Thursday, April 25, 2024

Some site stuff and updates and things and that

Good news everybody!

There is no good news. I just wanted to say that so that when you saw the image on the piece and read the first line you’d read it in his voice.

Just a couple of small housekeeping issues to go over. If you’re a regular reader you’ll know that sometimes a big story slows things down.

We’ve put something in place which should really help in that regard, but there are a few teething problems just at the moment. If you notice anything odd or weird about the site (beyond the content) over the next few days, please leave a comment on this post so we can keep track.

Known issue 1: the comment rating thing isn’t working. You’ll probably get a pop-up with ‘query error’, so we’ll try and find a solution for that asap.

Known issue 2: some stories are not loading for people, while others load without problems. Certain posts load fine, others don’t load at all. We are aware.

Meanwhile, if you use our Android App, please update it via the Play store or via your device to get the latest version which has a couple of little bug fixes.

We’re also working on an update for the iOS app which we hope to roll out in the near future.

Finally, I’d like to ask you once more to ‘whitelist’ Arseblog and Arseblog News if you use an ad-blocker which many people do these days. Understandably so, but we don’t allow any of the really intrusive ads so you won’t see:

  • Pop-ups
  • Pop-unders
  • Ads that take over the screen
  • Auto-play videos with sound
  • Ads that obscure the content

Sometimes a ‘bad ad’ can slip through, so if you see one, please feel free to email us or Tweet us to let us know and we’ll get it blocked as quickly as we can.

We do need the ad revenue to keep bringing you all this sweet, free content 7 days a week so if you could ‘whitelist’ us in your ad-blocker it would be greatly appreciated. And obviously goes a long way to keeping the lights on around here.

Finally, to give you an idea of what some of the more nefarious advertisers offer, and the amounts that we turn down to ensure you’re not annoyed by these kind of ads, see the image below (read from bottom up).

Thanks folks.


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Keep up the good work ?


Thank you!


We like


Dude for that money some dudes would have had an introductory interstitial followed by a follow up interstitial followed by a two for the price of one interstitial..essentially you’d never see the actual article


You could have taken the money and bought us lacazette! You are so selfish blogs.. Hahah i kid, i kid, you are doing a great job, otherwise we wouldnt be here 🙂


I had trouble finding out how to whitelist specific sites – some good instructions here:


Not technically minded about these things so I’m not sure how articulate I can actually make this, but for the last month or so loading Arseblog News has been slowing down my browser… some stories seem to get stuck on an infinite loop, the reload button on chrome constantly flickering between being finished loading and then loading something again, even if all the content on the page has loaded. Also having an arseblog tab open makes other tabs unresponsive, for example if I’m on Twitter with an Arseblog tab open the scrolling gets all jumpy and laggy.


Asus K55A Laptop, nearly 4 years old, windows 10. I use Chrome for everything. Admittedly the laptop is in decline so it could just be fucked, but I only have this problem with Arseblog.

Fake Empire

Hey WorldClassCommenter, I have similar laptop – Asus K55VD. I found out few months ago (when I tried to upgrade RAM) that the processor (or MB, not 100% sure) is not compatible with good old Windows 10. Laptop was running, but there were some issues with it, so I went back to Windows 8.1.
I’m 99% sure it’s not related with your issue, but it fixed few things for me, so maybe you should check if yours is fully compatible with Win10.


memory leak?

Third Plebeian

Hey WorldClass (and arseblog),

I get the same problem on occasion (a weird, continuous flicker of reloading that I see in the address line of my browser, and, when it happens, there’s a lag in my typing; so, the characters will show up about two or three seconds after I’ve actually typed them into the keyboard).

I use Google Chrome (and I get the same problem with Safari and Firefox), and my Mac runs OS X El Capitan Version 10.11.6.

Third Plebeian

…though this hasn’t happened on this page, nor earlier today on other Arseblog News pages. So I don’t know if this has been fixed already. But…now I have to re-enter my information every time I want to post a comment.

Jimmy Lamothe

Same issue here. Chrome – OSX 10.11.6. I typically open 5-6 tabs of news at once and they can take a good 1-2 minutes to load, with all other browsing slowed down or hanging temporarily. Pretty much an Arseblog News specific problem, regular site (and rest of web) load normally.

The site’s still worth the wait!

