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Arseblog News: 5-years-old today

It’s a jelly and ice cream* day for the team at Arseblog News as we celebrate our 5th birthday. It all kicked off on June 1st 2011, with a post about the Arsenal Ladies (start as you mean to go on we say), and here we are 10 (or more?) transfer windows later, still doing stuff and things.

Here’s our annual ‘State of the Arse’ address, enjoy the stats and other bits.

428,300 – approved comments
77,301 – spam comments blocked
Infinity – comments not approved for use of text speak
77,335 – followers of the @arseblognews twitter account
6,588 – posts published so far
3,322 – posts by @arseblog (51% of total)
2,562 – posts by @AAllenSport (aka Arseblog News Hound)
1065 – games Arsene Wenger has been in charge of at Arsenal
271 – posts by @jeorgebird
267 – posts by @7amkickoff
39 – games to go until the current Arsenal squad match the ‘Invincibles’
31 – posts by @Stillberto
29 – posts by Sul
21 – consecutive seasons we’ve finished above Sp*rs.
19 – number of Premier League assists made by Mesut Ozil in 2015/16
16 – Granit Xhaka’s new number Aaron Ramsey’s old number
8 – hours a day Alex Iwobi spends broadcasting himself on Periscope.
5 – lovely, lovely goals scored by Newcastle on St. Totteringham’s Day.
2 – number of times a day people still ask about our link shortener on Twitter
1 – April Fools joke that despite being posted on April 1st still fooled some folks
1 – the number of times we came close to publishing an article all about Arsenal signing a shoe.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 17.36.50

Here are a few other posts that never quite made it…

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 18.38.56


June 2015Puma’s new gold away kit linked
July 2015New leaked images of Arsenal’s third kit
August 2015Wenger’s thoughts on transfers post-West Ham
September 2015Club appeal but Gabriel ban could be extended
October 2015Full list of Arsenal players under Arsene Wenger
November 2015Arsene Wenger’s full interview with L’Equipe Sport and Style
December 2015Video: Mesut Ozil all assists 2015/16 so far
January 2016Elneny shirt number revealed
February 2016Arsenal 2-1 Leicester – Player ratings
March 2016Nwakali confirms Arsenal deal
April 2016Fans groups plan protest at Norwich game
May 2016Mertesacker becomes latest to change number


The book that summed up the season

Outfoxed: the team that beat the champions

The Andre Santos Tweet that never gets old

The Arsene Wenger interview in L’Equipe that even the staunchest critics of the manager enjoyed.

Wenger Fashion 700

When we discovered that Mathieu Flamini is going to save the world.

Olivier Giroud responding to jeers with art.

When loads of websites with the words ‘footy’, ‘banter’ or ‘bible’ (or all three) stole the Michael Owen quotes we made up. And then Michael Owen Tweeted about how fed up he was about people making up quotes, before making all those daft fake quotes redundant by actually saying something more stupid than all of them put together.

When you’re not sure whether or not to approve a comment:

Kroenke comment

And when you’re glad you did after you sign Mohamed Elneny:

God protect him from bad legs

When after the final day of the season you can work in a Game of Thrones meme:

a girl is laughing at Tottenham

When Hector is relaxing at home:


The long awaited debut album from Carl Jenkinson who, of course, has been inspired by his dad’s efforts as a backing singer for Bonnie Tyler.

Carl Jenkinson album

Thanks to all of you who read, comment, follow, Tweet, Facebook, and indulge our nonsensical whims on a regular basis. It wouldn’t be the same without you.

Except for that one guy. Oh, and that other guy. And the other fella. And that bloke that … well, it wouldn’t be the same without most of you.

There’s a glass of Asti Spumante on us.

Asti Spumante

*bourbon and lemon drizzle cake

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Gooner Russ

5 years of superb entertainment and hilarity. Keep it up lads, without you, I’m nothing

Arsene-al fan

Great work, much appreciated by all of us. We would all buy you a pint, if we ever see you.

Facts, funny-ness and frequently. Nothing else comes close for Gooner news.

Arsene-al fan

And also we are grateful that you don’t publish the clickbait sh*te that a lot of other Arsenal sites do eg ‘New Arsenal signing poses with reported Gunners target’, ‘Chelsea and Arsenal stunned as Tottenham enter race for international forward’ etc etc etc

I’m sure you get more clicks over time because of it!


Thanks for making our day every single day for the last 5 years. Cheers Arseblog! Long may it continue.


Started from the bottom now we here: Poo-Meter.


Avid reader of Areseblog News from Day 1… June 1st 2011. I remember thinking how great an addition it would be to arseblog’s daily, sometimes twice-a-day posts.

Great to see that it has been even better than I thought with a lot more humour and fun had here as well. Congratulations and here’s to many many more… UP THE ARSE……BLOG!!!


My relationship with this site has been nothing but joyful over the years. Can´t think of not checking in everyday. Would be devastating to say the least. Congrats Arsebloggers you are genious.


Thanks for the entertainment over the last few years.

Part of my staple diet.

Well done to all.

'desi'gner gooner

Congratulations and thanks for five years of keeping the huge fanbase up to date with the latest in Arsenal happenings.
Pity the club haven’t announced a signing out of nowhere to put the icing on the cake….

