Arsenal failed to score, but kept a fifth clean sheet in six Premier League games as we played out a 0-0 draw with Man Utd.

There were chances for us: Lacazette hit the bar, Pepe curled just wide, Smith Rowe forced a save from de Gea, while at the other end Edinson Cavani came close on a couple of occasions.

Without key players like Kieran Tierney, Bukayo Saka and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, the Gunners did well enough against the second placed team, and with more firepower there might have been a different outcome.

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Arsenal 0-0 Man Utd – Player Ratings

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Rumor has it Pepe did step overs all the way home.


Some will argue he is still performing that dance around the ball he started at the end of the first half.

El Mintero

I thought David Luiz was fucking outstanding today. MOTM for me. Pépé also good. Cedric also good and better than 6.5 blogs! Laca put in another great shift. Loving his effort this season.

Partey and Bellerin both shit. Quite surprised how bad Partey was…his worst game for us.


Pepe motm for me. Let’s hope this is indeed the turning point – we’re seeing what we haven’t seen from him in a while: good decision making!


Nice to see him smiling like he is enjoying his game again too.


you’re joking right? HE was good and played very well compared to his previous games but his decision making was EXCATLY what let him down. situations where he could’ve taken a shot quicker I think he did like 7 leg overs other situation he could’ve have p[assed to ESR took and shot and missed at least he was taking shots and getting into good positions but he lacks genuine quality as none of his shots where on target. Decision making is what separates him and Saka and why Saka is just a better footballer so yes he had a good… Read more »


If saka was available I’m sure we would have seen both start.


He had good workrate and offered a decent threat against a good defense, need to give peapole a break when possible, he did well today.


Don’t know if I would go as far as MOTM, seems like we’ve lowered expectations here. He didn’t lose the ball a lot, yes, but still took shots instead of playing in his teammates/ still complicated transitions with take ons. But maybe it’s time to accept that’s who he is, so good game is fair.

Tierneys tescobag

He looked really switched on defensively and that was so nice to see! He wants to contribute to this team!


He’s a big big beneficiary of the change in approach since the inyection of ESR and Saka to RW in the team..he need’s the game to be quick and vertical for him to add his quality, if he can keep improving the speed and quality of his descision making he can still make it.


Exactly! He also looked much better every time Bellerin did not play because he would get these vertical balls instead of being nailed to the line with side passing from Hector. Just giving him somebody to combine with who has the guts to try and pass the ball forward in his run makes him much more dangerous.


I had no idea he was that fast. Really did his defensive work.


7 for Bellerin!! Come on, he was poor. Offered nothing at all going forward and gave the ball away in dangerous areas near the end. Right now, Cedric is more viable option, when Tierney comes back at left back.


6.5 for Partey is very generous as well. He was probably the worst player on the pitch for Arsenal.


See above – and yet Blogs rates Hector ABOVE Laca and Thomas as par??

Too much of the dark stuff Blogs?

Philip Visser

Absolutely agree. He’s been poor most of the season. Backwards passing, slow, lose ball, out of position, crossing average at best.


Rarely plays a first time pass or shows any ambition, always stops the ball and stands still before rolling it backwards -drives me nuts. He is occasionally quite good in attack but many games pass him by and his defending is mostly average. I gave him a 6.

David Hilliers Arm Cast

I couldn’t agree more. He offered nothing and lost the ball in dangerous positions regularly. Fans love affair with him baffles me. He is on a downward spiral.


Suck it. He’s the best.


Downwards spiral…really. How many full games has he played in an Arsenal shirt?
Show some patience and some insight into what his role in the team are!

On the right path?

Bellerin… not Partey

Tommy Gunner

That thing he does when he breaks all momentum on an attack by passing it backwards into deep midfield does my head in!


He got lucky passing out from the back a few times. To be fair although they ain’t all that as a team passing out past Pogba, Fernandes and Rashford is hard hard work. I’d try Cedric there when Tierney is back… just to give Bellerin a bit of pressure

Toure Motors

Have to say blogs, I think Cedric played a good bit better than hector tonight

Baichung Bhutia

Bellerin lost the ball in very dangerous areas today and was lucky not to be punished. Offers very little going forward as well.


