Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Report: Derby winning race for £10 million Bielik

Krystian Bielik is closing in on a move to Derby County that could be worth as much as £10 million, according to Polish sports reporter Adam Godlewski.

The Pole is understood to have attracted interest from a number of clubs in England and Italy after impressing at the Under-21 European Championships where he bagged a couple of goals and proved his worth as a centre-back and defensive midfielder.

Last season, Bielik helped Charlton Athletic win promotion to the Championship via the play-offs. He joined Arsenal in January 2016 and has since undertaken loan spells with Birmingham City and Walsall.


While an obviously talented player, he’s struggled to make an impact at the Emirates in part due to a couple of ill-timed and lengthy shoulder problems during Arsene Wenger’s tenure.

Despite the club accepting that Laurent Koscielny has no future and doing their best to find a buyer for Shkodran Mustafi, for whatever reason, Unai Emery does not see Bielik as a potential replacement.

If we can get £10 million for him from the Rams then that wouldn’t be a bad bit of business, although it does sound like we may have to give former club Legia Warsaw a cut. 

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Doesn’t make any sense to me…the guy can obviously play at a high level and we should give him a chance this season to finally prove his worth and help us cover CB. He must have fallen out with Emery…why else is he getting punted in our hour of defensive need?!


League One is NOT a high level. Lets stop with overrating every kid in the academy. If he was great he would be getting more interest than from Championship teams.


There are plenty of players who have played in league 1 (or lower) and gone on to perform with distinction in the Premier League. Jamie Vardy, Dave Edwards, Sam Ricketts just off the top of my head. Bielik did well at Charlton, so perhaps should have been given another chance, but £10 million is still not bad either for a young player.

Tony Adams Nose

I had high hopes for this kid but it seems after a “successful season” in his books, he is demanding a place in the first team at Arsenal or else. So it’s more like his decision to go rather than Emery not having place for him. Shame but who knows who’s filling his head to make a quick buck off of his rise in reputation.


>the guy can obviously play at a high level

Based on his performance in League 1?

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

League 1 is a fair ol’ distance from PL level to be fair but in Bielik’s defence he was outstanding throughout the season for Charlton, and then did his countrymen proud post season with more cracking displays. He has such high potential that, to me, he could go all the way, and I think those who’ve watched him regularly would agree. I’m actually surprised his value isn’t higher given the craziness in the market. If we really see no way of fitting him in then selling him is only understandable with a buy-back clause inserted, where we’d get first refusal… Read more »


Well said, friend.


He did his countrymen proud in an u23 s tournament. He might well be good but let’s not make out on the basis of that he’s the next Baresi. In case he is, insert a sell on clause….

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

Perhaps I’m a little biased as he’s the youth product I’ve followed the most over the past year… Over 30 games for Charlton and largely orchestrated the way they built their best moments, he also scored a few goals that had real importance (check out his play off performances!). Due to his versatility and maturity he was able to perfectly drop into defence when the opposition had possession and then revert back to a steady and silky defensive midfielder to push the team on, and still at such a young age – in a year or so he really could… Read more »


@ Leno – That’s what I’ve been thinking Arsenal could really use to shore up the defence: a defensive midfielder who is also comfortable as a centreback, and who plays both positions during the game, with captaincy potential. It’s a shame we don’t want to invest a little more time and effort to see where it goes.

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

Absolutely, you’ve just said it far better than I could! ?? At present we only have Chambers who can do this role, who may have already reached his potential on loan. I’d say utilise Calum in that transitional role (similar to his role at Fulham) this season when necessary, whilst blooding Bielik in it, thus helping the team acclimatise to the new approach with someone with PL experience whilst bedding players in to that philosophy. Soon enough Bielik will become first choice in that position, and as you say, captaincy potentially in such a pivotal role. Plus, fielding a proper… Read more »


Emery just wants defenders with lack of quality and spaniah as their native language, no use for real talent mate. No use at all.

Heavenly Chapecoense

If you put a price tag of 10 millions on a young player who only experienced league 1, it means you recognize a talent there that should make you keep him.


Would you be happy if our CB signing is a U21 that has only had 1 good season in League 1 and is being chased by Championship level clubs?


And the fact that it is Derby, a team in the Championship, that is leading the charge to buy him.
I like the guy, and hope he turns out good, but he is not what Arsenal need right now, and if he is not prepared to wait as he develops, then it is better for Arsenal to shift him on.


His performances at the Euro u-21s prove he is worth a go this season.