Jimmy Lamothe

Just tested opening a bunch of pages with my Adblocker turned on (it’s off by default for Arseblog), and they loaded normally. Not sure if it might be an ad causing the bug on my computer? I’ll try loading with and without the Adblocker for the next week or so to see if that’s the issue.


This is a known issue with Chrome – usually the fix for this is to uninstall Google Chrome and reinstall it To remove Chrome properly you can do the below – IT IS NORMALLY SAFE BUT YOU DO SOU AT YOUR OWN RISK – BACK UP ANYTHING YOUR ABOUR TO DELETE On the Mac, when you remove it you have to also go to the User Library Folder and delete the folder which is hidden. Click finder window, then at the top click GO, then hold down the OPTIONS/ALT key and the word Library will appear in the Menu –… Read more »


I disagree that it’s a browser issue, it’s either a site or an advert.

Though, I’m not a certified wotsit thingy so who knows


I noticed the same in chrome But only very sporadically and seemingly on certain articles

Like a gimp I didn’t log which

But it’s as if you’ve got some Ajax that’s just infinitely resubmitting. The whole page doesn’t reload

If I spot it again I’ll turn on developer mode and screen grab what actual calls are happening


good on you mate!


Special place in hell for those people

Talking Heads

Another issue I’ve found is that there haven’t been any “Official – XYZ signs for Arsenal” news (where XYZ is replaced by a world class CF, CB or LW/RW)..
May need to look into it Blogs.. 😉
Anyway, as always can’t thank the team enough for the efforts in providing us with top top top quality content free of cost. Wenger would be proud.

Already white listed Arseblog and would ask others to do the same. Arseblog advertising is also as class as the site itself. Thank you.


i’ve never had the query error…um, error, until i tried to thumb up this comment. ironic, no?

5th Duke of Portland

Unlucky Ricardo!

Talking Heads

Another issue I’ve found is that there haven’t been any “Official- XYZ signs for Arsenal” where is replaced by a world class CF, CB or LW/RW..

Any which way, as always thank the team for the efforts in providing top top top quality content free of charge. Wenger would be super proud.

Already have white listed Arseblog and would urge others to do the same. Arseblog advertising is just as class as the site itself. Thank you team and cheers.

Franko Nero

Well done


The app works fine. However the links via Facebook seem to crash a lot. I have a Samsung S7 if that is relevant.


“Shows up once every 24 hours” £2,000 minimum per month? How long does it show up for? If it’s not long I’d take the cash and buy a new server? 🙂

Professor Farnsworth

Well, there’s no sense fretting – good LORD you’re ugly…


Blogs, have you tried turning it off and on?

Tola Williams

Arseblog News Tab on the Arseblog homepage doesn’t load sometimes.

Thanks for all the good work. You and your team are indeed appreciated


Thank you, Blogs 🙂


Blogs, first time on the site in a week or so but have been checking the android app multiple times a day. Besides currently experiencing the known browser issues you mentioned, I’ve been having zero issues on the android app with my Z2.

Thanks for the great content and thanks for keeping the site to decent advertising. click click


Tried posting a comment. Got the message “slow down, you are posting comments too quickly”(!) or similar. Am guessing also that I am not alone in being unable to access the Mustafi story, as it apparently has only two comments at this point…?


Also, page no longer seems to be retaining my name and email for comments, so I have to enter them afresh each time I want to comment. Having said this, I would also add that the second half of this article did not load for me initially for some reason and, now that it has, I see that I owe you an even greater debt of gratitude than I already knew. Thank you!


Seems fixed now – thanks!

Lord Bendtner

Arseblog, you the real MVP

Art Vandelay

My primary issue is that, despite looking at this site at least once a day during the close-season, Arsenal still haven’t signed a first rate striker. Could you fix this please as I can’t live like this.

Brian G

I seem to see a lot of ads for Russian Wives. Whilst they all seem like nice girls, I would have thought that those were the sort of thing not in favour.


And fix that Striker App is using using whilst you’re at it! Seriously though keep up the great work.


Just for yo Blog, I took off the addblock and guess what!!!!!!!!
A picture of Ronaldo topless


better now, it is about running shoes and another one about internet speed


Wow, fair play for turning down that much money. Appreciate all the work you put in to bring all things Arsenal to us.