Offered nothing going forward? Mate he created that chance for Pepe. Let’s not pull things out of your arse to support your case.

I agree however to start Cedric and Tierney next game. Bellerin could use the rest.


Indeed. I don’t understand all the criticism of Bellerin — it is absurd. He’s been absolutely integral to our defensive record this season, which for Arsenal, not to mention most of the league, is very impressive. His game is much more complete and he still contributes a lot going forward (he has more assists than Tierney) despite our tendency to attack down the left. I actually thought he was very good today in what was a very intense game (in that “we cannot lose this” sense — the longer it wore on, the worse that tension became). If Tierney is… Read more »

Adrian Drum

Leno is our savior, no doubt. Cedric has been good in last few matches. Arteta might replace Bellerin once Tierney is back. Pepe had good and looking confident now. Overall decent game which we could have won if we had Tierney, Auba and Saka

No foot Norbert

Only worry and I know I get at him a lot is bellerin. He did better with his forward passing but too often he plays it back when there’s a better option. Also didn’t get near any of the crosses today and utd clearly targeted his side. I feel frustrated with him because it just seems he coasts through games when he could be much better.

Jack of All

Um, they mostly targeted our left and Solskaer said they brought on martial because Pogba wasn’t having any joy against Bellerin


I think the Pogba point is an important one. You can be sure Arteta told Bellerin to keep especially close mark on him. He (Pogba) hasn’t been great, but he’s a handful to play against and can punish you out of nowhere if you don’t take him seriously.


Ya the bellerin love-in continues. I will say one thing – from not having any chemistry with Pepe, to today where they had a couple of very nice on-the-move link ups was good to see. We played a very mature game. This used to be a top of the table match where top level players decided it in one or two crucial moments. That’s what I feel we lack, some really top quality players. Maybe they’ll come in a couple of seasons after we progress. And I have to credit Arteta for a well coached game; I’m not totally sold… Read more »


I think we would have won if we had either Saka or Tierney.


0/10 for having to listen to Gary Neville’s shivering breath on the commentary.

Johnny 4 Hats

Haha! Yeah, banging on about Arsenal lacking physicality and then shivering the night away like a Cub Scout in a single man tent.

I frankly couldn’t give a fuck if you are cold. You’re probably getting a couple of k for an evenings work. In fact, I want you to be cold. And I want you to have to sit with your feet in those tanks with bacteria eating fish in them. Except for instead of bacteria eating fish, they use foot eating fish.


To bad you missed Lee Dixon reminding his partner that he had just mentioned how cold it was a minute or two earlier. After that four times, he shut up about it.

Timorous Me

Haha, yeah, that was great. And I can’t have too much sympathy since the wind chill or “feels like” temp where I live was around -20F last night. To be fair, I haven’t even left the house in a few days, so okay then.

Ray Middleton

What, you mean Piranha?


Pity. I had lee Dixon and his commentary is very very good.

Kieran Tierney’s Tesco Bag

Going on about how he’s never been so cold in London? I thought he was a northerner?! I don’t even have the heating on

Sammy Nelsons Arse

Yeah my electric’s been cut off too

Kieran Tierney’s Tesco Bag

How did you watch the game?

Sammy Nelsons Arse

Through next doors window !!!!

I love Wenger

That’s really funny.

Johnny 4 Hats

I actually thought Cedric had a better game than Hector. I remember a few times Bellerin giving the ball away deep in our own half and I thought Cedric started some really positive moves and really likes to put himself about too.

Leno is an excellent goalkeeper in top form. No one else in the prem is saving that Fred effort.

David Hilliers Arm Cast

He spreads the play so well, Hector doesn’t have that in his locker.


I think it’s useless trying to undermine Bellerin week in week out, like it’s sort of become an online sport. I believe Arteta will always favor him, not for being a shut down defender, nor a great threat other way, but cuz he can become a safe passing option in midfield to hold possession and all the way down the flank to combine play.