Maul Person

Kos, Giroud and Guendouzi made a jump from a lower league (in a different country).

Our own legend Wrighty started late but went on to have such an impact on the club.

Vardy made it from nkn-league to leading Leicester to an EPL title.

Ans that’s just for starters. So the league Bielik played in isn’t necessarily a marker for his ability ceiling.


Don’t forget Rob Holding, same position, playing for a team relegated to league one, very recently. And he’s done very well.


Yes for Kos and Guendouzi but No for Giroud. The season before he joined us, he was French League champion and top scorer.

Maul Person

But where was he before that as a 24 yo? Ligue 2 side Tours…


Nope. He was in Ligue 1 the year before as well. Last time he played in Ligue 2 was in 2010.

Maul Person

Exactly. Right before he signed with Montpellier where he was until 2012. The point is you’re just looking at where he ended up not where he started… which was my point. There are some players who start in lower clubs but with the talent to play at the highest level. With all this arguing over the minutiae of which club at which point in his career, are you suggesting Giroud doesn’t fit into that category?!


And before that he was loaned to a third division side (Istres) in 2008, where he started to score regularly.


Yeah Delli Alli

Dave M

Please avoid using offensive language on this site.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Do you rate young players on the basis CL games? You often rate them based on performances at academy level. How did Wenger rate Iwobi, Gibbs even Cesc? Why did the same manager rate Guendouzi based on Ligue 2 and put him directly ahead of El Neny who had played CL at Basel and Arsenal? Lot of fans think Bielik deserves same treatment as Guendouzi.


This and the fact that he still plays U-23 for his national team. How blessed are Polish national team on center backs? Apart from Kamil Gilk who plays for Monaco, I can’t think of any big names.
He is a bright prospect who might have made it already if not for the injuries. But with Holding well established as a first team player and Saliba coming in next summer, it appears that Emery does not simply see another berth for a young CB.

Maul Person

…which makes little sense when we’re on the cusp of losing two established CBs in one transfer window.


Provided we move Koscielny and Mustafi on, Sokratis will be left as our only experienced CB. Ideally we would want at least one another (if not two) experienced CB. As sad as it is to see Bielik go, he has not proven enough to occupy one of the slots being vacated by potential departures. This is simply an attempt to strike balance in a department where we seem to have an abundance of young talent.

Maul Person

What is the abundance of young talent at CB? Mavropanos needs a loan, the jury is out on Chambers, Holding isn’t fully recovered, Saliba won’t be with us until 2020… Secondly, let’s say we sell Kos for £5 million (I doubt we’ll get the £10m being touted) and Mustafi for the £25 million suggested, and Bielik for £10 million, what decent experienced CB can we get for £40 million? If we can, that’s one player replacing THREE… and with the CB situation being what it is, what harm is it for Emery to actually see if Bielik can fit into… Read more »


My point is you don’t fill your squad with center backs who are under 25 years of age. This is a position which calls for experience. Clubs usually don’t keep 3-4 inexperienced center backs for a possible 5 member first team group. Also, if you feel Bielik’s good performance in championship justifies his inclusion why do think the jury is still out on Chambers who had a pretty good Premier league season?


After Glik from Monaco there is Bednarek from Southampton, Cionek from SPAL and Pazdan from Legia (now some Turkish team). There’s also Kaminski from Fortuna Dusseldorf, on loan from VfB Stuttgard. It seems Bielik will soon get to the national team, soon as he gets regular playing time. I think the midfield is more likely. We have Krychowiak there from Lokomotiv and Klich from Leeds. Bielik could replace the latter for tougher opponents to strengthen defense as second DM.

Kartik Iyer

By that logic sending any player on loan is a moot exercise. He performed well at a lower league…I’m not saying he’s world class or a sure fire solution…no one is saying that….but if someone does good on a loan then they should at least get a chance to show their capability at arsenal. He has done more to prove his talent than Dinos Mavropanos, then why not give him a chance. If anything it will only increase his market value next year.


Why aren’t EPL clubs coming for him then? He’s got the potential no doubt, but if you’re not outrightly killing it in top tier level as a defender, you can’t be the solution for Arsenal’s defensive problems matter of fact. Defence shouldn’t be where we take chances me thinks. We’d probably get away with it in midfield.


