned all bridges with the club, Only interested in who gives him the longest contract. Good Riddance


You would probably do it to your employer too if you were thinking about your financial future. I have no ill will towards him for agitating for a longer contract. I am more upset with him for refusing to travel with the team. All this could(and should) have been handled behind the scenes.


I say let him rot in the reserves. Say we got £5m for him, in the long run it would probably make good business sense to make an example of him and send a message to players that the club won’t countenance any bullshit in future. He has turned his back on the club when they need him most. Whether he wants a longer contract or not, he signed the one that he has now and was happy to take a pay increase and payments whilst out injured. Fans were very fond of him but he has ruined his legacy… Read more »

Mesut O’Neill

Big difference, the guy earns £90k a week. He is ok financially.


Does not matter. Football is a career to a professional footballer, but to us fans it’s just a sport. So if we look at it as a career, he is well within his rights to seek a contract that is most beneficial to his finances, physical wellbeing, family etc same way you are entitled to do the same at your place of employment. Again, the thing he and the club did wrong is letting this play out the way it did. He is still a great in my eyes, certainly not a legend(but that has more to do with the… Read more »


‘His spat is with the club’s administration’ is just a way for fans who don’t like the people running the club to say “we brought this on ourselves”. What Koscielny did is absolutely unforgivable. Period. Doesn’t matter who’s running the club or what he was promised. There is literally no situation or excuse he could give. He is the captain of the club and refused to go on tour like a common want-away mercenary. And I’m sorry for all of you folks trying to compare this with your job as an accountant earning 50,000 a year. There is no comparison.… Read more »


Excellent comment

Corona X

If he’s on 80K a week, he’s made 16,6 million Pounds in the last 4 years alone. Plus his earnings from previous contracts.
The guy doesn’t really have to worry about his financial future…


Plus endorsements.


Forget financial future, that’s almost a given as a high-end professional footballer. When he’s 65 he will look back on how he missed the World Cup playing through injury for Arsenal.


financial future ?????????????

you make it sound like kosceilney will be on universal credit if he stays at arsenal FFS


Take what we can, and move on….

No value in keeping a 33yr old, who we have to nurse through games, and who doesn’t want to be here.


Take anything over £5m for Kosc, anything over £10m for Mustafi, chuck £15-20m at Spurs for Alderweireld. No way would they turn it down with their stadium and him having one year left on contract. Plus would be really rather sweet to take not only Saliba but him too. And he’s a fantastic defender of course. Then someone older on loan for the year, dare I say I’d even take Gary Cahill on a one year contract..?


One of the best things Raul /Emery have done is they are quietly remaking this into a much younger team. If you look at a probable line up this year, think about the relative age of most players for their position – youth is also important in allowing us to play more of a pressing game. The last thing we should do is throw big wages & a decent transfer fee at a 30 year old defender- would prefer we go for more of a 23/24 year old type profile who can play now but has some real upside.


I’d certainly much rather than but I think realistic targets are limited at the moment (granted I’m not a scout). Not sure we’ll luck out with a structured purchase with many clubs as we- hopefully- have with Pepe.

£15-20m for a cb of his quality is pretty good, particularly if we can also find a decent option on a loan or a free transfer. Someone Lichsteiner-esque, but obviously hope he’s more of a success. Alderweireld is still quick, strong, with arguably 2 or 3 years left at the top.


Here’s the thing – structuring transfers in installments has been the norm for a very long time. The only real exception is the buyout clauses where the selling club refuses to negotiate (I suspect it’s a tax nightmare so ends up better for buying club to pay over the release if they can avoid player having to deposit the release). This idea that the whole fee needs to be paid up front really is nothing more than selling clubs looking to gouge us or saying they don’t actually want to sell – i.e. Zaha. I don’t know who is out… Read more »

A Different George

I thought Alderweireld was the best defender in the Premier League, with the possible exception of a (rarely) fit Kompany, in recent years. Probably no longer as good as Van Dijk, but still in that general conversation. I cannot imagine that Spurs would let us have him at almost any price.