He's the soup

Five years ago we weren’t winning the league. Today we’re not winning the league. Please explain yourself Mr Bloggs.


He's the soup

#ArseBlog #OutStanding



Reliable news, reliably entertaining and consistently updated. You are the arsenal news site the people deserve…and also the one we need!

JJ's Bender

Up the arseblog!!!



broken red army

i still dont get why you moderate comments if it has “Dein” in it :)) come on with his help we became Invincibles. after all do you really believe Kroenke is better in any aspect? from now on your moderator shall be sensetive to “Stan”, Mr. blog. 😀


We don’t moderate comments that have ‘Dein’ in them 😉

broken red army

You dooo! :)) I have screenshots of that and an eye witness here and we are laughing :)) you fucking liar :))


How do you explain this then?


Or this:


broken red army

I dont talk without my parrot


Congratulations. ..way to go.

broken red army

i still dont get why you moderate comments if it has “D*in” in it :)) come on with his help we became Invincibles. after all do you really believe Kroenke is better in any aspect? from now on your moderator shall be sensetive to “Stan”, Mr. blog.

* is an “e” :))

Ike's Mood

I remember reading myles Palmer regularly until the constant negativity just wore me down. At least with blogs and all who post, even on the worst of days you will always find a comment that brings a smile to your face. Keep up the good work blogs. Enjoy the summer lads lots of decent players to watch over the coming weeks

Wizard of OZ(il)

Here, here! Long live Arseblog!

Flim flammin'

I have a 5 year old son and i much prefer this site to him.



Bob Davis

Well done for keeping us informed of all things Arsenal! Keep up the good work!

Tom Thumb

Congrats,arseblog app is the first thing I check in the morning for arsenal news and a morning laugh, great stuff.


Congratulations on the achievement..! Having some beers will be a good way to celebrate, I think.


Long live the Simpsons references. And thanks for keeping us amused in the off-season!

David C

I was so mad when we didn’t sign Inanimate Carbon Rod!


Cheers! I’ll get fired for being on here at work one day guaranteed!

Eduardo Stark

Only when reading ArseblogNews, I can’t even differentiate which is true or bonkers stuff. And that’s a compliment! Thanks for Blogs and team. Long may it continue.

On a hindsight, a bit sad about that post of Higuain left unpublished… *sobs*


The official website has just announced that this has been changed to Arseblog News’ 29th birthday.

Congrats and cheers, btw.

Third Plebeian

You gays are awesome!



Lula da Gilberto

Congratulations gays!!


You are a very clever and exceptionally committed team.
Thank you from the heart of my bottom.

PS. If you can do this so well for five years, can’t you get us a fucking striker??



You forgot to mention Rambling Pete and his rambulous rambles!


I miss him 🙁


Thank you for all the great posts, banter, and creativity!


Happy birthday and congratulations to everyone involved with Arseblog and Arseblog News. This is the only truly reliable Arsenal news site on the web. You guys are perceptive, fair, and unbiased, and you present all the news and rumours in a highly entertaining format. This is my first and last web visit every day. Keep it up!


I am one of your biggest fans and have referred this site to many aspiring gooner. Thanks lads. Been reading arseblog since 2009 and as a fellow Dubliner I have to say fair play to yiz.


What is this the fucking bbc? Enough of the navel gazing eh? Congratulations though x


Was introduced to you by a friend around 3yrs ago.
Have read your blog and news articles ever since.
Keep up the great work you do….


Just found this from Lord Bendtner from April 2016 I thought it was apt. Arseblog piss off! No waaaaaiiiittttt!!!!! I’m just kidding. Do u know how many of us thrive off of this majestic piece of masterclass Artwork that we know as Arseblog. So Mr Arseblog please keep up ur fabulous work, we may not win trophies every year, we may have not won EPL in years, and we can still recall that final agaisnt Barca as if it was yesterday, so what was I saying? Yea, if there’s one thing I’m hella sure of, it’s that we got the… Read more »

Boombastic Shaggy

I don’t comment a lot but this post brings a “tear” to my eye. I remember complaining bitterly on Twitter when Arseblog News was launched. My fear was that the daily blogs which I loved so much would end. Arseblog answered my tweet, first and only time ever, explaining that it was an enhanced service. Five years on and I regularly, ok to be honest it’s bordering on obsession, visit Arseblog news. Much less than than the daily blog. Great work y’all have been doing over there at Arseblog. Long may you do your work which makes us so happy… Read more »


Nwakali, a player who’s name starts with N, probably more deserving of a space in your alphabet squad than the guy you selected.

rsezzy blogs

You don’t understand,
It’s Arseblog news the only one to hear it from

You don’t understand,
that it’s Arseblog news or nothin’


Thanks everyone!


Keep up the great work! (and banter)

Never a dull moment with Arseblog ❤️

Corona X

That picture of Hector!!! Can’t stop laughing!

Thanks Arseblog for all your amazing work over the years. I visit at least 5 times per day.

Jack Lewis

Wow, everyone’s in party mood. Never seen so few down votes in my life!


Thanks for your dedication, been a reader/listener for about 2 years now. I appreciate the work you do for us arsenal fans.

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