Johnny 4 Hats

I don’t think I’ve ever criticised Hector on here before. Does he get a lot of criticism? If so, I hadn’t noticed.

I just think Cedric, contrary to the player ratings, had a better game.

Any clean sheet and you can’t really criticise the defenders.


apart of safe passing, that seems to be Hectors preffeted option, he hasn’t got ability to hold a ball and I really don’t remember we really ever threatened anyone on the right flank due to Hectors ability to combine with our wingers or forwards.

Cranky Colin

I like what I see


i’m a vig fan of partey but today i thiught he was really bad. how often did his passes end up at dome united player?

thought willian was fine apart from his miss where he should have shot “harder”

leno awesome save

given the injuries, content with the draw.


During the game I thought partey was trying to make to difficult of a pass given the conditions. Take the easy pass is usually best


There was a great one though where he looked like he’d lose it but slotted it forward to Bellerin who was in bags of space


Yeah I have to say one of the things I really like about him is the way he breaks lines with his passing, not an elneny going sideways, but today I agree he was trying to do it at the wrong moments. All about decision making as with so much of the game


We can say that now but our issue previously is that all our midfield players picked the easy pass most the time.

Partey wasn’t his best today but we’ve been crying out for those kind of passes from the middle.


Agree. just today the wind seemed to require more caution


And when was the last time one of our central midfielders picked up the ball in our end and glided to the edge of their box to release a (shitty) shot? Partey was off today, but he still did his job well enough, and he brings back a box-to-box quality to our midfield that will take us places.


That was truly refreshing wasn’t it. Can’t wait to see more of it.


Why in the f*ck wouldn’t VAR have the Michael Oliver look at that Fernandes shithousery?


Because the refs are bent when it comes to united.


Because it was’t a penalty for utd


Had Xhaka done the same tackle on Bruno, he’d be shown a dark red card meaning 2 lifetime suspension. It’s frustrating how severely the refs and most commentators are biased towards United.


Early in the game Cedric got a yellow for an accidental stray elbow…1 min later & Bruno gets no yellow for raking down Zhaka’s achiles when the ball was gone. Rashford goes down because Cedric touched his face…no head injury but ref stops play. 2nd half Pogba already on a yellow & then fouls Laca in AFC half, the ref plays advantage to AFC but doesn’t return to book pogba. Maguire already on a yellow & then man-handles laca on the edge of Utd box….free-kick but no 2nd yellow. If Cedric had committed another foul the ref would of sent… Read more »


Surprised Xhaka didn’t milk that Fernandes foul. He was quick to get up which made it seem innocuous and probably didn’t tip VAR off.

East Gooner

I think that was a decent result all in all. Kept our unbeaten run going and without arguably our 3 best players Auba, Saka, and KT it was always going to be hard. Was a fine margins game that we could have easily won or lost. I think a couple of positives were Pepe who had a bright game and nearly scored the winner. Also, Willian for once put in a shift and did so some nice things though he really should have scored. Also great to see Odegaard. Let’s rebound at Wolves and try to get 3 points. But… Read more »


Agree on Willian. Martinelly left Soares exposed too many times, that was improved in the second half with that sub. It needed to be as he was on a yellow.


On the contrary, I thought Martinelli bailed Cedric several times. I wonder if Arteta took Martinelli off because he was too defensive minded. Too bad Saka wasn’t available, otherwise it’d be a different game with Saka and Martinelli combining on the left.

NW9 gooner

Saka and Martinelli combining on the left ? How- one playing left back and the other winger ?


Think Partey had a very mixed bag of a game. Not more than 5.5 for me as he lost the ball quite a few times in dangerous areas – kudos to our team structure & everybody around being switched on as it went unpunished. Obviously, the quality is there and there was a lot to like still, hopefully he got these bad touches out of the system and will be top notch next game again.

The Far Post

Think Partey needs to watch for the double teaming, now that the oppositions have seen him dance away when 1-on-1. He cannot be as loose with his touch or as light/delicate with his outlet passes.


Absolutely, whenever he has the ball now the opposition pounces on him in numbers.


