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Transfer Round-up: Aouar, Ceballos, Torreira, Sokratis, Bellerin & more

There has been lots of transfer talk in the last week or so; some stories moving quickly, others dying off and several changing direction.

We’ve split things into ins and outs this time.

NoteThe Poo-O-Meter is not a guide to future performance. The value of your investment may go down as well as up. Terms and conditions apply. Please allow 28 days for delivery.


Houssem Aouar

It seems clear that we hold an interest in one of Ligue 1’s hottest properties but also that Lyon aren’t going to let him go without a fight or us stumping up a big dollop of cash money. The figures doing the rounds suggest that could be as high as £50 million. It sounds like we’ve dangled Matteo Guendouzi as a curly-haired carrot, but that’s not proved particularly tempting.

We’d love it to happen. He’s a very talented, creative player and god knows, we need some of that. Right now though, we’ve a mountain to climb to get it done.

Thomas Partey

A cursory Google search will reveal that there are now more articles linking Thomas Partey with Arsenal than Hatem Trabelsi ever managed. Quite a feat. The Ghana international remains an Atletico Madrid player, nobody has ‘triggered’ his £44.5m release clause and unless we can shift some players it seems unlikely we’ll bother making him a priority. It sounds like we’ve dangled Matteo Guendouzi as a curly-haired carrot, but that’s not proved particularly tempting. There are also suggestions that Alex Lacazette has been offered.

This story has dragged on longer than the Lord of the Rings trilogy and it’s equally as boring.

Dani Ceballos

After a lot of waxing and waning on Real Madrid’s part, a deal to bring him back to the Emirates is pretty much done. It sounds like we’ll get out of a loan fee, so long as we cover his wages in total and we may have an option to buy next summer. According to the Evening Standard, Dani arrived in London today to finalise the terms of his extension and will now have to quarantine for a couple of weeks which will see him miss the start of the season.

Unless he turns up at London Colney with a leg for an arm and an arm for a leg, this looks like it’s done. Dani will, according to the club, follow all necessary protocols having arrived from Spain, a country not exempt from restrictions due to the prevalence of Covid-19 there.

Patson Daka

The Zambian striker plays for Red Bull Salzburg and, according to reports in his homeland, has been watched by Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United. The 21-year-old – a former winner of the CAF Young Player of the Year award – scored 24 goals in 31 appearances in the Austrian Bundesliga last season and played behind Erling Haaland before the Norwegian moved to Dortmund. This all feels a bit speculative and we’d need to shift a striker first.


Lucas Torreira

Fiorentina seems keen, so do Torino while Napoli and AC Milan have shown interest in the past. It seems Italian clubs have a fetish for pint-sized, tattooed midfielders. As things stand La Viola lead the chase, but that could change. If they were owned by the Medicis, our £25 million asking price wouldn’t be much of a hassle for them, but they aren’t, so they are pushing for an initial loan deal with an option to buy next summer.

Sead Kolasinac

Our Bosnian left-back is hot for a return to his former club but his wages are a major stumbling block. As we mentioned the other day, the Bundesliga side has implemented a  pay cap which would require Sead to take a very hefty pay cut. Would you accept doing that in this climate, even for sentimental purposes? AS Roma are also said to be keeping tabs on the 27-year-old as are Bayer Leverkusen who might want to redirect some of their Kai Havertz cash our way.


The Greek seems to be closing in on a move to Napoli where he’ll join forces with former AC Milan teammate Gennaro Gattuso. Judging by the figure being mentioned – £3.5m – we’re going to make a heavy loss on the 32-year-old defender, but that’s fine, they did take David Ospina off our hands. Recruited from Borussia Dortmund in the summer of 2018, he’s made 69 appearances for the Gunners.

Matteo Guendouzi

Having been called up to France under-21s for the Interlull, Matteo has an opportunity to remind people that he can still kick a football. Mikel Arteta says he’s spoken to the midfielder and he’ll start the season on a par with his teammates but you sense if we can get a decent price for him, he’ll still be off. So far, Unai Emery has come sniffing on behalf of Villarreal but that aside, suitors haven’t exactly been queueing around the block. As mentioned above, Atletico Madrid don’t seem keen and supposed interest from former club PSG has gone cold.

Hector Bellerin

There have been lots of reports of a £25 million bid from Paris Saint-Germain but the Telegraph, having gone big on the story, are now suggesting that things haven’t moved quite that far or fast.

