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Dundalk 2-4 Arsenal – player ratings

Arsenal made it six wins from six in the Europa League group stages with a 4-2 win over Dundalk at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin.

Eddie Nketiah opened the scoring with a nice dinked finish, before Mohamed Elneny doubled the lead with a cracking shot from distance. The home side pulled one back before the break, but Joe Willock got another European goal to make it 3-1, and then substitute Folarin Balogun made it 4-1.

Dundalk got a late goal from a Sean Hoare (Arsenal fan btw) header, but the Gunners had too much for the Irish side, and now wait to see who they’ll draw in the knock-out stages.

Here’s how the players rated tonight.

Read the Dundalk 2-4 Arsenal match report and see the goals here

Dundalk 2-4 Arsenal – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Alex Runarsson. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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Johnny 4 Hats

10/10 for Karen Carney over the last six matches. I want her to co-commentate on all our games. Mostly because she always massively bigs up the Arsenal boys.

Tonight she called Nketiah a “genius in the box”, Willock a “special player” and said that Balogun “could be world class”. She also sounded genuinely over the moon for the debutants.

It’s so much nicer to listen to something positive than some sneering ex Championship player with a grudge and an “Arsenal don’t like it up ‘em” attitude.

Or worse, Michael Owen.


Totally agree, she’s been great!

Runcorn Gooner

She does tend to over use the phrase “What I like” and I find her voice really grating. By stating the obvious about things she sounds more sensible than people like McManaman (also grating voice) and Savage (Total under performing idiot).


She’s Mcmanaman level grating for me but it’s nice that she thinks our players are so good…


Would love to hear that commentary. Here in US we get Lee Dixon who unfortunately is always negative about Arsenal. Classic case of “being tough on your old team” but he takes it too far. Almost like he feels he has to prove he’s not playing favorites.

Johnny 4 Hats

Yeah. I heard about that deal.

You guys are sending over chlorine chicken and in return we’ve sent you Lee Dixon.

Still not sure who got the raw end of that deal.


I like me a bit of faeces in my chicken


You’re not wrong to compare him to chlorinated chicken. He spoke at an Arsenal Supporters’ Trust meeting that I went to a couple of years ago – the guy couldn’t string two consecutive sentences together without using the F-word. I’m not a prude by any means, but such excessive and needless swearing is often a sign of a lack of education. He also boasted about kicking David Ginola off the pitch against Paris St-Germain, which made hypocrites out of us for what would happen years later to Eduardo and Ramsey. It’s quite demoralizing to think that I used to cheer… Read more »

Bould's Eyeliner

Partnered with Graeme Le Soux, it was definitely us.

Bould's Eyeliner

@BillyKrystal It’s probably that. “Most of me mates get to work at home and with one another, but I’ve got to see this cunt every Sunday.”


I really don’t think it’s a case of showing impartiality; I reckon Dixon and his old teammates are jealous that their achievements at the club have been completely overshadowed by those of the Arsenal teams that immediately followed. I sense some bitterness in Adams, Wright, Smith, Dixon, etc. that their era under George Graham isn’t regarded as the greatest in Arsenal’s history – they must have thought, in the early 90s, that it would be many decades before a better one would come along. Instead, it took just a few years for Vieira, Henry, Bergkamp, Pires, Ljungberg, and co. to… Read more »


to suggest dixon is jealous of the wenger era is laughable. You are talking about a man who won 4 titles with 3 fa cups and the cup winners cup with arsenal and is a club legend, your lack of respect shows no class.
these guys question the commitment and desire of the current team because they were part of sucessful sides thats were built on commitment and desire, that is the foundation of a great team.

Timorous Me

I like Lee even if he is tough and maybe a little overly critical. You can tell it’s from a place of caring and, unfortunately, it feels like in hindsight a lot of his criticism is fairly accurate.

Also he’s pretty funny and even when commentating on random other games he’ll say things about how a result is unfortunate because it’ll help out Tottenham in the table.


