Bellerin earns recall to Spain senior squad


Hector Bellerin has been called up to the Spain senior squad for the first time since 2016.

The Arsenal right-back, a late replacement for the injured Jesus Navas, will now challenge for game time in three November fixtures; a friendly against Holland and Nations League matches with Switzerland and Germany.

Hector’s selection comes as a reward for his impressive form at domestic level. The 25-year-old has registered four assists in 10 appearances this season and been a mainstay in a side who currently have the meanest defence in the Premier League.

Bellerin has played three times for Spain in the past. In the build-up to Euro 2016, he featured in friendlies against Bosnia, South Korea and Georgia. He was then included in Vicente del Bosque’s squad for the tournament proper but didn’t make an appearance as La Roja crashed out at the last-16 stage to Italy.

A return to the under-21s followed – he played five out of six games at the 2017 under-21 European Championships – before he became ineligible due to his age.

Congrats to Hector, Datsun way to shove it to your doubters.

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Nick Stein

He is back!


He is still lacking the pace he had before acl injury but his positional understanding has improved vastly from what it was then.


Faster than Walcott then, so is probably still pretty quick. As a full-back happier that he is better positionally.

Artetas Assistant

Attacking midfielders don’t need blistering pace

SB Still

Maybe my red and white tinted view but only 3 appearences for Spain so far sounds underutilised.

I’m not complaining though.

4 assists in 10 matches is good, keep it going.


I agree – it seems bizarre how little he has played for Spain.


Yes, that’s an interesting point. I’ve no evidence for it, but I wonder if it’s partially (obviously not entirely) because he’s not playing in La Liga and/or not playing in the CL? Visibility?

Heavenly Chapecoense

Please, Hector hasn’t been good enough to play for Spain. Himself admitted before WC 2018 he wasn’t going to be selected because Spain had too many good players.


Good news. It will certainly do his confidence no harm, so let’s hope he takes full advantage of any opportunity he’s given in the senior Spain squad.

Tanned arse

Good for him. Im constantly critical of him (for reasons mostly regarding his defending) but he’s managed to get back to his previous level and if we’re playing football mostly in the opposition half/final 3rd then I’m more relaxed. If nothing else, he’s a nice guy and deserves some rewards in life for that.

Cranky Colin

Try not to be too complimentary mate

The Kolkata Gooner

Cue for the Barca players in the Spain squad acting as faux-agents…

The Kolkata Gooner

Although, are there any Barca players in the Spain squad these days? Is Messi playing?


I’ll try not to think you are a bit thick, given Messi’s nationality…


I can guess who’s thick here. Just a guess, please.

Heavenly Chapecoense

I’ll try not to think you are a bit thick to understand he was referring to how Barca’s quality has gone down to the point only Messi has the required level if nationality is disregarded.


They can’t afford him..

Lord Bendnter

A slap in the face for all the Bellerin haters out there

Artetas Assistant

The planet is happier for this act of violence


Excellent news, he’s worked hard and deserves it.

Artetas Assistant

Never so previously struck by the word ‘Earns’ than in this article

Cranky Colin

Ah Fuck


In one way not such good news. Each player travelling and mixing with other teams brings the chance of self-isolation and games missed.


True, but that could happen here as well I guess.


I just meant that it would be better to have fewer players involved in internationals. Bellerin is finally back to his best and I think playing even better is his decision making.


Not a slight at AMN, but it’s pretty telling how quiet the calls for him to take Hector’s place at the end of last season have now gone.


Not surprising since he’s played about 45 minutes total.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Arteta doesn’t seem to nurture players in good form. The system he wants to play come first.

Naked Cygan

I am no longer a fan oof International football. I think most of the games are boring and pointless. With Covid still around and the high number of domestic games, I think we should have scrapped International games for 1-2 years. I hope we don’t pick up injuries or covid for games that don’t fking matter anymore.


But how will we play the Qatar world cup?!


Bin it, shit idea anyway


If we have to, very, very carefully.


Why would anyone play the Qatar WC?


Sometimes, it is easy to forget Bellerin is Spanish. The name that The Arsenal Gentleman had given him, “Harry Bell”, fits him better.

DB’s first touch

What happened to the Gent? I miss his witty weekly write ups…


I hope he is well, and has just taken a tad too long as he awaits his oranges

Teryima Adi

Congrats, Hector


I hope, at next time he will do good for his team