We’d be sad to lose Hector, for obvious reasons, but if we can rouse a big-money offer from PSG, we’d have to be tempted to sell, especially if Ainsley Maitland-Niles is sticking around.

Emi Martinez

Villarreal, Aston Villa and Schalke have been linked but after another impressive showing between the sticks, we may well be tempted to keep Emi for a bit longer. If he does go – and a club will have to match our asking price – we’ll need to sign a replacement. The Athletic claim Brentford’s David Raya is our priority but the Bees aren’t willing to play ball.

There aren’t many people who doubt Emi’s credentials to be the club’s number one. But how do you accommodate a player whose value has never been so high and to whom you can’t guarantee first team football? In an ideal world, we’d keep both him and Leno but that may not be possible given our current financial situation.

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I love these posts. It stresses me out using NewsNow- Arsenal, Football London, wow they churn out some stories.
Thanks Arseblog for helping me keep my sanity.


You don’t want to use those, they’re full of shit


Yeah stick to the Gunners reddit since they have a tier list of who to trust


Sell Leno- keep Emi and Macey as Back up
Sell -Holding , Sokratis, Chambers,
Sell , Guendozi, Nelson
Sell, Laca(only for top money)

Buy a Beast of a CDM—————

Bring on 2020/21


I like Emi but find it a little surprising how many fans think we need to sell one of the best keepers in the PL the past 2 years (our defense was atrocious in front of Leno) in favor of a guy who has played really well albeit for only 5-6 games.


No one wants to sell Leno. It’s just that we have to sell one coz both are at a stage in their careers where they have to start. And so if leno is getting more money than Emi then Leno seems to be a better option for sale.

That attitude to vvd at the toss has tilted considerable fans in Emi’s favour I guess!


Keeper is one of the most important positions on the field. Remember how many years we went without a solid number 1? There is no way we should sell one of the best keepers in the pl who is yet to hit his prime simply bc he raises an extra 5-10 m more than a relatively untested keeper.


9 EPL games, 3 FA Cup games, 1 Comm. shield in 2020. Add that on top of a series of good Europa and Cup games over the past 3-4 years and I’m not so sure the sample size is that small anymore. He’s a class Goalie. Like @francesc says, we don’t want to sell him, same as we don’t want to sell guys like AMN, Bellerin, Lacazette. But these are all areas of depth in quality and quantity. And now I know you know as well as anybody that posts here we are desperate for a midfield upgrade. I’d happily… Read more »


Emi is a solid number 2 imo but the jury is very much out whether he is any more than that. I’m not aiming this at you but fans have a huge recency bias and the cup run has very much skewed perspectives of players. I like AMN but look at the clubs Hector is being linked at (PSG, Juventus, Barca) vs. the clubs AMN is (Wolves, 2 mid table German clubs) which tells you how professional talent evaluators view the two. Yet quite a few fans are clamoring to sell Hector in favor of the “better talent” AMN. Emi… Read more »


He is neither a solid number #2 nor a runny number 2.
He seems to be on the ascendancy, but it’s too soon to make any rash decisions on the goalkeeper front IMO.


I absolutely agree on the recency bias and it’s why I think we need to sell some of our good players in good form (sell high) to invest elsewhere. Leno is quality. Absolutely. But he would get more than Emi, and I truly believe he is as good a keeper as Leno – I’d like to say better even (Emi has – been to put it simply – world class since called upon), but saying better might actually be recency bias. Even in cup games in previous years, do you remember him playing poorly. The difference is he’s never had… Read more »


Think we broadly agree that we need to sell to reinvest to make the team stronger. I personally don’t think the extra 5m we would get for selling a sure thing at keeper is worth the risk. The cup run was brilliant but in a lot of ways playing the top teams suits us as we don’t have to attack. Where we have consistently struggled the past few years even under Arteta is against the smaller teams where we are expected to attack as it highlights our flaws. I personally think if we want to make a real run at… Read more »


I’m firmly in the position that we need both DM or modern box-to-box (switchable CM that can defend) and an AM – our midfield is custard and has been for at least the past 3-4 years (arguably past decade to decade and a half – but particularly recently). My preference is simply Emi over Leno – I don’t think it is sound asset management to keep both (given our short-comings elsewhere and tight budget). I think that’s all we disagree on. Midfield HAS to be the priority. And I think that is a really good deal for Torreira that we… Read more »

Rafa El

Assuming 25-50 and 15-20 respectively for both keepers, the question is rather who would pay such a sum for one or another. Did anyone make an inquiry for leno and is in a need of upgradibg the gk position in top teams around (bar chelzki)? It’s not that we say we prefer to sell leno and you’d have line of buyers for 50m