I don’t think his criticism is accurate, but even if it is, he wasn’t much better himself. Remember all those stupid own goals, or the Robbie Fowler hat-tricks? People should look up the archives – Sky Sports show a lot of football from those days. Whenever a striker would go through on our goal, Dixon could never be bothered to chase him; instead, he’d stand, look at the linesman, and put his hand in the air – like some posh schoolboy.


what a stupid comment dixon is one of the best right backs in arsenal history and part of undoubtly one of the best back 4s in english football history. you dont like his comentery fine but dont talk nonsense.


Is it warrented though, of course we all like praise, but it’s fairness you need from the commentators, for if it’s cheap or unwarrented praise, it becomes plain flattery.


Found her patronising and sycophantic, she’ll fit right in


She’s the female Andy Townsend. Just banal drivel.


Was really hoping for Pepe to go for it tonight given his suspension but he’s not exactly knocking on the door or giving Arteta a selection headache for the League with that performance

Cultured Determination

it only requires a light tap on the door and willian should be out.


I think Willian has something in his clause of having to start the first 20 games no matter what…

Cranky Colin

Ratings have become irrelevant, ( and match reports , injury news , ladies team, u18, u23 reports etc etc etc)……. Willian starts on Sunday


“Mikel, what is the meaning of life?”
“Willian starts on Sunday.”


please nobody touch the 42 likes on this comment


What has Matt Macey got to do to get off the bench?


He can’t be any worse than Runarsson, I can’t believe we paid money for him.

Public Elneny

It’s probably to do with ball-playing skills.

Not saying it’s not important, but some coaches / managers seem to fetishize it these days. Really as long as a keeper reaches a minimum standard with ball at feet (which Cech didn’t but Leno does) then that’s all that’s important. Any increase on that is just diminishing returns. Like a full back being really good at throw ins – if the rest of their game isn’t up to scratch, who cares

Thank fuck we didn’t waste £15m on David Raya at least…


Good point, Raya would’ve been a waste of more money. These are the recommendations of our goalkeeping coach, he needs to realise he’s looking for Champions League quality, not Championship. Macey will leave in January or definitely in the summer, is Hein good enough to step up?

A Different George

There are a number of Liverpool supporters who will tell you that it was the acquisition of Alison, just as much as Van Dijk, that made them champions. Both Klopp and Guardiola seem to think a ball-playing goalkeeper is like–very like–having an eleventh man on the pitch.


It is but we may as well play mustafi in goal if the keeper can’t save shots for shit.

Public Elneny

Yeah I agree signing Allison has been just as important as Van Dijk to Liverpool’s success. But I feel like that’s because the keepers he’s contrasted to – Mignolet, Karius, Adrian – are total disaster zones with their feet. I think if Allisson was merely good instead of very good with his feet, Pool would have still seen pretty much the same benefit in terms of having an extra player they could reliably play out of the back with. And then there’s obviously him being brilliant at the traditional aspects of goalkeeping too, and the confidence that brings to the… Read more »

A Different George

I think my point is that modern managers, including the ones we admire, don’t agree with you. Of course, a keeper should never have to execute a Cruyyf turn, but the ability to play far outside your goal is not considered some “extra” benefit–it is an important part of being a good keeper.

Charlie Nicholas

The new Claudio Bravo!

David C

Macey has been fine from what we’ve seen of him, which isn’t much. Runarsson looks like a 12 year old in net.

Matt P

Another dodgy/ suspicious signing. So many over recent years.


He may improve of course, but on the evidence we have, Alex looks every inch a guy dropped by Dijon.


I was looking forward to Matt starting the last 2 games just to see A BIT of what he’s made of but what do we know!😐


Smith Rowe, Nelson, willock all deserve to be starting ahead of Willian in the prem – they can’t be worse than him, simple as that.
Same with our midfield, elneny over xhaka, mobility is so important! and for all this talk about xhakas wicked left foot, it’s been so long since he’s even had a pop at goal let alone banged one in the top corner.


