Friday, December 8, 2023

Arsenal to face Real Madrid in Washington DC

Another summer fixture on our pre-season tour of the US has been revealed.

The Washington Post say that Arsenal will play Real Madrid in Washington DC on July 23rd, with the game taking place at FedEx Field, the 82,000 capacity home to the Washington Redskins.

This follows the news earlier today that we’ll face Roma in Charlotte, North Carolina on July 20th, and Bayern Munich in Los Angeles on July 17th.

We think there might be one more fixture, possibly against Colorado Rapids, but all will be revealed tomorrow when the International Champions Cup actually make the fixtures public instead of drip feeding them to local media.

In the meantime, check out the goals from today’s 3-2 win over Al-Nasr in Dubai.

Report: Al Nasr 2-3 Arsenal (inc. goals)

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Stuart Granger

As a DC resident, you have no idea how happy this makes me. Though I’m gutted they’re playing it at the bloody FedEx Field.


Judging from that photo… I take it public transport isn’t really a thing there?


Not only is there no public transport, but that stadium is infamous for having basically 1 small road for ingress/egress from the highway. Not at all unusual for it take several hours to even exit in your car after an event ends. The stadium is 20 years old and it’s already in the process of being replaced.


Sorry not true, there are two metro stations within a brisk 20 min walk and both have shuttle buses to the stadium. I’ve also driven there many times and it takes about 30-45 min to get out of the lot an onto a main road. There are three main ingress and egress routes that hook up with the local road networks. The main issue is that in DC the local roads are already near capacity most of the time so adding the thousands of cars from the stadium to the local traffic makes it a tough drive. Assuming it is… Read more »


Tailgating is, though.

Make Arsenal Great Again

I once went to that stadium to watch a Barcelona vs Man United game. It took 3 hours to get to that stadium. 3 hours sitting in traffic to see a horrible united team. If it wasn’t a work event, I would have turned right back and gone home


Surprised they aren’t playing at AUDI Field instead. Guess they know they’ll sell more tickets to FedEx


Absolutely agree, thrilled the Gunners are coming to the area where I live, but that stadium is the worst. The pitch of course will be very narrow as it’s a stadium built for American football and it’s likely to be in bad shape as it always is regardless of time of year. Getting in and out of there is a nightmare especially on a weeknight. Without traffic it would take me 45-50 minutes to drive there, but with traffic and the nightmare of the parking situation (and people running it) it’s taken me up to three hours to get from… Read more »


Yes, Mark.
I’m choosing to go to NC as well. Better area, better stadium, better hotels.
I suppose watching Madrid would be nicer than Roma, but it’s kids who will be playing anyway.


Very fortunate to be able to see The Arsenal play about 45 min from my home. :). Also very lucky to have The Arsenal visit me, after traveling to see them against Liverpool last November. To top it off? My daughters birthday is the same day, a dream come true ??


I hope she likes football!


She’s only 2 but she loves yelling Goooooaaaallll!! ?. And of course she has a gunnersaurus toy as well ?


Still no post on Thierry Henry winning a major poll, voted on over two days?

Let’s think what is interesting in a boring Interlull – an Arsenal legend, him winning something, heavily upvoted on a previous thread – or – pre-season matches with no prizes to win?

Tough choices, especially when both are possible.


It’s hardly news


Agreed, there is so much news around that tens of thousands of people voting for a club legend isn’t worthy of coverage.


And I did contact Blogs to tell him individually, via the site, without response.


can you stop spamming this, some dont care


I was very happy when I heard. Why not see what most think by telling them?

Scott P

Being an American, I find it far more exciting that I may actually get to see my team play in person. I really don’t care what a bunch of internet users’ opinions are – we all know TH was a fabulous player.

Also, blogs has already responded to this, so continued spamming is pointless.


It’s telling Arsenal fans around the world about one of our legendary players winning a big poll on the BBC. The poll was up for 2-3 days, so will have had tens of thousands voting. I strongly believe that far more Arsenal fans will be interested and happy about that than about a pre-season friendly in the US, which I’m happy that you are but personally struggle to get very excited about, similar to most non-US fans around the world.. And can’t see why fans can’t be told about both. As evidence check out the up and down votes on… Read more »


Why not just start your own blog and make it your first story. Leave Blog alone man.


And a quarter of a million votes cast, of which Thierry got 45%!


@Blogs – would you be travelling for all the games this summer?


I’m hoping that the east coast games are manageable with my schedule. I made it to the games in NJ and LA on their last 2 trips over here. Good excuse for a vacation.


Is there any information available on tickets where/when to get them, how much etc… Thanks.


The official announcement will be made later today.


Any idea where a Gooner can get the pre-sale code to sit with fellow Arsenal fans?


It should be a money maker, so very welcome in our “tight” financial position. That said, all Arsenal’s friendlies announced so far look quite challenging – albeit these games aren’t usually played flat out. Let’s hope we’re not too knackered/get any injuries by the end.



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