Demanding loyalty while writing off a man who has literally put his body on the line for the club, played through pain and been a consumate professional (for the majority of his career) seems a little hypocritical. We dont have all the facts here and even if the truth is as reported I dont plan to disregard the man on the basis of one mistake


I put my body on the line and work through pain for far less. It’s shameful behaviour from a senior professional and captain who owes as much to the club as the club does to him. I don’t want to see him in an arsenal shirt again.

A Different George

Danny, would you never think of going on strike for a safer workplace?


Gladly. But it would take me a few years to earn what he does in one week. And not only that, I do what he does (play football) for free because I love it. And I’m older than him and considerably more broken. And if someone offered me the chance to go on a tour of the US, playing in front of thousands of admiring fans and no doubt staying and travelling in absolute luxury I would bite their fucking hand off. Instead people on here seem to feel sorry for the entitled prick like he’s somehow been ground down… Read more »


He’s had a great career with the club, but he won’t go out as a club legend any more.


Look, every professional puts their body on the line for the club. That’s why the club invests vast sums in the best physios and sports scientists on the planet. It’s a two-way street – the club does it’s part too.

I don’t need any other facts to say it – Koscielny’s physical condition does not justify the stain on the club.


Its not really a stain on the club though is it? The only people who actually give a shit are gooners and banter twats. I dont think its unreasonable to ask people to wait until they have all the facts until they start calling our captain, who has conducted himself impeccably throughout his arsenal career, a judas. Its unlikely but its not unreasonable.

I for one am far more embarassed by the fickle, short termist mob mentality of some of our fanbase than I am by a bloke at the end of his career trying to force a move.


No-one cares do they?

Arsenal legend Kevin Campbell who scored the winner at Anfield in ’89:

“No player is ever bigger than the club and the fact he’s our captain is an absolute disgrace not wanting to go on the pre season tour.”

Is he the the one of the “banter twats” or “fickle, short termist mob” you were insulting?


No, hes a gooner just like the rest of us. I didnt say noone cares, read it again


He’s an ex-player who came through Arsenal’s academy. He gets it. We’re all entitled to an opinion.

But why some of you jump straight to insults and labels is beyond me

John C

Michael Thomas scored the winner in 89


Doh! Cheers for the correction John C


Sad for all involved.


Is it just me or does the club look like it’s being run by lunatics? WHY HAVE WE NOT SIGNED ANY DEFENDERS? If both Kos and Mustafi go then we’ll be down to the bare bones at centre-back. When you consider that both Bellerin and Holding are still injured we are going into this season dangerously under-prepared. Even if we finally land Tierney we’ll still be well short. The signing of Pepe was great news, BUT THE ABSOLUTE PRIORITY IS A CENTRAL DEFENDER! Sunday’s defeat was an omen of what’s to come this season: dominating games and then losing because… Read more »


Completely agree. Pepe is all well and good but we’ve proven year after year we can’t rely on outscoring our opponents. It’s worrying we haven’t really been linked with any defensive players aside from seliba


Even if we did sign defenders, you’d probably find something else to whine about


The way things have started to shape up in recent weeks prove the club is being run by the polar opposite of “lunatics”… shipping on Mustafi and Koscielny for cash would be fantastic business (granted we sign a CB…)


Emery is class. Took Lorca to the second division for the first time in their history, at the first time of trying, then finished only 5 points off back to back promotions in his second season. At Almeria he again won promotion in his first season, taking them to the top flight for the first time in their history, they then finished 8th in his second season, in Spain’s top flight. At Valencia he finished 6th and then 3 x 3rd place finishes, in spite of crippling debts, and having his squad decimated every season. He won 3 Europa leagues… Read more »


He has a massive weak point: he’s a useless defensive coach. His teams concede on average 50 league goals per season. Not good enough. Defences win you titles. Emery simply doesn’t do defence well enough.

And I didn’t say he was rubbish. He’s a David Moyes: good enough for a mid-table side but not top-four quality.


David Moyes has never won any trophies….. and United went from Champions to finishing 7th….

Emery took us from 6th to 5th and from 12 points away from 4th, to 1 point off 4th… He also took us to a European final.

Exactly the same questions we’re being asked about Klopp defensively just 18 months ago.