I would have given the Dundalk keeper 10/10 bonus rating for dressing up as a banana, he even had the Fyffes sticker.


In Partey’s absence, elneny and Maitland niles deserve to start ahead of Xhaka and Ceballos any day of the week. Get it done Mikel.


It’s no coincidence that the best midfield performance we’ve put in this season came against United when we deployed two midfielders who were mobile and ran the whole game. Xhaka and Ceballos were good when we had no one else, but their sluggishness slows us down so much and hampers our creativity more than anything else.


Tbf to Ceballos, he’s plenty mobile but it appears he’s being instructed to play conservatively so that we don’t leave Xhaka isolated.

Instead of playing 2 in midfield, maybe it’s time to move to a middle 3? Elneny holding, with Ceballos on one side and AMN (or even Saka or ESR) on the other. It would free up Ceballos to do what he does best and gets us more legs in the middle.

A Different George

Ceballos is pretty slow. In itself, that’s not fatal–Cesc was no Usian Bolt. But Ceballos with Xhaka leaves a lot of ground to cover.


agreed. and in most of the games xhaka and ceballos did well in last season we were playing a very low block where they didn’t need to be mobile. when we have to open teams up and stretch the pitch out, they really struggle badly. high time for AMN to be given a good run in midfield!


I think there’s a place for ceballos in a 3. Tbh, I think there’s a place for xhaka behind two very mobile and creative midfielders but we don’t have them so it’s a moot point.


Strange this situation with Maitland-Niles. Good enough for the England National squad, but can’t get a Epl game here, with all dross being picked instead. Can see him demanding to leave like Martinez did.


Should add assists tonthe stats 👌🏻

Bai Blagoi

ESR wears #32, not 55 anymore


Lastly (sorry) congrats to the debutants! I hope you have an illustrious and successful arsenal career ahead of you. I was so impressed with the cleanness of Azeez’s play. Those turns and smart deft touches were excellent. So excited to see him in the future.




10/10 for the Spanish commentary in the links to the goals in the Live Blog!

Public Elneny

What we should do: Promote Balogun in the pecking order to compete with Lacazette for a starting spot. Use the hype from Nketiah being the record Eng u-21 goalscorer and his handful of EL goals to generate a good fee from one of those slightly gullible lower half prem clubs. What we will do: Lose Balogun on a free transfer, or for like £2mil in January. Hand Nketiah a massively inflated contract because he’s Eng U-21 record goalscorer and represents Arsenal’s values or some nonsense. Lose patience with him 1-2 years down the line. At which point PL clubs are… Read more »

Le me

Unfortunately Everton has a striker now

Public Elneny

And Bournemouth are relegated…

There’s always West Ham though. Good old West Ham…


It’s difficult to flog our young players for a lot right now because it is our turn to be the “slightly gullible lower half prem club” right now 🙁


Little to nothing to be taken away from this game

Fireman Sam

Did you see Mo’s goal?


Bologun looks like the real thing. Nket isn’t.


You guys seriously underestimate Eddie. His runs and movements are extremely clever, he’s got the smartest and most intense pressing among all our strikers (even better than Auba), his link-up play is great, he doesn’t need 5 chances to stick the ball in the back of the net, and he’s only 21. DCL at Everton is doing the same thing and he’s the reincarnation of Inzaghi but Eddie is one-dimensional. Gimme a break.


Pretty sure Martinelli presses better. Nketiah doesn’t yet have the presence and influence on games that matter. Games pass him by frequently.


Don’t remember Auba pressing


Poor Blogs, I bet he could almost hear the match from his house.

COYG 1001

Sell the expensive veterans and play the young, coachable players!


yes please! i have been praying for this since the latter wenger years. high time we bit this bullet!


