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Adidas CEO: Arsenal brand has under-performed, but we believe in their stellar football

Earlier this week it was confirmed that Adidas would become the club’s new kit partner from the start of the 2019-20 season, in a deal that’s said to be worth £65m per season to the Gunners.

Currently, it’s the third most expensive kit deal ever and earlier today Adidas CEO Kasper Rorsted spoke to CNBC at the New York Stock Exchange about linking up with Arsenal again after so many years.

“So the Premier League is the most commercial league in the world,” he said. “We have Manchester United which is commercially the biggest club, and we really wanted a club in London.

“Arsenal was a three stripes club until 1994, when it came up for us it was a no-brainer to take that, and from 2019 they’ll be playing in the three stripes again.”

Asked if the myriad changes at the club over the last while gave them pause for thought, he played that down and said he believed Arsenal were not making the most of the their vast worldwide appeal.

“Wen we look upon the Arsenal brand, it’s a stellar global brand that’s been under-performing in the last couple of years,” he continued.

“We believe that long-term there is so much upside in Arsenal. Football is by far the single biggest sport in the world. We sold 8 million jerseys in two weeks at the World Cup.

“It’s less about that change, but we’re just convinced it had to change, last season was probably their worst season they had.

“If you look upon how they’re playing right now, 5-1 at Craven Cottage against Fulham, playing some of the best football, some of the best goals were made … Ramsey when he made the goal with the heel.

“It’s just stellar football. They had a good weekend, but in the wrong kit!”

Thanks to @FutbolFC14 for the tip-off

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A Different George

I was about to post something about how seeing everything as a “brand” to be sold is exactly what is wrong (with football and with much else), and then he started talking about Ramsey’s backheel, and I thought, “well, this guy’s not so bad.”

Scott P

If that goal is the brand we’re talking about, then start heating up those irons…


“If you look upon how they’re playing right now, 5-1 at Craven Cottage against Fulham, playing some of the best football, some of the best goals were made … Ramsey when he made the goal with the heel.”

– this sounds like something a close relative would say in order to keep in touch, something they just read in an article with an eye on every detail as to sound honest. “craven cottage, yeah right, that pitch of that ol’ fulham football club!”

Donald's Trump

‘made’ a goal


I think he’s German hence the use of made rather than scored. Also chances are he did see the goal. If you’re announcing a massive deal like this you at least visits Arsenalist and watch the goals.

Sir Henry Norris' Brown Envelope

We should encourage Mister Adidas Kasper Rorsted to join Arseblog.
We must turn him into an Arsenal fan

David C

Well said George.

he sounds like a real proper footie fan. I’m happy with the Adidas deal, can’t fit my belly in those hideous Puma shirts.

Has any team/company ever crowd sourced shirt designs? I think it would be a fantastic way to include fans. I’m a traditionalist so I just love to see the Gunners in a yellow away kit with nice blue shorts.


Crowd source design? Design is more than half their business. It’s not a print shop.

David Hillier's luggage

Adidas did it a couple years ago, and it wasn’t pretty – the most popular Real Madrid design had Catalan symbols and the Man Utd kit they went for had a cringey print of their statue of Law, Best & Charlton. Smaller clubs have votes on designs too, they’re often awful choices. I don’t think the designers are the problem, its whoever approves, or briefs, the kit suppliers at the club that’s the issue. There were a load of really nice Puma prototypes floating about on the internet from a couple years ago, a lot cleaner and slicker (using only… Read more »


Yeah. The club conveniently blamed Puma for the kits when they approved them! Any creative type will tell you, if the client’s happy…well…

Sir Henry Norris' Brown Envelope

Our “badge” (I prefer “Icon”) had to be redesigned in order to protect it (or, alternately I would say that Wenger and the team created a copyright item to use on the merchandise.
The old gun as an icon was not able to be ©®
I am not impressed, but everybody needs to maximise revenue to be successful


Does he want to be our ceo?

Gareth knight

Just goes to show how poorly we have been run over the past few years. Add the cost of our commercial failures to the cost of the player contracts, leaving on a free shambles.

Bye Gazidis you waste of space.


Well if we do go back to the brilliant ‘banana’ away shirt. It certainly will look like we’ve been run over.

Lucas Sam

Actually the only contract rebel we have is Ramsey I don’t know what media has over us. Already happy that Mou is the new Arsene but if you compare the numbers and importance of players in the last year of their contract with ManU, we are far better. We are talking about DeGea, Martial, Mata and so on. How are we with the non-essential Ramsey on the headlines?

Bai Blagoi

Technically you are right, but you got a direct minus from me just for comparing Arsene to that taint Moronho.

Lucas Sam

I was talking in terms of media harrassment and the constant should he go or should he leave. Which in tern has left Emery time to adapt and show what he can do


Emery is on a 9 game unbeaten run and has yet to spend 700 million… Not much click bait in that thankfully. If and when we happen to lose 4 or 5 on the trot I can guarantee you that the vultures will be circling!

Maul Person

@Lucas Sam, how is Ramsey a contract rebel? He’s seeing out his contract and giving his all in every game he plays. Is that really the definition of “rebellious”?


Get them to tell Kroenke to spend the money, get success and see everyone happy, Adidas, the club, the players and especially the fans around the world.