Amen fats. He’s a mid table manager. Not good enough for what we need.

Spanish Gooner

Probably because the CB market is absolutely nuts right now. Maguire, who is solid, but no Van Dyk, is about to go for £80m Championship CBs are going for £30m, so all we would be able to afford would be a decent defender, who we’d all be wanting to upgrade again in 18 months anyway. We’ve done very well to get Saliba for the price we have, and I’m sure if they can find an option that represents good value, they’ll go for it.


Fats in need of more cowbell – CAPSLOCK I mean


Players are temporary. My support is permanent. Screw Koscielny and the horse he rode in on, the entitled millionaire that he is.


It’s possible that he was promised that he could go on a free this summer and the club have then reneged on the handshake deal.

If you want to hate a player then how about one on £350,000 quid a week who can’t be bothered to turn up for big away games?

Ordnance Dave

FG your constant moaning… never change ?. Lose some weight though eh?


It is possible to dislike Koscielny for what he is doing at the same time as thinking Ozil is not doing enough. However i was simply trying to comment on the story to which my comment relates. Give it a try sometime.


He wanted to leave when Arsene left. He was obviously told if he stayed one more year they’d let him go. They lied to him. Now he has to force the move. Not his fault.


I actually feel sad about the way Kos has ended his career with us.
He always gave his best, I know the way he has acted is incredibly disrepectful to Arsenal football club.

Lets hope we can sell him and Mustafi, and bring in an absolute beast of a player.
The daydreamer in me says Koulibay, you never know, this transfer window has been spectacular so far. CYG.

Man Manny

The realist in me says it’s too late in the day for Koulibaly. He’d cost more than a king’s ransom and Napoli would need to replace him.
That’s my thinking though but what do I know?


We def do not have the cash to buy Koulibaly and the market is quite short on quality CB’s at the moment, especially ones that are OK playing in Europa League. That is the sad truth. Given our limited budget ( because we are not paying upfront for Pepe or Saliba ) I do not expect us to gt a top defender. But we still have to get someone.

Merlin's Panini

No way we’re getting Koulibaly.
With the remaining budget we have I think it’s more likely to be someone who isn’t first choice at a big club, or a first choice player at a smaller club. Signing two top drawer players in one window would be unprecedented for us.
The Rugani loan rumour is interesting. Otherwise I wonder if it’ll be a former Emery player, like Kimpembe (although by all accounts he’s been pretty wobbly and might not be an improvement on either of them).
Of course, I’m pissing in the wind here.


I’m caught in two minds here… on one hand if we let him get his move doesn’t that just show if a player kicks up a fuss he will get what he wants?

On the other hand, do we really want an unhappy player spoiling the atmosphere in the dressing room and it’s a further opportunity to reduce the wage bill.

Yankee Gooner

Kos is hardly the trailblazer in this department; Arsenal’s recent history has a number of such departures. Until all the facts about this come out (if ever) I’m going to try to withhold judgment because even though he’s well compensated and (previously) beloved by the fans, he’s still just a pawn on a billionaire’s chessboard.

Man Manny

This would have been a big issue for me weeks ago. But the flurry of activities in the market has in no small measure restored my confidence in Raul and his team. Koscielny goes with my blessings. He did well for Arsenal…and Arsenal did well for him. My only sadness is that the events preceding his departure, just like Fab, RVP, Adebayo, and to some extent, Nasri before him, will forever becloud the memories of him. He was on his way to being considered a true Arsenal legend, but that won’t happen anymore. Meanwhile, is anyone else as excited as… Read more »


The kind of excitement I thought was lost forever!

Now I’m just praying to the god of hamstrings and ligaments and achilles’ heels to leave these Gunners alone and let them be great


Honestly I really don’t understand the kos hate right now. He gave us his best years, his prime years not like Cesc, Viera, Nasri, clichy the list is so long. The club and him made an agreement no one knows what plans he and his family made during that period. Give him the respect his earned and just wish him the best




Unfortunately some fans aren’t happy unless they can hate someone or something. Kos didn’t refuse to travel for no reason, so hopefully things can be clarified and sorted so that everyone benefits. I will always be thankful for what Kos has given us, he always played for the shirt and I will never hate him. His last game for us he was in agony and could hardly walk, maybe he mentally couldn’t face another season of that.