AMN and ESR both looked like they were simply on an other level from this competition and should be pushing for a first team spot, and Elneny should already be in the team ahead of Xhaka. Balogun deserves a mention, seriously exciting talent, needs to be tied down quickly.


Balogun seems a natural finisher and a proper striker in him. Doesn’t look clumsy on the ball. Quick and deadly strikes. Very promising.


Mari”s player rating image looks like he had his shirt on back to front.


Once again Pepe looks disinterested. 72 million, Lille should be charged with a crime


Join me in the fantasy
Bellerin saliba Gabriel Tierney
Partey azeez
Pepe martinelli Saka

Come on godz of good fortunez

Once a gunner

For including Azeez I will join you ☺️

Fireman Sam

No no no, you must have Wilian. Didn’t you get the memo from Finance?


Mo went to Turkey, played football like a gladiator not getting paid.
Came back. I never thought i’d say it but “I’m SO GLAD ELNENY IS BACK!!”

Start him. Might need Xhaka for the height… but in general I don’t want to see xhaka in that midfield unless he gets to ping balls forward.


Good result but I want to see in d EPL. Pls Arteta should use William or ESRowe for d elusive no 10 role


did nobody else thing cedric was actually rather good tonight? it seems he has become the whipping boy through no fault of his own. imho his defensive work and his crossing is far superior to bellerin’s.

COYG 1001

And no foul throws! Wtf.


I’m impressed with how often Cedric manages to bend a cross in. Giroud would be in seventh heaven with that kind of service. Unfortunately he was our last aerial threat.


Not sure what some people are smoking. Some stand outs, new players on in Coterill and Azeez. Some people having a wank on Azeez already neglecting the fact he failed to cover their second goal. Also usual selective viewing on Mustafi for first goal but no mention say on Mari for that goalo and the header for their second goal too. This is the sort of selectivism that amplifies faults in certain players and neglects conveniently others that provides poor and scant perspective on the actual merits/deficiencies of the team. I think in general we played well caveat being this… Read more »

canon fodder

Mari was slow even before his injury; his strength is his positioning and seeing danger early in order to snuff it out


I’ll give a thumbs up that said to Elneny. Wicked goal and overall good play today.

Charlie Nicholas

Watching Azeez was the difference in quality that Vieira showed when he came on against Wednesday


early days but he has the look of a midfield general. very confident on the ball.


Azees a great future for him, and perhaps finally Azees to our midfield worries.

Too far fetched? Sorry. I’ll show myself out.


AMN has mostly put in good performances, after they way he performed the end of last season his absence this season in the PL is puzzling, especially with the way everyone else is performing. I’d really like to see what he could do if given a run in the side.


So many puzzling things with this team.


One more thing I like about AMN -he smiles and looks like he enjoys himself. Reminds me of a certain diminutive Spaniard who brought so much joy to the game.


Bit harsh I think to suggest that Runarsson could have saved either of their goals – they were both very well placed.


It looked like he dived but didn’t stick his arms out for the first one.

Laca New Signing

Off topic I know, but is Balogun the long lost half brother to Danny Welbeck? I’ll get my coat 🏃


The kids are alright

Exit the Lemming

Mari was ok but badly at fault for losing his man for Dundalk’s second goal. Thought Smith-Rowe and Maitland-Niles were a brilliant quadruple barrelled combination on the left that the opposition just couldn’t handle. Runarsson was found wanting on both goals.If Eddie Nketiah is ‘a genius in the box, and Balogan ‘could be world class’ there clearly is a massive head trauma problem in the game


I’m a Mik fan – and still holding the torch for him to come good. But every time I see Mo’Nenny on the pitch – any pitch vs any opposition – I wonder about Arteta’s fixation with the one-footed, single-pistoned, rear-view mirror that is Granit. Mo has his inconsistencies/flaws, certainly, but he is streets, nay entire suburbs, ahead of Xhaka.
We look a different team when he plays… whoever he’s partnered with – which speaks volumes for the fella.

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