Arsenal are through to the quarter-finals of the FA Cup after a 2-0 win over Portsmouth at Fratton Park this evening.

The Gunners survive Mike Dean being Mike Dean, and goals either side of half-time from Sokratis and Eddie Nketiah gave us the win. Reiss Nelson impressed from an attacking point of view, and there was an assured debut from Pablo Mari in the centre of the defence.

Read the Portsmouth 0-2 Arsenal report and see the goals here

Here’s how the players rated this evening.


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Mike Dean… what a cunt!

Naked Cygan

You are too kind to the bastard.


You two are being too kind to that absolutne twat.

santi's thigh grab

You three are being to kind to the wank spittle.


As usual, Mike Dean did his level best to be the star of the show.


He truly does have the pinched sphincter type of face that you just itch to slap, doesn’t he?


I fart in Mike Dean’s general direction.

Michael Bolton Wanderers

Mike Dean takes full advantage of the attention he gets from you farting in his direction


Mike Dean spends so much time smelling his own farts he barely registers the second wind


Yellow card for you!

Anders Limpar

his mother smells of elderberries

Magic City Gooner

He does look like someone whose mother was a hamster and father smelt of elderberries.

Mike Dean's Dad

I’m Mike Dean’s dad – cut it out, lads!

Dave M

You should be ashamed


Worse than that, he officiates games like someone whose mother was a hamster and father smelt of elderberries.


Mike Dean IS a fart.

Naked Cygan

I don’t get it, but for the past 8-10 years, I can’t think of many matches where we dominated and played well for 90 minutes.
1. We are shit first half, then good second half.
2. We are good first half, then shit second half.
3. We play shit fir 90 minutes.

We need to fix this!!

Tony Hall

We won away against a tough physical team, scored two good goals and kept a clean sheet …can’t ask for more than that!


To play well for 80-90 minutes, obviously. *Sarcasm




Mike Dean!?! What a c….

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

You underrate us.

We won away against a tough physical team, scored two good goals and kept a clean sheet, while managing to neutralise the fart-smelling, Arsenal-hating, anti-football Mike “Pus-bucket” Dean


Yeah. And Mike Dean is a cunt.


You have to add the 4th, play well for the entire game, but lose.


Mike Dean with a face I wanna slap with a rotten fish, yet again makes a real fool of himself for all to see. Well done young gunners a good win.


Other than the 2 goals not much to get excited about.The manager must be pissed off having to lay into the players at halftime game after game.i mean how long does it take to sink in.Pablo Mari looks quality by the way.


Too true, sadly. I think we can forgive some of the slow start as it was the youth side, basically. However there is a very disturbing habit that crept into this team under Emery which Mik really needs to stamp out: bored to stupefaction by the first 20 mins, I decided to actually count every ‘negative’ pass from Arsenal i.e backwards or square… not every one of course – there were the give ‘n go’s and play switches that clearly serve a purpose… But I counted the aimless square balls, when other options were available, and the back passes that… Read more »


CORRECTION: ‘somehow’ we have to move past this… bloody hell, we really do!


A North London derby at the Emirates In the next round please ?

Can’t really take too much from tonight, players did their jobs, and Nelson certainly putting pressure on Pepe for next Saturday.

Monkey Knees

Looooord, I hate Jermaine Jenas. More than i hate Mike Dean… But, a good, solid, not spectacular performance. We have a real quality player in Martinelli. How can someone so young look so composed in a competition/league/country so soon!? Nketiah is showing himself to be a “proper” striker/finisher, too. For a dodgy away cup tie on a Monday night – very satisfied. Like the composure of Mari, aswell. Handsome devil, too according to the wife!


Im asking BT for part refund for last night as I switched the sound off due to twatJenas

Joseph Kawooya

Nketiah is well aware of the upcoming academy stars playing his position, Balogun is a hot aspect


today i learnt blogs is a cb

Venga Bus


Never Happen

Solid enough win. Some positives
and Torreira seems to be ok from
reports. A good night.