Spanish Gooner

Koscielny was nowhere near the level of the aforementioned players. Hope this helps.


Selling him is the only way to go now. He mentioned before that he would have left(when Wenger left), if not for the injury. He also know that his body can’t handle the physicality of playing regularly here.

Selling him and Mustafi to raise funds for another experienced CB will be the most ideal for us now.


Form is temporary, class is permanent. Demanding 10 mn euros for a 33-34 yr player, who is not being offered a new deal is poor from Arsenal. Add to it, that he has given his best years to the club, shows that the club doesn’t value loyalty anymore.

Corona X

I wouldn’t classify not going on tour as ‘loyalty’…
He could’ve done this differently, working with the club behind the scenes on his departure!


…and yet he has a contract and gets payed really fucking well, he should honor it, if not, there are other ways to sort this mess up, especially if you are the captain.


Yes, he can even continue playing for Arsenal, and in Europa Semi Final in 2020, he might be injured again. Out for 8 months, without contract, with retirement as only option. So, what is his upside for staying?


After he established himself at Arsenal he did get offers from bigger clubs like PSG and Bayern, but he decided to stay. Based on the little we know, it sounds like he had an informal agreement with the club that he would be allowed to leave, but the club reneged on that, and now they’re trying to spin it as Koscielny acting unreasonably. There’s probably more we don’t know about, but I don’t begrudge him anything. Replacing him with Cahill on a free as 3rd/4th choice CB makes sense to me; no fee and plenty of experience in the league… Read more »

A Different George

Cahill, who will lead the league in “accidental” elbows to the face per minutes played.


Glad to see we finally appear to be looking to get Mustafi out either on a loan or permanent deal, but worry as the window is closing we have not brought in a defender to play this year yet.

Okechukwu Jude

Take a look at metersacker, a good example for Kosh. Unfortunately, Kos chose to take another route. No player is bigger than a club. I wish him well. I will remember how he cost us the Carling cup in a defeat to Birmingham and how he cost us a final spot in the Europa League in the defeat to atletico Madrid.


And maybe his red card on his debut? Haha.


Having seen Koscielny a number of times when he is out of the spotlight I can tell you this is in keeping with his personality.


I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion. For me Kos was definetely above an averege defender and gave it all. He was never captaincy material though. Ever. He made high profile mistakes in MOST of our important games (including the final this year). He was no one before he came. He ended becoming our captain. And that is not how a captain should behave, no matter what happens. This is embarasing and we cannot talk about loyalty whatsoever. Arsenal were loyal to him and patient enough when he got injured and nursed by the same club he captained. It… Read more »

Jason daniels

Respect kos. Il let him go. We need a hard ass pacey litey to partner sokratis


Except that Sokratis probably won’t be on the pitch long enough … he can’t even keep his self control in a friendly match for goodness sake.


He was our best defender last season if you watched games you’d know


We need to get him off the books. It’s having a bad effect at the club and we need to sort this mess out quickly – certainly before the close of the window at all costs. We won’t get much, if anything for him, so let’s draw a line under this whole, unfortunate, episode and show Koscielny the “exit” door.


Buy Pape Abou Cisse..the six foot six lad from Senegal
Will bring in a bit of hieght we need in set pieces at both ends


People forget that he basically gave up a WC winners medal just so he could get Arsenal into the CL again.
He was in the red zone yet still played against Atletico.
That is the man I will remember and you should too.


Great captain and great servant of the club, too bad he would only be remembered for quitting at the end of it all..what a shame!


He’s been force to these tactics because the club is being lazy.

It will not address a glaring problem we have had for many seasons yet again.

By removing himself out of the equation forcibly, we are forced to reconsider our options at Cback.

You need to watch more old Samurai films to appreciate the chess game Koscielny is doing for us.