I actually meant to write 25-30, but could be a little more maybe for Leno. I doubt anyone has really asked about him, but it would not be hard to get a market. He’s quality and agents love that action. I’d even sell to Chelsea. That’s where the money is and they’re going to get a good keeper anyway (most likely). The more we get the more can be spent on midfield.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

You have many things wrong: AMN is now an English international and Hector isn’t part of the spanish squad. I am not taking anything from Bellerin because national selection depends on the wealth of the national team in your position.
Eddie was played because he was more suited for a specific role of pressuring opponents. He is still very far from Lacazette’s quality close to his age at Lyon. Laca in bad form has scored more goals per minute than Eddie.


And Auba has scored more than both at Striker or LW. Shift Auba central (Nketiah/Martinelli behind), Willian on the left (Saka/Martinelli behind him), Pepe (Nelson/ Willian behind) on the right and do we lose anything? Not really, if at all, and we now have somewhere in the £30-40M to invest in midfield.


Who cares if AMN is an English international – that isn’t remotely relevant to the conversation. Hector is one of the only players in our squad who consistently has been linked with major European clubs. A lot of fans don’t seem to appreciate him for whatever reason but professional talent evaluators appear to. We’re going to have to sell if we want to buy – that’s the reality. The step down from Laca to Eddie is small enough imo that it’s easily offset by the gain of having a new midfield. There are going to be tradeoffs as the dead… Read more »

Charles MMM

The truth is that Emi is better in organising his defence and also better airielly than Leno. In shot stopping, both are at par (to me). When it comes to who might likely make more mistakes that might lead to goals, I will take Emi over Leno (based on his history right from the German league). But I guess it’s to the Kudos of the goalkeeper trainer that Arteta brought in. He has done so much better to brush up the two keepers to the point that we are spoiled for choice. We should remember that Emi wasn’t this confident… Read more »

Cultured Determination

I guess we could sell if there were craxy money, but there isnt. So we need to wait for 1 more year before hopefully the market picks up again. Players like leno and bellerin should go for minimum 50 mil.if maguire is 80 mil and chillwell is 50 mil, bell must be 70-80 mil too


Exactly, Leno has been very solid for us and that seems to have been forgotten. Only Aubameyang and maybe Saka could say they’ve had a better season than him.


Why is xhaka not on our transfer list?

People say he has turned it around but I see the same player who does not really do much which makes him easily replaceable. Plus he can fetch us some good value.

Or is it that he is on our transfer list but there is absolutely no interest in him from anywhere?

Arteta-tinted Glasses

Probably because we can’t sell our entire mid-field. Xhaka-Ceballos works. Let’s add to it rather than breaking it up and rebuilding again.


Bot asking to sell entire midfield. I think we have put up only guenduozi and torreira for sale. So if se plan to sell two, then it should be duozi and xhaka (unless torreira has asked to leave).

Mentally Drained Gooner

Marc Roca could be a like for like and a big upgrade on Xhaka, plus Espanyol got relegated, so the price and negotiations could be better too. But Arteta knows better.


Roca is going to Atletico Madrid

Sac, Lac & Craic

Better than poster “Mentally Drained Gooner” – yeah, I think he probably does!


If nothing else, Xhaka is experienced. We have just bought in three players with an average age of 22. (minus Willian) You need some older heads around


Have you been living under a rock for the past 6 months or so? He has been one of our best performers on the pitch! I’m not a huge fan of Granit, but give the man credit.

Michael Bolton Wanderers

I wanted him gone after the incident, but he’s changed my mind. I think he’s become one of our most important players


Doesn’t run , doesn’t tackle, doesn’t offer goal threat, very little defensive contribution, no obvious on pitch leadership either. Tidy risk free passing is all he has got. Of course he has improved but the standards were anyway very low. He used to have a great shot which he has stopped using. So all in all tidy risk free passing is all he has got. Surely keeping torreira over xhaka makes more sense.


