Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Arsenal launch new adidas third kit

Arsenal have officially launched the adidas third kit for the 2019/20 season.

The shirt is navy blue with yellow details and features a black and yellow club crest, the shorts are black and yellow and the socks are navy blue and yellow.

This latest shirt, coming hot off the heels of the lovely home and away kits, completes the uniform roster (how American does that sound?) for the season.

If you want to buy it, which we’re sure some of you will, then you can do so from the club shop. 


The shirt. It’s navy blue. And yellow.
The shirt. It’s navy blue. And yellow. Even from the side.
And it’s still navy and yellow from behind.
The shorts are not blue.
The socks are blue and yellow. And they appear to have some white on the toes. Just for a bit of variety.

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i like the shorts…


Three solid outings from Adidas. Though not sure why they opted for black shorts.

Post January Blip

It might have something to do with not being allowed to wear the same coloured shorts, especially in the Europa League games.


Can’t be the same colour as opposition, it can match the top… hence us wearing red shorts with red shirt against Napoli in their blue shirt and white shorts. We couldn’t clash with their white shorts… Does seem a weird choice not to stick with the navy blue all though… I imagine it wouldn’t be hard to source your own pair of navy blue shorts if you’re fussy.


A white shirt with the navy might not be terrible if needed for kit clash


White shorts*


It’s not just black, mate. It’s charcoal black. ?


These are not just shorts, these are Arsenal shorts.
* cue Fleetwood Mac *


Probably because we already have navy shorts in the yellow away kit?


More options for kit sales, someone cynical might be inclined to say.

Cliff Bastin

Its conceivable that never in my life would I have known that the socks have white bits thanks Arseblog.


We always try to educate, as well as entertain.


Why black shorts?! Other than that I really like it!


I like the top – but the black shorts ruin the kit for me.


Hat trick


How come only until August 18th?


after that it will be general sale from all outlets, until then only via club and Adidas. That’s my understanding anyways.


I would guess that it is exclusively available from Arsenal and Adidas stores until that time, thereafter it would be available from 3rd party stores as well as the official ones?


This looks alright. When’s the ugly option coming out?


These new shirts are so beautiful, I’ve been subliminally convinced to Visit Rwanda one day.


Don’t buy your new kit from Sports Direct. I’ve been waiting over a week for my home shirt.

To put it into context, I usually buy the “replica” kits from thailand and china and they all arrive in 2 weeks having travelled across half the damn world and often come with a nice message from the seller in broken english.

Sports Direct is a good £15 cheaper than the armoury but you’l end up spending that money on stress eating/drinking/smoking.

A Different George

Mike Ashley is almost enough for me to appreciate the Kroenkes. Almost.

Maul Person

Great way to support your club buying fake gear from Thailand!

Kishwayne Hill

The top is sleek with the navy blue and yellow. Great move with the complimentary color combination. Would’ve like the shorts to contine in the trend though but I suspect there’s a logical reason behind it not doing so.

Teryima Adi

Great kit

Monkey knees

First season for years where I’d happily buy all 3 shirts, if money allowed! Adidas really are a breath of fresh air (although Puma the dark grey/pink shirt and neon/dark blue were on the button!)


Puma did some interesting stuff with their third kit but its their rendition of the first kit that was wholly over played and frankly unnecessary.


I liked the collared home kit

Alan Sunderland's Afro

If you are one of those strange people that wear a full kit playing 5 vs 5 on a mid-week evening , and you wanted a fully navy ensemble, you could purchase the away shorts instead of the black. Just saying.


Nothing worse than last season’s red shorts with the first kit jersey.

To be avoided at all cost.

I did not understand the need for additional contrast with the shorts.

It was ghastly…almost Liverpool.


LMAO at the descriptions for each photo


New kit is OK. Second kit not too bad. They didn’t try to be too clever with the first kit which is a plus. One thing that has been avoided in mention is Raul’s performance this summer window. Amidst people having a moan about the loss of Mslintat, I don’t think we will miss him. OTOH, I don’t think Edu (at the moment) at least has brought much beyond Martinelli and a more pliant surbordinate for Raul to press on with his own agenda. And at very least he seems to be slightly more reactive to what Unai actually needs… Read more »

Gunner 55

blogs give Santori a slot. Man’s comments are as long as the blogs.
He repeats himself a lot though, but I reckon that’s something that can ironed out under your tutelage.


What on earth has this got to do with the new kit?

Heavy Gunner

Better ask Santori, Dave- I’m sure he’s got a short and precise answer for you..


As a Sweden I am loving the away and third kits. They’re basically Swedens kittens. Yay.


It is a good kit.

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