Let’s make a comparison shall we Fabregas – wants to go home, at his footballing prime and one of the best players in the world, blows off an actual LEAGUE match to watch grandprix or some shit, literally backstabs the club by paying out of his own pocket Koscielny- played for 9 years into the ground, Achilles literally hanging by a thread and injections before every match , wants to go home, is at the end of his career, not even Arsenal’s first choice defender. The most he has blown off is a shitty preseason into KSE area of US.… Read more »


Fabregas was injured for that game. Not saying he should have gone to the Grand Prix, and he definitely shouldn’t have posted a picture while the team were playing, but he didn’t refuse to play.

Koscielny is the club captain and refused to go on tour. Call it a shitty tour all you want, but it was his job to go and he refused to do it.



It was more prescient for him to force the issue for us than go for some tour.

He needed to send a wake up call to the club.

He did us a service not going and forcing the issue at expense to his reputation.


No he wasn’t. He faked that injury to force the hand of the club. Koscielny going on this shitty tour would mean more like injections before every stupid Colorado Rapid match for him. There is only so much a human body can take.


How can anyone possibly take a side in this? We have absolutely none of the facts. Personally, the captain of our club – basically – going on strike is unacceptable. However, given the fact that he has never been some sort of diva, suggests that something extreme has happened to cause him to behave this way. Until we know ALL of the details, let’s not take sides. It’s just sad that this has been played out in the public domain. Surely the club owe Lolo the respect of working with him to achieve an outcome suitable to all parties. And… Read more »


We’ll probably never know all the details – that hardly ever happens in circumstances like this. I doubt that there will be an amicable outcome as you hope for, given what’s been reported (even if not wholly true). The important thing, above all else now, is that he should leave quickly. You summed it up with the comment about Spu*s laughing their heads off – or words to that effect. This saga is damaging the club, inside and outside. Clearly, we’re not going to get much, if anything, by way of a fee but in this case the leaving is… Read more »


I’ll take his side. Why are the club even contemplating using him another season. He knows he is a waning force one season too far as is. Last season we shipped 3 goals away at Wolves without Mustafi and with everyone’s choice pairing of Sokratis-Koscielny. That’s 3 goals to Wolves let that sink in. then we shipped another 4 in europa finals. He is not in good nick with poor injury record. It represents a risk (muck=h like say paying 90k for Lichsteiner a week to be in treatment and preventing us from loading on last January) Fact of the… Read more »

John C

Who said the club are contemplating him for another season?! Maybe they’re more than prepared to sell him for a reasonable fee but would rather have him around for the rather low wages he’s on and play him in the cups or maybe not at all? Koscielny isn’t a director or share holder and has no right to dictate policy at the club, he has a contract to play football and that contract lasts for another 11 months. If he wants to leave, he can hand in a transfer request and remain professional until another club puts in an acceptable… Read more »

Okechukwu Jude

Antecedents my friend. I sense Kos has some of the highest forms of an entitlement mentality. Remember how he lambasted Didier Deschamps after the world cup? Saying he expected more from him meanwhile Deschamps did what any coach would have done. Called him up to check up on his recovery. From what I hear, his grudge with arsenal is that he wants us to write off the remaining year on his contract so he can leave as a free agent. How can he even be that insensitive knowing fully well that we are cash strapped at the moment. He has… Read more »


I think 10mill is perfectly fair, personally i would be fairly pleased if we went and signed 1 or preferably 2 quality defenders his age for 10 mil each and rotated them as needed fitness wise.


No. We should just let him go for less. We need to move on. He won’t fetch that much more and we need to be concentrating on more pressing needs. There are others I’d just let go for cheap and cobble the money together…Elneny, Jenkinson. If we can get 10m for all 3 players that would be good enough. Mustafi maybe another 15m, potentially we should have Mhkitaryan on market for 10m. Together we would have amassed 35m (plus Ospina for 3m) That’s a sizeable sum to add to transfer budget of 40m There’s also Chambers who should fetch a… Read more »


Makes sense once in a while


I’m so disappointed in all of this I don’t even want to see anymore of the headlines. Just tell me when it’s done, I’ll wish him fare-thee-well, and move on.

He’s never raised a fuss until this, and it’s his parting wish. I’m happy to grant it for someone who has put the time in during what this club has gone through for 9 years. I know we’ve been aching for a bit more hard-nosed mentality in leadership, but this could be the underline on much of the old guard.