Torreira does not give you enough physicality for a premier league midfield and his passing range is very limited. Xhaka was absolutely excellent vs City in the cup, great in the final and really good again in the Community Shield. His passing range and tempo dictation are also very important against smaller sides. His weaknesses are defending against counter-attacks and dribbling midfield players but this is masked better by the 3 CB’s we currently use. I actually think a lineup of: Martinez; Saliba, Luiz, Gabriel; Maitland-niles, Ceballos, Xhaka, Tierney; Pepe/Willian, Lacazette, Aubameyang is what we should go for this year.… Read more »


Tim Stillman wrote an article where he highlighted that Xhaka’s recent resurgence can be linked to him being put in a role where he receives the ball less and his weaknesses are less exposed. I agree with the need to keep experienced heads around, but Francesc also has a point in that Xhaka really is not that great a footballer. Maybe its the comment on him being easily replaceable but its funny that this opinion on Xhaka’s ability gets so many downvotes given that most of the fanbase would have given him away for free just a few months ago!


Stillman is bang on too. The fact Xhaka is a key player, when he should be a rotation player sums up the state of our midfield. He has definitely had some quality games, especially against the big teams. However, that is down to both Arteta’s tactics to play disciplined and not focus on possession as much as Xhaka’s own good play. He’s perfectly suited to getting stuck in in a defensive formation with support around him against the big teams and he has been great at it against Liverpool (X2) and Manc and Chelski. Xhaka – Strengths: Positioning, long-passing, long-shots,… Read more »

David Hilliers Arm Cast

I’m not his biggest fan either but he is about the only guy in the pitch who influences without the ball. He’s constantly talking and organizing, he is basically the captain without the armband. That is hard to come by.


Call me crazy, but I’d rather keep Emi over Leno. He’s as good a shot stopper, and is equal with his feet. Due to his size, Emi can cover more of the goal and is way better at claiming crosses. Plus he’s younger.


You are not crazy


Sane as I am.


Totally agree. And he’s been at the club for 10 years, so nice bond and inspiring story. Also looks like a bigger character to me.

Charles MMM

Obviously a bigger character than Leno and much more passionate too.

Rafa El

Yes, this 5 months of age difference is very important


Regarding Aouar.
I haven’t seen him but I would rather take Thiago in the sense that he is already world class and not potential. We lack experience to guide our group of gifted talents.


Why would Thiago leave the CL winner to join us though


What else has he got left to win?
It could be tempting to live in london and mentor our youngsters


Could be I suppose


It seems Thiago has one foot out the door already and Bayern have accepted it:

I 100% agree with @Kostas, I’d much rather us get Thiago than Aouar. Cheaper, better, more experienced. World Class talent at a pretty cheap price.

Dave cee

Thiago is quality, no doubt. But he is a bit injury prone, will want high wages and he isn’t an attacking, dribbling #10. Thiago would want to play the position that Xhaka occupies. Aouar is a totally different player for a different job

The Frog

If Thiago decides to leave Bayern, he has to take a step down.
Of course Arsenal might be more than one step down unfortunately, but I feel with Arteta and the optimism he generates at this club, we do seem to be punching above our (current) weight. Still a long shot, but one can dream 😉


Imo Thiago is like Ceballos and Xhaka who play deeper. He won’t be coming. Aouar plays a bit further up, the hope his he can be that attacking mid we’ve been missing since Ramsey, to score and assist from MF

A Different George

I don’t understand why people don’t that Aouar and Thiago play very different roles. To compare them to players who played in England, Thiago is Xavi Alonso (and maybe as good), and Aouar is much more the Lampard/Gerard/Ramsey role.


Thiago is 29, Aouar is 22. Difference is clear.
We need to invest in youth with good resale value


Not only is Aouar way younger, he doesn’t spend half of every season with the physios.


We must be the only club in England whose physios get RSI from all the work they have to do.


I suppose they can physio each other


Young and promising like Guendouzi and Torreira for example?

Charles MMM

Yes, but the difference is that Guendouzi has a wrong mentality plus thinks himself too important and/with an overbloated ego to match. Bad combination that is no one’s fault but his alone.


You prefer a 29 year old to a 22 year old. Then you’ll be the same people complaining in a year or two as to why we bought a player with no resale value.


You cant win only with kids. You also need experienced professionals

Charles MMM

There are numbers of excellent and experienced key players in that team already. All mostly internationals too.


Price isn’t even comparable. Thiago seems to be available for ~20-25M£, Aouar at least double that, and maybe more. Thiago > Aouar. Proven winner and HUGELY experienced. At 29 he still has at least 4-5 years left considering the efficient style he plays.

Drogheda Gunner

Thiago will not come to us, maybe next year when mikel hopefully gets us back in cl. I’d say if any other midfielder is coming it will Partey if they can get funds together. I just wish kroenke wud put his hand in his pocket this one time as there a lot of bargains to be had in this current market.