10 million for a guy who’s in his last year of his contract and who wants first team football, who’s proved nothing AO far other than a handful of good performances in a level below the championship. Come on, Arsenal would do well to get 10 million and may be insert a sell-on of some kind. Not every decent football player is a world-beater and there is a lot for Bielik to prove. Get in with what we have, that’s all. If someone offered 20 million for Chambers, sell him on and keep Bielik but no one is offering. So… Read more »


1.He’s got two years on his contract not one – expires 30.06.2021 2. A lot of hope in Chambers and Mavrapanos? Chambers at a stretch and certainly not from me, but Mavropanos has done very little and all of it bad. I’m not saying he will be terrible but on what basis is there any hope resting on him? Also he’s been linked with a move away. The club don’t seem keen on keeping him. If Bielik came back a few weeks earlier and went on the summer tour imo we aren’t having this discussion as he’d have played himself… Read more »


Your last sentence is exactly the point for me. We’re gonna go elsewhere to sign a centre back. Given our budget, it will either be a “at the end of his prime” type (Jonny Evans…) or a young up-and-comer. It seems to me that Bielik is just as likley to succeed as Saliba and Mavropanos, and more likely than Chambers. So why not give him a go instead of bringing in an unproven/unknown up-and-comer.

A guess a loanee is another option. But that doesn’t help us long term.

Maul Person

Ash, Bielik’s (lack of) availability after the tournament can’t surely be a point… Nelson was in a similar position but went on the pre-season tour. It just seems that Emery isn’t a fan.

Dave M

Just incase anyone else noticed the last 4 stories are about centre backs leaving. I mean there were some troubles with defense, but are we sure emptying the defensive ranks with a week left in the window is ideal? Any news on reinforcements would be at least a little reassuring or do we just run with sokratis, calum, holding, Montreal?

Merlin's Panini

An odd one this, but at least we’d get a decent fee for someone who is not in favour.
I’d have liked to see him given an opportunity this season but there must be a reason he’s not convinced Emery.
Good luck to him if he does go. A move to the Championship could prove his making. I do wonder if we might regret selling him down the line but if it brings in funds for one more good signing I’m down with it.


Shame, I would really have liked to have seen him in a couple of games at Arsenal, just to judge where he really is. Feel like he wasn’t really given a chance, even less than The Jeff.

Good luck to him, hope it’s not one we regret.


SELL-ON CLAUSE! After paying a sell-on clause….LOL


He wants to play football he’s already stated that and despite his obvious talent he would be 4th choice, 3rd at best. 10 mil towards a number 1 defender isn’t bad business

Dr Zebra

Haha can we send them mustafi?

My Cousin Vinai

How could he possibly impress Emery if the coach has never seen him play? No sessions, no preseason games, no nothing. Yet it’s been decided he’s not good enough? I mean no offence at all, but he’s head and shoulders above Burton and Olayinka, yet even they got some chances with the first team. In truth, he probably would’ve been given a chance if he didn’t go on loan and wasn’t around the club. Just goes to show that sometimes a loan isn’t really helpful. In fact most of our recent academy graduates in and around the first team got… Read more »

Kwame Ampadu Down

Will you please stop talking about Burton & Olayinka ‘getting chances.’ They’re making up the numbers in pre season. It’s completely irrelevant in terms of Bielik but yet you have said it over & over.
Bielik is 21 & just had a good season in League 1…and is now being chased by Champiomship clubs…..there is of course a chance he will prove the club wrong but it is equally (if not more) possible he won’t.


We also don’t have a “manager” any more and Emery is strictly the first team coach, so really these decisions aren’t his – it’s up to the u23 coach Freddie/Steve Bould, head of the academy BFG, the loan manager Ben Knapper, and the Technical Director.


That’s got to be nonsense. If the “first team coach” wanted him do you think they’d say no you can’t have him he’s gone?


It might be nonsense, but that’s the new structure at the club. Don’t shoot the messenger!

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Is that why Emery took Soares on loan despite the opposition of Milinstat ?


Wow you Mislintat fanboys are ruthless lol

Emery was honest enough to tell us we’d be taking a gamble on a short-term loan because there was no money for permanent deals in the winter window..

There was no money because we’d earmarked it all for this summer – and judging by what we’ve done so far I don’t begrudge the Suarez signing at all.


This combined with the mustafi news updates is an indication we are targeting a new central defender. And maybe strategically better to sell Bielik now before clubs know we actually need some incoming fees after we sign new players.. Lets hope so…


Not sure why people think this is odd, he is a saleable asset, its lower tier teams bidding for him, we have Holding, Chambers, Saliba and Medley as young CB, not sure there is room for another nor would it necessarily be good for his own career to stay. Makes plenty of sense all round

Lord Bendnter

Even they put a sell on clause. Watch us fail in doing that…


Looks like that’s correct regarding his former club. No information about whether we’ll insert such a clause if/when we sell him though.


