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We forgot our birthday, again. Arseblog News has turned 8

Blogs: “We forgot our birthday, again.”

News Hound: “I had it in the diary for 1st July…”

Blogs: “It was 1st June…”

News Hound: “Oh…”

Blogs: “As is the tradition, I’ll leave the post to you…”

News Hound: “Heh, just noticed we were six weeks late with this last year, we’re getting better…”


Yep, Arseblog News is officially 8-years-old (and 17 days).

I think we can all agree that this is terrifying. Where on earth did the time go? One minute we’re lamenting the 8-2 defeat at Old Trafford, the next we’re getting hammered in a European final on the edges of Asia. The joys of being a Gooner.

Of the Arsenal squad we started covering in 2011, only Laurent Koscielny and Carl ‘the Corporal’ Jenkinson remain … and we’ll be surprised if either is about to celebrate our next anniversary.

In the last two years, the rate of change at our club from top to bottom has accelerated so quickly that’s it’s almost been hard to keep up. Thankfully, that’s where we come in.

Without further ado, here’s our annual ‘State of the Arse’ address…

12,450 published posts on Arseblog News (that’s 4.2 juicy pieces of content a day, every day for eight whole years)
95,520 followers of the @arseblognews Twitter account
6,273 posts by @arseblog
4,637 posts by @AAllenSport
521 posts by Academy aficionado @JeorgeBird
245 posts by Arsenal Women expert @Stillberto
42 posts by stats guru @oh_that_crab
9 posts by former Gunner Graham Dougan – unsurprisingly, he STILL doesn’t have Twitter.

As always, a big thank you to the other contributors (hat tips to Hatta & Sam) who’ve chipped in along the way with match reports, analysis, translations and other features.

Their efforts combined with columnists Lewis and Arsenal Gent on the main site, Tom making sure the servers work and don’t explode, the player rating functionality, the apps and all the guests on the Arsecast with Blogs and Arsecast Extra with @Gunnerblog and you start to get an idea of how much of a collective effort it is to provide fresh, half-decent ‘content’ on a regular basis.

Our work hasn’t gone unnoticed and that fills us with pride. In December, we beat off some stiff competition (innuendo intended) to be voted ‘Best Fran Merida Fan Media’ at the Football Supporters’ Federation awards. That was pretty cool.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank all our members on Patreon. We’ve been going strong on there for about 16 months. If you like what we do here at Arseblog and you want to support it as well as getting extra stuff, you can sign up to become a member today for just €5 per month. You get instant access to all the extra content, which includes:

  • Episodes of My Arse – chatting with famous Arsenal fans like Dara O Briain, Mark Strong, Bernard Butler, Ian Stone and loads more.
  • History specials
  • The Pastcast Extra
  • Player podcasts
  • Exclusive long-read articles
  • Access to live YouTube streams, Q&As etc
  • A free audio book version of Together: the story of Arsenal’s unbeaten season
  • Others stuff too

To sign up, visit patreon.com/arseblog. Your support there is helping us keep everything else free as it always has been, as well as making improvements and changes to what we can offer you – including expanding our coverage, redeveloping our apps (coming this summer) and more.

Finally, we’d just like to say thanks to all of you for reading, listening, commenting, sharing our stories, sometimes coming at us with pitchforks. You lot are Champions League, even if the first team isn’t right now.

Cheers from all the Arseblog team and the Arseblog German Shepherds!

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Only 8? Feels like it has been around far longer.

Congratulations to all the team, top top content every day.

And excellent comments in the comments section (mostly).

A valuable resource for Arsenal fans, thanks very much.

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

This feels weird now… knowing I get my footy news from an 8 year old…

Regardless, Happy Birthday Blogs-News! I’ll get a stripper, put her in a cake, bake it and send it to you asap!

…Pretty sure that’s the correct order.


Thank you for accompanying my daily commute for the past 5(!!) years since I discovered the blog.

Ed the Red

Cheers for it all Arseblog news team and happy cakeday!


Nowadays I find more joy reading the news, than the blog.


Happy Birthday mate!


What about Ospina? Who will cover that news?


C’mon Blogs!!! Corporal Jenko is here forever!! he’ll most like out live Stan K……lol…… Congrats on your “belated’ anniversary… Thanks for your great blogs that keeps us going and believing…. With Love from Nigeria!!!




Well done Blogs, Andrew, James and team. The only place worth checking for Arsenal news. Let’s hope we make some signings as a birthday present!

Arsene's Coat

Many happy returns, keep up the great work ?


We all have a couple of pages we always open immediately when we go online, and arseblog (news) is one of them. Cheers!

Wilsheres Middle Finger

I found this blog three years ago. To say that it is now a fundamental part of my Arsenal experience is an understatement.

Happy Birthday and thank you for all of the consistently exceptional content!


Thank you Blogs and team for investing your time and effort in running this blog. Here’s to many more years and hopefully we will all be celebrating trophies again (and bring back the good times to The Arsenal).


Jeez… Like wtf! Seemed like yesterday we turned 7. Wow! Big ups to err one.



Truly one of the most inclusive sites and deservedly a leader in opinion and thought.

Been to a number of other blogs that if you held contrarian views you were censored or limited.

Not at Arseblog.

Which is great because those same sites (7amkickoff to name one) are then just full of sycophants. Everyone agrees on the same tune (often later they wonder why things haven’t gone the way they thought it would…statistically)

Keep it up.

Paul Roberts

Congratulations and keep up the great work!

Dennis Elbow

Happy late birthday Arseblog!


Happy B-Day, Arseblog!
And to many more returns!!

Don Cazorleone

I joined in 2012 I believe. How things have changed.



Happy Birthday Blogs! Thanks for bringing us wonderful content regularly. It’s my go to Arse resource. Cheers!


Cheers all! It’s fuckin’ excellent


Happy cakeday!!!!!! Wow this is sooooo Nice. But. Simone who konws wich deffenders we are going to play with this season?

Daniel Cox

Keep up the good work Blogs!


Hands down the best Arsenal related thing ever I’ve come across. It’s the first thing that I do in the morning when I’m sitting on the Plastic Throne ? Hell, even on my bad days i’m here ? No BS on this website, love the people commenting on here(Lord Bendtner being my personal fav). Btw we had the parade for The Raptors today. WeTheNorth (London and Torronnoo)


Congratulations Arseblog team!!! Happy Birthday and wishes for continued success. I’ll be here for the next…….well however many years we keep going together. I’m not going anywhere lol


Can we get Phil Collins to sing Happy Birthday Arseblog? That would be something special.


Very special birthday Blogs…The blog is Aaron Ramsey years old! net Keep up the great work. First thing I read in the morning.


You’re not as good as Le Grove when it comes to breaking stories, but you’re doing a decent job. Keep it up.


Well done on getting the most downvotes, beating Santori above.

It’s an ongoing battle you have with Santori but you’re the winner this time.

You’re doing a decent job.

Lacazette Before

I dunno what I did with my life before you guys… Thanks a million for your hard work!



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