Robert H

Four fo five years of Thiago is about 70-80 starts.

New member

Dani’s situation put a smile on my face.

When Real demanded him to return, I thought that’s it for him and Arsenal. The guy seems to have potential and fight in him. Hope it all work out next season.


Regarding Guendouzi:
Maybe the lack of interest for him will ground him a bit and help him mature. I still believe in him. Another ArtetaTriggered redemption maybe?

Charles MMM

Hopefully. Fingers crossed.., but to be honest, I’m not too optimistic of him being so willing to change.


Anyone up for Pepe Zaha swap?




I would rather walk across red hot coals.


I have walked across hot coals 4 times now its a blast


I wish trump loses with this kind of majority


Regarding Hector.
I really adore his character but I believe he stalled a bit with us and his crossing is below bar. AMN could replace him


It’s difficult to know who’s in and who’s out at present. AMN was certainly on the way out until his recent performance moved him firmly back into the “in” column. It looks like Martinez is another example. Bellerin seems to have replaced them in the other column and it looks like there could be a couple of clubs interested which may boost his price a little. That said, he could switch back as quickly just as quickly. Some time soon the club will need to settle on who is for sale – and remains for sale – and who isn’t.… Read more »

It has to be said that Madrid just wasted this Dani’s time, why bring him back for training at the Bernabeu in the 1st place.

The pandemic is a logistics nightmare. Madrid could have still had tough negotiations with Dani remaining London. Just unnecessary drama and an unneeded flex of muscle in the end.

Hopefully Dani still has the place he was renting.


It’s said Zizou doesn’t like him much, might have just been fucking with him (and us) a little more. This is Real Madrid after all, total cants…


‘a curly-haired carrot’ Andrew Allen, you are a funny fucker. That really made me laugh.

Maybe I’m just being stubborn but I don’t get the Aouar hype. He is clearly an entertaining player but he could very much turn out to be another Ndombele or Fekir.

I’d much rather we try to pursue Szoboszlai from Salzburg. Who I feel would be considerably cheaper and has far more potential. He is a versatile player who like De Bruyne can play anywhere in the half spaces and is deadly from set pieces. He is a much better long-term alternative to Willian when he inevitably leaves.

I think Aouar would be a signing the club would regret buying.


The problem with Fekir is he ruptured his cruciate. Liverpool were going to sign him for 60m but he failed his medical.


There’s no guarantee of success with any transfer. Szoboszlai can flop, just like aouar can flop in the pl

Salibaba and the Forty Thieves

Agreed. I just believe that Szoboszlai as a set-piece specialist has considerably more opportunities for chance creation and would less likely be a flop(statistically).

His output has been phenomenal with limited game-time this season. He was big contributor to many of Haaland’s goals at Salzburg.

Also figure this, looking at the figures that RB sold Minamino and Haaland for, he would be a relatively cheaper option.

Here is a scout report on the player.


Don’t know about ‘regret’ but a massive gamble. I remember moons ago we were linked with Julian Draxler, next hottest young talent but he’s been festering. Aouar worth a punt but not at the price being asked, would rather play Smith-Rowe, Nelson give our Youth a chance…..


I think Aouar could be interesting because if we would by him, our squad would be quite well suited to play in the 4-3-3 formation, with Xhaka behind him and Ceballos.


Agreed. This transfer is on the back of a few nice games in the champions league. It would be buying high and we’re talking really high >50M£. There are cheaper options (Szoboszlai or Thiago) and Thiago is simply better and Szo looks quality – don’t think there is much seperating Szo and Aouar, except the price tag.


One can only assume that posters here haven’t seen the Magyar playing hence the thumbs down. By some considerable distance would i purchase the Hungarian over the Frenchman


The market is depressed with only a handful of clubs splashing the cash – and we’re not one of those. However, there’s about a month left in the transfer window so there’s time for deals to be done of course. That said, we need to offload as many surplus players as possible in order to bring in a few to strengthen the squad and cut the overall wage bill. Money is tight at The Emirates (for example, there are press reports that we were in the chase for van de Beek, but simply didn’t have the necessary cash available, unlike… Read more »


So am guessing Ozil will be moved to a scouting role?

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

If we could sign one, who would you prefer. Aouar or Partey?


I like T Partey
Everybody does…

Drogheda Gunner


Nick Paris

Nice to see you and the club come to there senses and U turn on AMN sale for £20m.