Good game

Venga Bus

Oh yeah……. I forgot.
the bit I loved, really loved was the foul on Ceballos second half edge of box.
Alot of folk think that’s a yellow, cause he’s bearing down on goal, he’s cynically taken out, it’s not the first lousy challenge on an Arsenal player……etc etc etc etc…….but people, let’s face it, the fellah with the whistle didn’t think so.
Im staying calm here but…….shouldn’t be reffing Arsenal games……full stop.

Public Elneny

To be fair, he’s the one thing that brings fans of all clubs together. Everyone fucking despises the attention seeking moron

Wenger, as Head of Football Development for UEFA, has to take action and ban Mike Deans. It’s important

Ekwe Francis

Over all good performance from the boys.
A shaky defense as always especially on crosses.
Good debut for Mari ?


The lads refused to be negatively affected by the Olympiacos game. That’s the Spirit that has been lacking for a long time. Well done Arteta.


imagine my disappointment when I realised that VAR extends mike dean’s career.
when this crop of pl refs can’t run about they will sit down eating pies and over ruling new referees.

he’s like a particularly aggressive drug resistant venereal disease.

Kroenke the Klown

Jermaine jenas is a penis


No, I have one of those – if it was like Jenas it would have been taken off by now!


It’s funny. I don’t mind referees not being robots (I remember Clattenburg having some sort of personality on the pitch), but the fact is Mike Dean is so terrible at referring that his over the top antics are not only infuriating but shameful.


I think willock needs a loan spell away to gain valuable experience

Gunner 55



Willock is having a *lot* of games where runs around to no effect. Wish he’d been sent on loan.

David Hilliers Arm Cast

Spot on. He has energy and drive but his final product is way off. Not sure where he goes from here.


Overall a dicey first half but after second goal, our confidence settled the initial nerves and we controlled the game better even if there were still several moments of worry. 1) Emmy Martinez – Mostly decent and decisive icluding coming out to head the ball away and several times proactively out to punch the ball out. 2) Sokratis – Good game at Rback even if he had a bit of a torrid time with their winger at times. BUT a couple of good cross field balls and that goal. At very least one of the senior players stepping up to… Read more »


Nope, not reading that.


Nketiah slowing his run then timing his near post run to perfection shows his maturity and cunning for a young player without the physicality


Quite right – Blogs I think you’re very harsh to say he was fortunate: that pull down of the initial fizzing cross was NOT easy, and it was pure strikers drive that got him to bundle it forward and keep control enough to put it away.


Joe willock and Matteo guendouzi are both 6ft something…for 20yr olds that really interesting they can just bulk up in the next two seasons and we could be having such a physical central midfield partnership…not to forget ESR whos 6ft too…with agility and a turn…eye for the pass…


Yet neither Guendouzi nor Willock ever seen to be able to head the ball or win an Arial duel.


No way ESR is 6foot +?


Don’t know mate…183cm…78kg sounds pretty big for a teen? I just kinda googled so I don’t know the validity of the information


Neither wins anywhere enough aerial OR groundf 50/50s to show any promise as future ‘enforcers’. I feel Willock has really faded in his recent games – looks out of his depth in the pace and power of the PL; decision making leaves a lot to be desired and his final ball is really not that great. Nelson on the other hand… welcome back son! Great return… in every sense of the word.

It Is What It Is

a reason why Xhaka is a mainstay.


Is it just me or is the generally brilliant Saka an absolute liability with his throw ins? What should be a fairly simple restart becomes an opportunity for the opposition to counter


Think Nketiah is rated too low. Constant movements off the ball, ready to run in any space available, good speed, excellent goal –


I just don’t want to hear any praise for beating a frigging League 1 outfit. Olympiacos will be hurting for a long time. The more I think about it the more worked up I get. I really need to move on.


Yes. You do.

Limpar from the halfway line

Jermaine Jenas giving Luiz Man of the Match despite Reiss Nelson getting two assists. Eejit.

This was inexplicable. Portsmouth didn’t attack in the second half.


Impossible as it seems, that cunt of all cunts managed to elevate his utter cuntishness to a whole new level.
And the fact the everyone reading this knows exactly who I’m talking about, says it all.


How does the rating of players get affected among the group who votes on their own compared to folks who view Arseblog ratings before rating?