Most supporters of all premiership teams in Africa as a whole, China and North America. I’m sure their research told them how much potential this club has as a brand. For example, I don’t remember a single Kenyan or Ugandan player ever playing for Arsenal, but the support in those countries is almost as if Arsenal was the national team. We are a big brand, our performances have blinded many to how big this club really is globally, but believe me, we are easily a top 5 team globally when it comes to number of supporters. Another thing is what… Read more »

David C

not sure you can say Arsenal are the biggest EPL team in North America – I’d love it if it were true…

ManUre and LiverPOOP are huge on this side of the pond, but I almost never see Sp*ds shirts in Canada.

Irrational Gunner

Once again, it’s those classy Canadians making North America look good!

Patrik Ljungberg

Well said, Devlin. You are a true Gooner.


I’m Kenyan and gotten a few opportunities to watch arsenal so if feel privileged. First game was against Swansea and diaby was gliding acrros the pitch. Won 1-0. Second game was 3-0 drubbing of Chelsea and I only got the ticket cause my cousin’s buddy, a season ticket holder, thought we’d loose. I didn’t think twice and was up for the occasion. Think I should next attend a champions be league final to make it 3 out of 3.

More than the champions league we ought to get the EPL in the next 5 years.


I am from Ethiopia and stated watching Arsenal at the age of just 8. Back then i couldnt afford enterance fee 0.10$ to watch Arsenal game at places where football streamed so i have to hide under the chair until they collect fee then i watch the game sitting on floor. I believe the reason Arsenal fans are dedicated is the same with with the guy who wouldnt give up on his sick wife, we/ he know the feeling and joy we get is the best feeling out there and it worth waiting until the rough time is over.

Wizy Opuys

I’m Nigerian and I know Arsenal has the most supporters of any football team over here. Started following after the UCL 06 final defeat and I’ve never looked back. I used to struggle to watch a match on TV but now I own a viewing center where i show all our games to fellow Gooners.


“I used to struggle to watch a match on TV but now I own a viewing center where i show all our games to fellow Gooners.”

Good man!


Yep. Arsenal and Man Utd biggest clubs here in South Africa.

Also, from my travels on the continent, Arsenal are definitely bigger than Real Madrid, Bayern or Barcelona.


“It’s just stellar football. They had a good weekend, but in the wrong kit!”
That right there is why the man earns the big bucks.


“If you look upon how they’re playing right now, 5-1 at Craven Cottage against Fulham, playing some of the best football, some of the best goals were made … Ramsey when he made the goal with the heel.

They did a goal basically ?


I actually haven’t bought a single puma Jersey. Have not thought any of their designs were great at all. So I am genuinely happy to start buying them again as Adidas will deliver the goods.

Dave Crawford

Yeah me too. I expected more from Ouma. There was atime a few years ago when I loved their shoes but they kinda disappointed with our kits


I did buy the first home jersey from Puma because I support my club! However, never liked their shoes and never able to buy either because they don’t make my size (UK 12).
I’m happy to go back to Adidas and think we can bring back the glory days with the glorious shirts


The black and pink one was amazing. Just this season’s monstrosity has ruined it all.


16/17’s yellow away kit with the collar and striped sleeves was decent, come on!


1994? It’s really been that long huh.

I’m old.

Disco Dave

I honestly think last years blue away kit contributed massivly to how poor our away kit was, it was that bad. Our players looked like fluffy clouds. How can you take that serious as an opposition player?!?!

Disco Dave

* away form


Read all of the comments to now. Feel sad that no one has mentioned AW’s immense contribution to the “brand”, the way we play and the clubs values. His legacy lives on, we are benefiting from it.


..Just like he benefited from foundations laid before he arrived


True. BUT the brand we know today is entirely Arsenes. Gone are the ‘1-0 to the Arsenal’ days.

Thierry bergkamp

Won’t be sad to see Puma go


Fun fact – the journalist on the left of that pic is a gooner. No wonder he’s smiling away


8 million shirts @ 50 quid a pop in two weeks when a top costs approx £5 to make…. f**k me!


Which is why we need to have some superstars in the team as well.

There is next to no one in the team at the moment that would ignite the imagination of the average semi-non-partisan fan.

Ozil is highest paid but I don’t think he is such a draw these days.

We need to have one or two of those players again whom any other team would want in their squad.

Alexis I think was the last player that had some appeal.


That’s the other detrimental issue with being out of CL for two seasons running.

All those moaning about the fourth place trophy now celebrated by the media, it not only brings in revenue but also prestige and helps us attract better players.

But the brand has also overall suffered bc we are not in it.


Plus just don’t F around too much with the First kit. Its a classic and does not need too much work. Puma has been lousy with design and restrain.

Sir Henry Norris' Brown Envelope

Please ask Mister Adidas to bring back some tradition.
I prefer not to have any white on the body of the shirt and white sleves
Away kit must be traditional trophy winning yellow/gold and blue. traditional pattern.
I like that The Arsenal have a very clear identity when playing away. We win lots in yellow and blue
When last did we win anything whilst wearing a purple mud colour camouflage outfit?


in Africa, arsenal has the largest fan base closely followed by man Utd. it is said over here that if you are an arsenal fan, you cannot easily die, because most people die of heart attack and we arsenal fans have gone through it numerous times, countless league titles slips, disappointments in uefa competitions, etc. Am glad ADIDAS will be kitting us up soon. we can begin to celebrate wonderful goals with a wonderful jersey. Bring it on.

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