My thoughts on Martinez/Leno debate:
– only a small sample with Emi compared to Leno
– how will Emi bounce back from adversity/mistake
-how will Emi react to crowd in stadium
-Emi is more adept in command of box/kicking game
-what effects will taller cbs(saliba/Gabriel) have on gk performances

Just some issues I’ve been ruminating


I really don’t think we’ll be able to retain both – or not for long anyway. Obviously, they both want to start and fobbing one off with FA Cup games/ Europe etc. won’t be enough to keep one of them happy too long. Reports suggest Martinez, apparently pulled off the transfer list quicker that Arteta can say “Whoops”, will only sign a contract extension if he gets regular Premiership action. If Arsenal were to cash in on him now they would probably get a decent enough fee. Same with Leno, I guess. Decisions, decisions…


Patson Daka? This would be a mistake. We should go for Jehoshaphat Phartnoy or Frimley Boomslang.

Lord Peter of Highbury

Shouldn’t overlook Sidney Longhanger-Ubamwe at FC Xyrthc either….

Dan Nichols

i cant pretend to know who we need! I know what we need though, a central midfield player, with some vision, a record of output in terms of assists and goals and good athleticism. i dont think this will be represented by two separate players this window and the retention of ceballos and maitland niles and signing of Willian means two may be less neccessary. I think we should focuson job number 1 making the champions league rather than solving all our problems externally. you never know what may suddenly happen with someone at the club under arteta, sudden improvement… Read more »


Emi has been amazing but, people are forgetting how good Leno was before. Small sample size on Emi, I would rather cash in on Emi and rely on our proven world class Leno.


If we can bring only one more player, it has to be Houssem Aouar. Not thomas partey.
We are good enough for top teams defensively . But we play majority of games against teams who might park the bus and to break them we need aouar otherwise it will be like post lockdown games against Aston villa and Brighton.

I hope Arteta isnt over confident about our attacking prospects considering he doesn’t want to play ozil ever.

Charles MMM

This story has dragged on longer than the Lord of the Rings trilogy and it’s equally as boring. A similar thought on my mind as well for some time. I recently saw a U Tube video clip of that young defensive midfielder currently playing for Lille in France and boy is he good? If Athletico won’t play ball, then we should snap that chap up fast before another club does. We were recently linked to him with another club from Italy showing interest as well. I won’t support us doughing out that whole sum to Athletico for a 27 yrs… Read more »


Great news on Ceballos, and adding Aouar and Partey could potentially give us the strongest midfield in the league Would be incredible business given where we’ve finished over the last few years.


A potentially good combination but as we can’t afford Partey, let alone both, it’s wishful thinking at present.


Anyone remember the last time we were linked with a young, exciting winger/inside forward from France with a similar profile that everyone was talking about and for whatever reason it didn’t happen….Eden Hazard

GET AOUAR!! We will end up regretting this if we don’t he is THAT good. Resell value high due to his age, let’s just get this done


keep both keepers sell guendouzi and torreira laca for top money

Gudang Bedil

“This story has dragged on longer than the Lord of the Rings trilogy and it’s equally as boring.”

Ten poos for this blogs. Shame!


If Arteta opts to play a back five, I’d suggest that Aouar is a far more important signing than Partey.


I’ve forgotten: are more crap emojis good or bad?

Dave cee

Depends on whether you want the player or not


What do folks think of Reiss Nelson in the saleable assets category? I think he’s a good player, and could be poised to break out playing with some confidence this season. However, with Saka, Martinelli, and Pepe also young with favored positions on the wing, does it make sense to keep all of them? The others are going nowhere, and with senior options of Auba and William, playing time could be limited (both hindering Nelson’s development for Arsenal as well as his value growth for selling next year). There’s a lot of talk of Auba or Martinelli playing through the… Read more »

Corona X

Are you Arseblog, are you Arseblog, are you Arseblog in disguise? What a fucking fantastic post Mr. Allen, THANK YOU!


Sell; guendouzi,toreira,sokratis,Nelson,holding,nketiah,bellerin,kolosic and ozil


Martineli is better player than nketiah so let him start


Missing Felipe Anderson. West Ham and desperate to avoid another relegation scrap. Very silky player still 27yrs only and with some pace. Plays inverted from infield left which balances out Ceballos on right. BOTH can deploy ahead of Granit. Could be either an addition as offered (as rumour has) on loan at 5m (with hopefully option to buy at a good price) BUT could also be an alternative to a unicorn signing like Aouar if Lyon continue to persist on a high price. IMO we can only afford a unicorn signing in one of either left midfield or at DM… Read more »

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