Frankly I think it’s just a case of getting used to the pace and tactics of the premier league. He was clearly being targeted for a 1-2 man press by Bruno + Fred/rashford and probably should have played shorter offload passes to others like xhaka who were being afforded more time.

He’ll figure it out. At one point he basically glided past three players as if he was on fucking roller skates.


Spot on! Give the man some time and support


He did it three times. It was wondrous until the last ball. Too bad.

Timorous Me

Maybe he was just cold.


Party didn’t play to his usual standard but I think that was also down to utd players closing him down quicker compared to when we won at Old Trafford.
Im sure that Party is intelligent enough to adapt his game in future.


Leno is quality!!! I don’t think he gets enough praise and plaudits for it. Every game he’s in control, reassures the defence and regularly makes match deciding saves. That save from Fred’s shot.. WOW! How long have we yearned for a top keeper, we finally have him. I thought Pepe looked solid today, he was lively and I loved how he ran at defenders with reason. None of this cutting back stuff. Loved it. Also Willian, gotta give credit where it’s due, I know he’s been proper rubbish for us, but I thought he played well enough today, not the… Read more »


martinez is still a better keeper as he is showing at villa motm again

A Different George

Before the match, I thought Partey would prevent Fernandes from influencing the play. I don’t think it was Partey but, though perhaps not as much as at Old Trafford, Fernandes was pretty anonymous. So, maybe the structure, and Arteta deserves credit. (I also thought Fred and McTominay in the midfield, with Pogba on the wing, was overcautious and genuinely stupid. They are much more dangerous when Pogba is further back and allowed to roam forward.


arteta deserves credit for fernandes having an off day oooookay bit of a reach there


Partey really was off today for some reason, would have rated him a good bit lower. Cedric does his best and isn’t a liability, but boy do we miss Tierney in the attack on the left.


That Fernandes foul on Xhaka was easily a red card.

It was a small margins game, had Saka been on the pitch, it’s the type of game where his superior quality makes the difference

Some promising signs from Pepe, hopefully he’s just a late developer, his all round games was better, and he took up some dangerous positions

No room for error now against Wolves or Villa, we need 6/6


Hope this isn’t too soon, but safe to say this could finally be Pepe turning a corner for us?

Thought he was excellent today. Lively up top but didn’t shirk from his defensive responsibilities. Was alert and switched on throughout, which is refreshing to see from him

Only criticism would be the last chance he narrowly curled wide, think Laca was on for a better chance but that’s me nit picking

Salibaba and the Forty Thieves

Yeah he really should have threaded those balls to Lacazette and ESR respectively. Overall he did play better

These days, sometimes wingers forget they aren’t the striker.


Yup, he made some very good tackles and ball recoveries which kinda took me by surprise. He was certainly an asset both offensively and defensively all throughout the match. Willian I thought was fine too and when he came in we started to move better & attack more from the left in the second half. Put in a very good cross that was connected well by Pepe but unfortunately Maguire just manage to get there to block his shot. Just wish that Willian was bold enough to demand to take the free kick late-on which was taken by Cedric. I… Read more »


He ran back from box to box at a counter attack theat in the 2nd half and there’s when I realised this dude is finally serious about giving his best.


0-0 agaiinst #2 in the table without four of the best eleven…ok…now that is what I have been wanting to see…
enjoyed every dadgum minute of the game for the first time in forever…well except for Martinelli coming off.


Two points.

1) The club’s decision to retain Leno has been fully vindicated.
2) Cedric is pretty decent. Shame on those who ridiculed his signing even before watching him play.


Martinez had a great game for Villa tonight too. We had two great keepers. In hindsight though, I’m glad we kept Leno.

Tommy Gunner

Don’t care what Xhaka’s stats say. My eyes tell me He. Takes. Far. Too. Long. To. Get. The. Ball. Under. Control. And. Move. It. On. And his one footed-ness is so debilitating when he’s under pressure.


Maybe go to Specsavers?

David Hilliers Arm Cast

I wonder what we would be like with a real captain. Might have given us the edge today.

Didn’t even cross my mind. Who was the captain tonight?

David Hilliers Arm Cast

You wouldn’t have known because the reality is we don’t have one. It was Bellerin.