Nasri would sell the site for that amount.. also, no comment ratings for the time being?? Where’s fatgooner?

Alright Mate

Keep up the great work blogs. You deserve all the revenue you get for your constancy, hard work and talent!

I think the web browser via Facebook has had issues for months for all sites where I click a link from Facebook. I remember they updated to fix it but on my iPhone still loads pages quicker if I click to open via safari. So looking at pages via Facebook links does not seem to be just an Arseblog issue. Seems a bit better now anyway.

Mark Drinan

2k a month
That is an awful lot of phil Collins records that could be taken out of circulation for good.

Jokes aside, fair play


Blogs is the kind of guy that if he won the euro million lotto on friday he’d still write a blog on saturday morning.

Buy the audio book pea pool…..


Not sure if this is part of this refresh, but for the past couple of months you had to click on the actual text of a news item to fetch the page. As of now (?) the whole picture has become clickable again. Thanks for fixing.


Oh well, that was just an illusion: we’re back to having to click on the title! Would be a small but positive change

Iron(ic) Man

Just below the images of the emails I’m getting a Google ad with a naked man on it going from fat to ripped.

Are you guys messing with me?


Ever since the initial Mahrez article, I’ve actually rather enjoyed it when the page takes an extra few seconds to load. I guess it says something about our typical slow pace in the market that I’m getting excited that there might be a story big enough to crash your server! I guess I’ll be missing that particular moment of anticipation moving forward, but onward and upward as always! Great job as always!


I use Google Chrome on the laptop and Safari on the mobile. At times the stories took forever to load.

Had to resort to IE11 for a short while after updates some months back as the other stories box in the bottom right corner blocked the screen!


Blogs, you sir are a legend. Keep up the good work! ??


Thanks blog. That’s why Arseblog is part of my daily breakfast along with a few other normal news apps. Really good work.
Keep going and let’s hope Arsenal gives more good news before and end of this season.


Love you, Blogs. Thank you for everything. I’ve been reading you almost exclusively for 10 years now, that’s a third of my life and I can say you’re the reason being an Arsenal fan doesn’t make me wanna shoot myself in the face three times and then eat my splattered brains


Well said Vescucci. Without this blog keeping us sane there would be a lot more arsenal fan deaths from “lot” (lack of transfers). Also top work arseblogger. I admire and appreciate your drive to keep the shit ads off the site I have read and loved for the last ten years. Oooh im getting all emotional.

Eyes of Özil

Absolute hero!

Arseblog Comment Test

Hi, do I have to re-enter my info after I comment?

Arseblog Comment Test 2

Yes, yes I do

Olakunle Williams

Chrome is a memory hugger by nature. So when you load pages that run a lot of scripts like the Arseblog news page chrome draws even more memory causing the computer to lag. Solution: Clear catche and reduce the amount of opened tabs. If it persist then they should use Firefox. This can occur on any computer with memory management issues caused by old age of computer or too many background memory dependant apps are running.


2 grand a month?? Send them my way, I’ll wear a hat and tee-shirt everyday with their ad on for that.

Toby wan Kenobi

Top of the morning!

Could´t open the Asano video just this morning in Safari on Macbook. The whole website froze for that specific news page!

Other than that, splendid work!



Bless you.


Probably been reported plenty in past months, but some time ago on the Android app it started to regularly be a problem depicting graphics/vids in news articles properly. If you swipe right to an older article then back again it *sometimes* fixes the issue but not more than 50% of the time. Didn’t used to be like this of course. Cannot see any further updates to the one I have.


Will do.

john kennedy

2 Grand a month!! Kudos to you my friend, I think I would have taken the money.


Dear god the app is more red than red can be.


Keep up the good work blogs 🙂 I use the android app. The only issue I have is when watching a video that’s embedded in the app. I’ll try to position it to the middle of my screen, but by doing that the app normally moves to the next article. So I end up watching the videos with half of it on the screen sometimes! Works fine when viewed on the web on my phone. A full screen button would be ideal but then again if it was bottom right of the video it wouldn’t be reachable because the next… Read more »


Really awesome guys! Not many would turn down money, especially a “any amount” type of money, so big ups!


Today I learned myself what interstitial means.

Dale Cooper

Thanks for all your hard work, it’s appreciated and doesn’t go unnoticed.

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