Re sell on clause. Only way he’ll come back is when Emery’s gone, that’s seems to be the gist of it. We’ve had all summer to find a centre back and zilch. How can anyone have confidence in Emery/Raul.


As always with young players win some, lose some. Should have at least been given a chance to prove any doubters in the coaching staff right/wrong though. Watch the lad smash it and end up at a bigger club in a year or 2

Iron Ljung

What a message to send out to other players we’re loaning out: really impress for much of the season at your loan club, have a great summer championship…and you won’t even be given a chance in the first team. What more did Bielik have to do to be given a chance? Surely, the sensible thing to do is to play him in the cup games and increase his value so that (especially with how this inflated market works) we can make the best of our assets. Seems like really poor business and man management alll round, sadly.


He’s done well in League one, fantastic! Those paid to monitor him have decided his progress is not big enough to be considered for the first team squad. They may in time be proven right or wrong, because it is not a science, but subjective based on their knowledge and experience. You can’t keep them all or hoping they reach your required standard. I think I will rather support those paid to make these judgements rather than pointless second-guessing based on nothing more than intuition.

Iron Ljung

In that case, what was the point in sending him to a League 1 club? If, despite succeeding, he couldn’t be said to have proven himself enough to be given a chance (because the level was too low), then sending him out there in the first place was questionable.

Kwame Ampadu Down

The message to other players is a reminder that this is The Arsenal. Not many will make it & it doesn’t come easy.


That would be more a little more convincing if quite a few of those we released because they “didn’t make it” as you say actually had made it elsewhere, meaning we lost several £millions (which is much needed money now, of course). Also, do you seriously think Mustafi has “made it” as he’s still in the first team – keeping the likes of Bielik from getting a chance. I don’t think so.


As much as we are impress by Bielik or Mavropanos, it does not necessarily bear truth that they are better than Mustafi. They have not shown that. Bielik at least has not had much opportunity but Mavropanos when viewed more extensively has been culpable in positioning. Its always easy to say anyone is better than Mustafi but that’s not necessarily the case. We hope they are better and imagine they are. Very different from reality. that said, would like to see Bielik trialed at least in pre-season before we made such determination. I fear we have spent 27m on Saliba… Read more »


Mustafi won the World Cup, so he’s made it for sure. Earned him his current wages too.

Kwame Ampadu Down

‘Quite a few ‘ ? Apart from Gnabry who have we let go who is playing at a higher level than Arsenal ? That’s the criteria. Not making a good career (loads will do that obviously, they wouldn’t be at Arsenal in the first place if that wasn’t a possibility) but getting to a higher level than Arsenal.
And we didn’t even want Gnabry to go so that’s not even the same argument.


Fallacious argument. There are only a handful of clubs that can be said to be “a higher level than Arsenal”.
The better question is who have we sold for peanuts and is now worth much more.


That’s another 10mil to go towards a top CB 🙂


We may not get the full amount if his former club has a sell on clause. Anyway, whatever we get will help, although time is running out to bring in a permanent CB. More likely we’ll go for another loan deal if we get anyone. Shame it’s unlikely we’ll offload Mustafi – that would be a big step forward.


Not necessarily.

If we do not add, offloading Mustafi is not a big step forward.

Chambers is not that much better either (First goal for Lyon slack marking)

And Holding unavailable plus not proven in back 4. He impressed in a back 3.

PLUS Monreal not a good back up at Cback.

One injury or suspension to molest happy Sokratis and we will be in trouble, thin at the back.


It’s 500k sell on clause payable to Legia Warsaw.


I think, reading between some lines, what’s likely occurred is that he wouldn’t sign a new contract. He’s looking for assurances of substantial playing time which obviously we can’t give. Players who have two years left and won’t sign new deals are then to be sold for as much as possible, that’s what we’ve been told is the policy. I think it’s a simple as that, I don’t think necessarily it’s a judgment by the club on his ability, I just don’t think he’ll sign another deal for us. In most cases it’s better for young players to play more… Read more »


Well said. Great to read what sounds like a perfectly fair assessment of the situation. I was excited at the thought of him getting a chance, however the noises that came from his camp once he got promotion with Charlton didn’t sound like someone who wanted to sit around and wait for a chance with the first team, quite similar to Amaechi. I wish these guys the best for the future.