Normally not a fan of booing our own players, but here you can see why it’s not only justified but necessary. He wants to stay and prove himself?!? Fuck that! If he can’t get it through his thick, thick skull that he’s not wanted here, he needs to be told. If he likes playing at the Emirates, he might turn down a move elsewhere – especially if the money isn’t as good. Look, I don’t hate the guy and I wish him the best of luck elsewhere, but he hasn’t worked out for us and needs to go. If booing… Read more »


You are an ingrate but worse too simplistic. Read between the lines. Koscielny knows he won’t be getting a pay raise at Arsenal at his age and injury record. He is forcing a move out because he knows he is not the right answer for the club. Some people agian trying to do things on the cheap would prefer to rely on him one more season which is a massive mistake. Did Sokratis-Koscielny do well against Wolves away? Or against Chelsea in Europa finals? You should be more grateful to a player who has given us his all. BUT such… Read more »


He’s talking about Mustafi. Wrong place admittedly, but Mustafi.

PS I read between the lines…


My opinion on this is that we have to cash on the $ and let cos leave @ public I totally agree with you brother. Get the money ,add something on top of it and get another defender simple. Emery has to give him that respect and let him go. He has been a loyalist all this years without a much pay rise


He’s 33 years old with injury problems. How much do you think we’ll get? Put it another way, if Koscielny was at another club how much do you think we would pay for someone of his age/fitness? The best we can expect is a nominal fee so we can say we got something rather than he went on a free. I’ve no doubt that Emery wants him to go though – the sooner, the better.


Exactly. Club is just being difficult. Just let him go for 4m. Move things along, they’ve been trying to avoid getting in the Cback we really need, instead squeeze for Tierney at that expense and point at Saliba for the future, rely on an old war horse a season too far (again) Unfortunately this is not obvious to some people. We should have sold him last season and brought in a solution better than Sokratis. BUT that may have been the best we could at that point. I think this summer, the issue is the price on good Cbacks (which… Read more »


He is doing us a service. Pity Blogs and others are so short sighted not to be able to read between the lines. Koscielny knows he is past sell by date. BUT it looks like the club is trying to get away with it again and keep him, buy Saliba (for the future on the cheap in installments) and call it a day, Holding (when he returns in Spet) trumpeted as LANS. This is foolish. The veteran won’t get the bump in pay at Arsenal and he knows it. So he is forcing a move which is the correct thing… Read more »


This man deserves our full respect. It is a shame the way he is being treated. We should never have been in the position to even contemplate using him for yet another season. We need to be buying a quality Cback now to pair with Sokratis and regardless of Holding returning. We also need to be concentrating money on it rather than being sidetracked by 27m deals even if on installments for player to ZERO consequence for next season or a LBack which we can deal with a summer down. The strategy fro the transfer team (Cebellos and Pepe regardless)… Read more »


Kos has been a loyal servant over the years, he’s a decent footballer and I love him but let’s also be very factual here…he was never like top 5 defenders rated playing for us or in his career and there wasn’t any big club that was ready to break the bank for him, so his loyalty could be argued. The Dutch skunk at a time even rejected Bayern I think saying he wasn’t interested in winning anything with another club but Arsenal and just a few years later signed for man united. Kos got his salary regularly and was respected… Read more »


*gives Mustafi a Koscielny haircut*

Bob Marley

F**k Koscielny, if he had simply went on the tour whilst advocating for his move, I’d have backed him 100% because of his, up to this point, distinguished service to this club. BUT the fact he did what he did…f**k off , you don’t care about the Arsenal. I don’t want to hear none of this sh*t about him playing with injuries; if I was earning what he does and I could physically play, I would too not only because I’m obliged contractually to but because I love playing football. You are all acting like he was playing for free… Read more »


Why are we thankful of Kos? I get it, he was a great player, but not a Tony Adams. He was a nobody when Wenger signed him. He was horrible in his first season, but Wenger stuck with him.

Arsenal gave him a career he could never dreamed of and Arsenal got what they wanted. Both party won, he was also given captain and vice captain with Per.

Koscielny will not be forgotten, but remember, no player is bigger than the club

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