After those first three ridiculous dives I expected our captain to have words with the ref, As I did with that foul by Bruno. Instead we got a poor showing and he had a lay down at one point!


10/10 for Cavani with the clearances. My MOTM 🙂

Truly living up to your name😂😂😂😂


Anyone remember that one away Champions league match against PSG? He missed 3 sitters. He’s got the hits for Arsenal

Paul Smith

The Fernandes decision was ridiculous!! How was that not worthy or any card??? Should have gone and would have changed the game completely

Inspector norse

Ødegård was woted MOM on Norwegian television (SMS voting), a bit cheeky.

Inspector norse



He certainly was the norweigian MOTM for me

A Different George



Leno excellent again, making a mockery of the unfair criticism thrown his way in the summer. Holding and Luiz were very solid throughout and Cedric dealt with Rashford much better than I hoped, I thought that would be the biggest mismatch on the pitch. Xhaka just about my MotM (Lacazette and the CBs were up there), a player I’m desperate for us to improve on but who really showed his class today.

With Aubameyang, Saka, Tierney and Mari/Gabriel, I think we win this but as it stands it’s a good point.

Public Elneny

The main thing I’ve learned from the Arseblog comment section is that Arsenal fans will turn on our proven brilliant players like Leno and Auba at the drop of a hat, but defend absolute nonsense players like Maitland-Niles and Elneny to the hilt

But. there. we. go.

Alex Nagy

Xhaka is quickly becoming my favourite player at the moment, he seems to be everywhere.


Pepe was GOOD! Xhaka was good. Willian was decent! Partey was below par although I think ManU specifically targeted him. A lot of role reversals today.

But I’m very encouraged by today’s performance. We look like a team, we look solid, we look confident and we look dangerous. We definitely look like we’ll climb up the table and I definitely don’t agree with Jamie Carragher that we’ll never gonna make top 4.

Sammy Nelsons Arse

Didn’t hear Mr ‘Never Won The Title’ Carragher’s comments, but they should be posted on the dressing room walls for the players to see


Form where we’re coming back from I think the season is saved regardless of final position, when have we had to young academy players confirmed as upcomming superstars in one season? (Maybe pushing it in the ESR case) Like we had fully disconnected from top anything inside top ten is bonus


Clive Palmer is spot on saying ESR is playing 5 a-side until he gets his strength up. Sometimes the little first time passing isn’t forceful enough. And Pepe couldn’t always read what he was doing in a way reckon Saka would have… still small things… he’s gonna be some player when he starts hitting 40 yard plus passes…

The Far Post

I thought having ESR around made Pepe play more one touch football, instead of trying to dribble through three defenders as before. That resulted in some thrilling moments down that right hand side. Long may that continue, and if it does, surely good end products will come.


Oops sorry can’t mention anything that isn’t party line


Leno is on course for player of the season for my money. Saka would run him pretty close and there’s a lot of football to be played, but our goalkeeper is absolutely at the top of his game.

Cultured Determination

Of course martinelli was inj or fatigued. Why else would mikel bring on willian? To get himself sacked?


And then Willian confused everyone by playing well.


Luiz and Leno should be higher in my opinion


Feel like every time holding plays its summarised as “defended well but passing wasnt great” good result though considering who was missing and the chances both teams had


yes this guy aways says a little negative comment about holding everytime.

Goodly morning

One lovely long ball for Laca though a few other stray long passes.


Tends to be the problem with long passes, they are harder than short ones and can be spotted on their way, but can be more rewarding if they’re right.

Sammy Nelsons Arse

Really, really happy and pretty damned confident we are going to stay up this season


That was a very frustrating match to watch. I thought Partey had an off day with a lot of poor passes and dribbles. I a game like this it becomes evident how dependent we are on a few players. Without both Saka and Tierney on the field, both Laca, ESR looked less good. It really was a shame that we didn’t have them available for an important game like this. With them, we could have won. And I know William wasn’t as poor as usual, but still. It is infuriating that he seems to be Artetas go-to sub. Surely one… Read more »


Pepe MoTM was wishing a goal for him


Way too nice on Thomas Partey here. He was quite poor today. Misplayed a ton of passes, and lost possession too much as well. I’m not really worried, I’m confident that he’ll bounce back just fine.


that crucial header from gabi in the own box!
hard not to love this boy!