I think you’ve summed the situation really well. He came out in the media and said he’s looking for 1st team football, and clearly we can’t guarantee it. It tells you that he’s not rated that highly in the pecking order by Emery. If you look at our CB options; Emery must see him pretty low on the list as an option. Kos Sokratis Holding Mustafi Chambers Bielik? Mavropanos Kos is gone, Saliba unavailable until next season, Mavropanos too inexperienced. It leaves us with Sokratis fixed in the team… needing a partner in one of these 3 options. Sokratis Holding… Read more »


We should give him a chance seriously, we wasted 35mil on Mustafi, and even after proven that he’s error prone he still gets playing time, so why can’t bielik get a shot?


He’s not the only one error prone.

Torreira also made an equal amount of errors last season.

6 or 7 give aways or got fleeced in critical areas leading to 4 goals against.

Plus Europa final didn’t exactly cover himself with glory for the 4th goal.


Give the big unit a chance FFS. Holding kicked ass and took names at the same level and he made the jump to the Prem well. Why can’t this guy? Deserves a shot based on performance. And we need a physically dominant CB! He might be right there in our squad already.


We have so many young Cbacks gestating.

I suspect this issue is more bc we’ve dugged ourselves now into a spot with Saliba.

There’s also Mavropanos (Medley potentially) so the thinking must be to sell one to raise funds.

Which begs the question if Saliba is actually worth the while (and risk at 27m eventually)

We could have spent the money properly on an experienced Cback and kept Bielik within frame, Mavropanos on strong loan.


If Emery and the guys think bielik is not what we need, selling him this summer makes sense. But if it’s only 10mil there has to be a percentage on any future sale in there


We bought him for £2.6m according to Transfermrkt, so even if we only get half of the £10m we’ve almost doubled our money.


I don’t know why we are so keen to sell Bielik. He looks very promising and is only 21yrs, has a contract till 2023 I don’t know why we have decided to spend so much on Saliba. He’s only featured 19 games last season so his stats are over a very narrow viewing. We could hold Bielik for another season at least either on a stronger loan than last season or cycled into the team SHOULD we make effort to find an immediate Cback solution. We are losing Koscielny. he is doing us frankly a massive favour forcing the club… Read more »


Contract until 2021 not 2023. Saliba is probably the outstanding CB prospect in Europe in his age group which is why they went for him but yes it’s was a lot of money in the end and there are no guarantees and as such it does represent a risk, but I think playing it safe has lead us to mediocrity so they realise they have to “outsmart the market” with some risks here and there. He will easily retain value so long term we’re covered on the investment.


Why he would want to go to Deby is also beyond me. Its in the championship. Surely he could do better and if not, it may be wise to have him on another stronger loan this season to push his value up further. He has time on his hands and a contract till 2023. What’s the rush? And why bother back loading on Saliba with impact to next summer when we have BOTh Bielik AND Mavropanos developing? Does not make any sense. We needed to invest in a proper immediate solution at Cback. Feels like club wanted to extend on… Read more »

Dennis Bergkamp

Sad to see him go tbh. While it seems illogical for Gunners to let him go given the current lack of depth in the defence area, it’s possible that Bielik just doesn’t see himself playing for Arsenal anymore.

I guess no one fully know what happens behind the scenes and can only speculate, but that would be my guess.


Really thought he would make it here, and frankly he would have a huge shout of it if he were actually given a chance in the team to show his talent. Considering the gap in our defence, he would surely get some gametime and he could really be the sort of player to take his chance, sort of like how Bellerin did: he has the sort of skills this current team need. Those who have followed him know he is comfortable on the ball in defence and could work really, really well as the deepest lying midfielder with a 4… Read more »


The lad isn’t in Emery’s plan. Selling Bielik for 10 mil is not a bad move. We still have a small budget so this amount of money does have an impact.

I think at this point we all have to be a little bit patient. There will be another CB coming in the next few days, hopefully we can loan Rugani with an option to buy.

Just asking, what about Jenkinson and El Nanny? There are rumours that Palace and West Ham want them. If we could sell the duo, it would be a good summer.


Hard to figure out but if the coach refuses to use him and he really wants to go rather than waiting to see if the coach gets sacked and the next one likes him more, there’s no point to keeping him.

Cultured determination

Interesting that the last 3 blogs posts are on mustafi leaving, kos leaving and bielik leaving. Are we playing 1-7-2 this season?


more like 1-3-6.


If the club is gonna sell Koscielny, Mustafi, and Bielik in the same window they better bring in a top CB that can play straight away.

