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Arsenal 0-0 Sporting – player ratings

A disappointing night was overshadowed by a serious injury to Danny Welbeck and a hamstring strain for Stephan Lichtsteiner. Although Unai Emery’s men couldn’t find the breakthrough, we have qualified for the knockout stages thanks to Vorskla’s defeat at home to Qarabag.

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Jenkinson did well today, his crossing was a little off but he did make an incredible run to attempt one.
And I think we’ve all tried a volley that’s skied off our shin


With the fullback injuries, Jenko is valuable backup. He’s also a competent fill-in for Bellerin in games against the likes of our next two group opponents. Lichtsteiner is not going to carry the load if Bellerin goes down; he may not even play 90 minutes often. If he stays healthy, he’ll grow into the role, and he’ll be fine on the right.

A Fleeting Glimpse

I’m surprised you rated Ramsey. Didn’t think he was in the pitch long enough. ?


He was on long enough to reinforce the Club’s position on his future. Apart from a ten second passage of play against a Fulham side that ships goals for fun, he’s done f*ck all this season.

Gudang Pelor

Those were left footed cross, no woder. I think he played well last night. I wish the club offers him extension, handy and decent squad player.


No arguments from me, other than I thought holding and Sokratis looked good (if untested) together and Jenks was very, very poor.


I thought Mkhitaryan was really awful. He’s got to step it up if he’s gonna have a long term future here imo. Apart from that no one really stood out, hope Welbeck’s injury isn’t as bad as it looked. ?


I’d swap both him and Ramsey for Fekir tomorrow and drive to Heathrow myself.


Fekir is a good player, despite his serious injury record, I wouldn’t sign him because he’s not what we need. We need an out and out winger – mainly for the right. After that we need a solid CB and if there’s still some funds left in that little piggy bank maybe a full back or 2.


He’s a very frustrating player, a complete ghost in every game. I don’t even want to think about how much he’s getting paid a week


Yeah such a shame about the welbeck injury, the fans tonight were class and it just shows we kind of struggle to break stubborn defenses down when we don’t have ozil, Torreira or Xhaka on the pitch. Ramsey was below average, the only dissapointing thing about him leaving is the fact that he’s leaving on a free. I still don’t understand what he is. He’s not a dm, not creative enough to be a CAM, he’s just someone that’s there to make pointless flicks and link up play that leads to nothing. The definition of a luxury player.

Gudang Pelor

While l don’t really rate Ramsey, l think he has good movement off the ball attacking wise, and decent finishing. I always thought he’d make a good false nine.


Weird that the BBC has him has MotM.


Very weird, because he was doing the usual Ramsey thing, strolling about, slowing down play and taking three touches when one would do. We create nothing when he is on the pitch.


Clearly part of the anti-Arsenal agenda.


Mkhitaryan best position isnt one of the front 3 but as a number 10. He simply isnt the first choice, or second choice. The way he tracks back it is obvious he hasnt had to do that during his long career. But he is a team player and doing his best to help the team in any position he can.


Micki’s set pieces single handedly kept those ball boys awake tonight. I’ve seen better delivery from Royal Mail on a Sunday.

Naked Cygan

I am trying my best to give Mkhitaryan a 6, but I cant.

Lord Bendnter

The thing about Mikitikitaryan is that im very reluctant to judge him so fast. I think he’s lost his grove thanks to him having four managers to play under just over the past few years. His current form, and to be honest, his overall form since he joined us, doesn’t match his salary. He did have a good buzz and excitement to his play when he first joined us. I want that player back, want his confidence returned, and his mojo back!


TBH he has that salary cause we got screwed by Alexis and Mkhi’s agent and now we are stuck with him. That’s why I try not to judge him by the salary and just hope he will turn out decent.


The reason he is so good combining with Auba, and famous for it is because he plays directly behind Auba in the central attacking midfield position at dortmund.

We have played him everywhere but that position and expect him to wait for an opportunity for Ramsey or Ozil tp rotate with him in a decent position themselves for his killer last pass.

His strengths arent being best utilised but he is doing his best out of position and not complaining about it


Felt for Nketiah, was finally about to come on for a deserved 1st appearance this season only to see wellbeck injury change sub plans.


lisbon were absolutely cynically filthy. led by fuck face you know who……….what a shame we didnt sicken them tonight.
they will go nowhere
as for bt sports……..the commentary was more about hoping that we would screw up, maybe give away a penalty………think of the holding chest down “oh that was close. i dont know really”, even after the replay, which showed the skill and calmness of the man
fuck off


I’m afraid Stewart Robson is still holding a grudge against AFC. Talks like an insider but isn’t.


Not surprised to see the obligatory 6 out of 10 for Ramsey. We won’t miss him in the slightest.


We dominated the match. For once, I was less worried about conceding more concern with scoring. The energy and pressing high up and in midfield again looking sharp even from “B selection” a testimony to Emery’s work now paying off. Thought everyone was OK today even Jenkinson with his limited ability. Just could not find application of end product. 1) Cech – Hardly troubled 2) Jenko – Decent considering his standard. Had one cross into box which I wish he bothered to look up first before executing but this is his weakness. 3) Holding – Decent again less bothered. One… Read more »


I’d give our defense at least a 7 tbh, there was not a moment in the game where I felt we were in danger of conceding at all. Rambo did a lot of DM work as well, helping out the back four despite his lack of contribution to the attack.

Jimbo Jones

The F365 view on us is pretty positive! Personally thought it was a very solid performance. Lot of youngsters showing their worth against a talented side. Job done

Joseph S Furey

Don’t understand how the defence came by their sixes. If they looked untested, perhaps they were controlling things.

Arseblog isn’t what it was. The ratings are perfunctory, and even then rarely funny.

I guess all the good stuff is for subscribers.

Matt P

Sometimes I wonder about ratings, generally. It’s a team game, after all


The ratings are subjective of course. Feel free to disagree mate! That’s why you are able to rate the players yourself and write your own opinion in the comments.
There’s also so much free and brilliant content already, no need to complain in my opinion.
If you’re interested in more good stuff, just subscribe then.
I myself look forward to everything puts out. May that be funny and/or thoughtful.
Thanks Andrew!


I thought AMN was excellent in his short cameo – showed a great first touch, got in a few a dangerous crosses and knew when to cross and when to recycle play. Also put Nani in his pocket for the minutes he was on. Overall it was pretty decent, Auba was a bit unlucky, we’ve seen put away half-chances like the two he put into into the side nettings.

David Hillier's luggage

I agree. Granted it’s late on and Sporting were tiring, but you really saw the value a pacy right back with ball playing ability has to our attack when AMN came on. Not a criticism of Lichtsteiner, more that our attacking style really does rely on a pacy fullback


This may be harsh, and I have said this before as well, but I’m not quite sure what Mhki is actually meant to be good at. So-so dribbler and shooter, average touch and movement, below average pace and power for his position. Dont like criticising our own so strongly but he needs to shape up sharpish!


Well I think he’s very good at all the things you mention when he’s in form, playing an ageing and now slower mkhi RM for the whole game while the quicker and extremely lesser known Smith-Rowe plays 2nd striker baffled me. Especially when Auba came on, who doesn’t want to see Mkhi in behind Auba for a change??? I feel like we are missing out on some great chemistry there and asking Mkhi to work his nuts off instead of giving him some room to shine…


Sokratis was top drawer, motm.

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