And the lightning quick closing down just a few minutes later too, forcing Rashford to cut to his left and ultimately missing it.

Cool Papa Bellerin

Good call on Pepe, he’s put together some good games vs the Big Six. Harsh on Laca though, what about his free kick off the bar?

Jean Ralphio

ESR again impressed me. I think Saka on the right and Pepe on the left would have won us this game. Decent result given the circumstances.


Willian deserves a higher rating.


Too timid first half. Better second half but missing components in Saka and Tierney. Also not sure where Ceballos is. He looked good in training with Odegaard. 1) Leno – Excellent save to put a finger nail on that Fred shot which was thankfully lacking in power. 2) Bellerin – Had a bit of his hands full with Luke Shaw and Martial after the break. Got forward was slightly untidy but managed to get the luck of the touch several times. One good covering run back to clear imminent danger second half. 3) Holding – Decent again. Steady play and… Read more »

The Arsenal

If nothing else Pepe is entertaining. Hes even bringing step overs back.


Reminded me of that goal by the real Ronaldo where he was one on one with the keeper and did him with similar stepovers. Wish the shot had gone in.

Good Ebening

The amount of aerial duels Holding wins is insane! They had Pooja, Maguire, Mctominay, Cavani who did not even sniff the ball in all those corners.
Holding is one of the first names on the sheet right now.
I will give a 10 to Martinelli just for that clearance from Rashford.. Absolutely loved that!


I was so happy about the clearance too. I rewatched to see his run.


Loved it when Luiz celebrated. It was a brave and committed header. Luiz always has the proper attitude and I hope he becomes a future ambassador for Arsenal. He will be a good influence for the young players.

Public Elneny

Pepe didn’t have very many highlightable moments

But that was the most functional I’ve ever seen him in terms of the repetitive, boring tasks: Tracking back, laying the ball off quickly, putting his body between the ball and the defender etc. Hope it continues

Norway goons

10/10 for Martin winning motm on the Norwegian broadcast. He got 47 % of the votes. Bias had nothing to do with it. His two touches were superb


My bonus 0/10 rating would go to the insane way that backing into other players is refereed. In that incident around 90 mins, Laca fully commits to a high ball and only ever has eyes on the ball. Maguire backs into him and ducks, which flips Laca over in the air and he lands on his head, risking properly serious injury. In other full-contact sports this is a red card for Maguire for seriously endangering the safety of another player. In football it’s a free kick to Maguire (/Kane).
Clip here:


Some decent performances throughout the team. Defensively very strong with this centre back pairing looking impressive and I’m a big fan of Gabriel. Soares was again excellent and is such an important squad player. Partey had a game to forget but he’s no fully match fit. ESR Xhaka and Pepe we’re excellent and but for Slab heads excellent block Pepe would’ve won us the game. Lacca was as consistent as ever and was also close to winning the game with an excellent free kick. Win at Wolves coming up


Phew Blogs – 6.5 for Laca?? Meaning less than Pepe and ESR – he had our best chance and worked both his bollocks off non-stop, breaking up their midfield at some very key moments.
Yes – he was selfish with the one long-shot when the pass was on, but ESR did exactly the same later in the match, when a simple square ball would’ve meant a tap in.

Harsh… very harsh

Exit the Lemming

Still not buying any of the Pepe ‘renaissance’ bollocks being bandied around the fan-base of late. He was decent against Southampton and decent again today. Nothing more. His decision making is as lamentable as that of the unlamented Theo Walcott. I thought Rob Holding was brilliant and the whole team’s defending has certainly improved under Arteta. Partey was borderline sh*t at times (and if he wasn’t fit why play him at all?. Isn’t that what prolonged his last absence?) In a field brimming with stiff competition, Bruno Fernandes somehow still conspires to be the most revolting Man Utd player alive… Read more »