Happy Days

What then is the point of the loan philosophy? To have been brought in, sent out on loan to develop, tick every box in your development and be booted before getting a chance.


The point of a loan is to either prepare a potential talent for the first team or increase his market value and make a healthy profit. We’ve gone for the latter with Bielik and there’s absolutely nothinf wrong with that. All the big clubs in Europe do this on a regular basis. In fact, Liverpool is looking to offload two of their best loan prospects this season: Wilson (who tore it apart I the championship last season with Derby) and Kent (who was a key player for Rangers). Both of them are priced in the range between 15-25m, which if… Read more »


Why do we keep defenders in our academy then anyway? Bielik is showing as much talent as you can have, he has had good loan spells and came to us as raw talent few years ago. Is this the way we treat our youngsters? Is this how we want to play it out? This is message to fans and academy; we dont show any respect to our own talent. To be honest with you its nice that new season is about to begin and we are purchasing top talent, but so what if we keep leaking? It was horrendous end… Read more »


If you had to choose, would you keep Mustafi or Bielik?


Bielik. Every time.


I dont like mustafi but this stupid.Bielick its one good season in league one ffs.
if he was that good plenty of decent PL team would line up or at least some good european side
Right now only a side like derby want him.we are pushing to comeback to champions league football.
Good luck for him hope he can prove arsenal wrong but very few have so far.


According to what he said in the Polish Media, nobody from Arsenal contacted him last season, or even during U-21 tournement, when he played really good. He was talking that he hopes someone from Arsenal is watching him. Maybe they saw only that 0-5 with Spain… On one hand it`s a shame, cause he looked promising, but if we are buying 18-yo Saliba for 30mln it seems Krystian is not in Unai plans.
I just hope they will put a buy-back clause in case he will develop…


That’s bizarre, I thought we had appointed someone specifically to oversee our loan system and keep our loanees in touch with someone at the club.


Bielik has not been looked after by Arsenal. He played for the manager that was sacked before Freddie was appointed and was loaned out before the new set up at the academy, so he seems to have fallen through the cracks. It may be that he feels a bit resentful and doesn’t want to stay, but certainly the youngsters that played after him have been, and are being, much better looked after by the club. I’m disappointed because I think he’s a genuine talent and I don’t think he’s been given a fair chance. Emery needed Freddie to tell him… Read more »


Should up the price for a player who we scouted and invested in to make him a home-grown, England trained player. We should be charging the same premiums that Loftus Cheek, Danny Ings etc. have gone for; i.e. at least 20 million for the lad and a buy buy clause in the contract.
Let’s smarten up about our assets.
PS: Those who say sell Mustafi for peanuts are absolute fools, in my honest opinion.

Monkey Joe

Keep Bielik, sell #EmeryOut. Simples.

Dave Cee

Could Sami Khedira have something to do with our willingness to let Bielik go??
Khedira is almost a wet dream for me he is so good. Would be delighted if he signed…and stayed fit


Hope not ….as good as khedira is. He make Ramsey wellbeck injuries record look not that bad


just a thought…please treat the comment section more like twitter, less like Les Miserables. Nobody wants to read the story of your life. Keep it short.


Here’s anothee thought. If you don’t want to read something, don’t. No one is forcing you to read anything. Hope that helps.


Here’s where you’re wrong, Sir: I want to do it.

Charlie George Again

Really bloody annoying. If this guy goes to Derby, he will be there a year before being picked up by one of our major rivals for big money and go on to be outstanding. This lad is a jewel….you can see it all the way. This is Serge Gnabry all over again.


Gnabry want to leave.wenger want to keep him but he want to play on regular basis after his dreadull loan spell at Pulis FC
And we ve seen some many suppose to be “jeweL” leave and dont really do anything except a decent carreer
Gnabry is one in the thousand


He has only said he doesn’t want to play in youth leagues…He never ruled out a loan move…Send him on loan


Someone here already said it, but it bears repeating. If we were signing a 6’4″ standout defensive performer at the just-concluded Euro U-21 Tournament (where Ceballos also excelled, by the way), a player who has excellent distribution and can seamlessly drop between the CBs when we’re out of possession and move back into the anchor position when we have the ball, we would all be super excited, especially with Mustafi and Kos potentially being on their way. It would mean we’d have Papa, Chambers, Holding, and the new guy this season, with Saliba to join next year. Instead, we’ve got… Read more »


Better news:

Racing winning [Demolition] Derby for Bielik

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