Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Images of Arsenal’s new third kit leaked

Turkish site Esvaphane have leaked images of Arsenal’s new adidas third kit for the 2021/22 season.

Featuring an eye-catching lightning strike design and a navy/turquoise colour scheme, it draws inspiration from a couple of Nike away kits designed by Drake Ramberg in the 90s.

Arsenal’s adidas third kit for 2021/22
It’s definitely a fun design…
This is another picture of Arsenal’s third kit. In case you were wondering.
Arsenal’s Nike away kit from 1994/95 as modelled by Ian Wright
Arsenal’s Nike away kit from 1995/96 as modelled by Martin Keown

It is rumoured to be available to buy from August.

Arsenal have already worn next season’s yellow away kit in the 3-1 win at Crystal Palace and, thanks to @ArsenalShirt on Instagram, we’ve also had a glimpse of the new home kit.

Arsenal’s via Ajax-looking 2021/22 home shirt. Hmm.

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Poopy pants

There’s not much to celebrate about for what’s happening on the pitch over the past few years, so they keep trying to benefit off of the past in which they had no part.

Tasmanian Jesus

White down the sides? What the excuse me is that about??

Dont like the third kit either.

Second kit is killer though.


I think the last time we had white down the side of the home shirt was in 1998/99 season – I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong


Love the look of the new blue kit. It’s full-on Avengers.
Hopefully, this means, we’ll discover our superpowers, blast the fuck out of the opposition and fly up the league next season. ⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️


That home kit hurts my eyes.

Vaibhav Pandey

Yeah looks like replica of Ajax kit


Pepe will play like Cruyff and Xhaka will turn into Neeskens, immediately they pull the shirt on.


Gotta disagree, it’s miles better than this year’s crappy home kit, which I think looks like a youth jersey. I think Adidas have largely been much better than Nike/Puma across the board.


I think its because I cant stand Ajax haha


Looks like pro evo version of Southampton or sheffield Utd.


the home kit is bilge. away and third are decent


Perhaps the idea is for the kit to be so appalling that it will distract disgruntled home fans from Arteta’s bilgeball?


Home kit’s grim, third kit’s not much better, away is delightful


Been buying replicas of old Arsenal kits from China recently (they’re all amazing quality and identical to the originals) and all the 3 new arsenal kits have been up for same there for a wee bit. Assume they’re being made in or close to the same place Addidas are using!
Images at:


Quality of those kits is stunning. Link?


Probably made by slaves in Uighur concentration camps, that’s why they’re so cheap.

Philly Gooner

Home kit is wretched. Pretty disappointing after how solid the last two were.


They would be greatly improved by “Visit Your Nan” instead of Visit Rawanda


Seeing the 90s kits again made me think that a self-financing model back in those days similar to the one used by Kroenke would mean no Bergkamp, no Wright, no Seaman, etc. Our owners at the time took risks, had a vision for the club and backed George Graham, Bruce Rioch and later Arsene to make the club great. That’s why we, as fans, all flocked to buy those shirts. Why would you want to buy anything official Arsenal puts out now?


I wish we would break ties with Rwanda, been reading some very disturbing news about the treatment of some citizens over there. Article link:

Viv The 🐐

Our stadium is named and our kits are “graced” by a UAE company … our ties with this should have ended there.


Yep, agreed on that front too mate. But was just pointing out that being associated with Rwanda is bad. All the while, President Macron is visiting and legitimising the authoritarian regime over there. Sorry to bring politics into it, so much to be exasperated about at the moment though.

Non flying dutchman

I just already callbit the Arsene Wenger stadium at ashburton Grove

No one knows what it is i am talking about but i should hope in time ill be seen as ahead of the curve

evaristus asobara

Maybe you should be PCGunner


Haha, like it. No shame in being PC if it means not liking despotic regimes eh!


Sending tourists to Rwanda is a vital part of their economy and feeding the very poor that you’re defending. Touring Rwanda doesn’t mean you endorse every single political policy of the president, otherwise no country in the world would receive tourists. Let’s cancel cancel-culture.


I see your point, but I feel that organisations like Arsenal should be held to higher standards with respect who they partner with. Yes, I know UAE, Emirates etc. I’m not making an exception for that either, it annoys me that so little a spotlight is on these atrocities around the world and thats because they do good PR and folks just go along with it. Cancel culture is a made up thing in the so called culture war, I think its fine to cancel people who chat absolute shit. For instance, anti-vaxers (not just about Covid but in general)… Read more »

DB10s airmiles

What’s the difference between that and a lot of what’s written in the mainstream media?


There is a MASSIVE difference – surprised people need to ask.

Mainstream media has it’s faults, but apparently they are the new scapegoat used by those who want to push their BS false narrative on others….similar to ‘cancel-culture’ whiners, ‘oh that’s just PC’ tools, and ‘Freeeddddum of speech’ douches.

If you can’t tell the difference between fact and spin, do more research on whatever topic is it is you seem confused about.


Mainstream media’s faults merit more than a handwave. Casting that ‘BS false narrative’ stone can be particularly fraught as well. For instance, mainstream media spent 4 years pushing a deranged, barely sourced Trump-Russia conspiracy theory that’s been thoroughly repudiated (I do not like Trump). Matt Taibbi is very good on this as well as other media shortcomings. Your last para about doing more research is a very good one. The problem is it can be very time consuming for people who have a lot to worry about and it’s very hard to know which sources to trust, or to simply… Read more »

Basil mcfawlty

Matt taibi is ace!

DB10s airmiles

So you’re suggesting that there is never agenda from the mainstream media, no matter where there funding comes from? Hmmm.
Now I’m not a big alt media guy either but I can see how deeply flawed this (your) argument is.

DB10s airmiles

You either advocate freedom of speech or you don’t.


Not sure what ‘Freedom of Speech’ has got to do with this, other than the lack of it in the regions I’ve referenced. Anyways, just my two pennies worth. Doesn’t sit right with me for the reasons specified.

DB10s airmiles

I’m just saying that you can’t pick and choose who is allowed to have opinions (freedom of speech) and who is not. You don’t have to agree with it but shut it down at your own peril, else it could be you next.


Or, everything inbetween.

David Hilliers Arm Cast

If an anti vaxxer wants to be more susceptible to diseases and talk shit, let them. If a moron listens to them and does no research they are as big of a fool. Canceling everything because people are stupid would have 99% of the world cancelled. Stop.


So tired of PC. Everyone’s entitled an opinion, doesn’t mean Arsenal should follow everyone’s PC opinion though.

DB10s airmiles

I do agree with you regarding our association with Rwanda though. The only power we have, as a consumer, to implement change is not to buy the product. I myself don’t buy Israeli goods and a lot of us here no longer wish to buy official arsenal merch whilst the kroenkes stand to profit from it, so it would be great to see arsenal take a stance.


‘Cancel-culture’, another daft term used by those who have no point. So the OP says bad things are happening in Rwanda and AFC being associated with them isn’t a good thing – and you’re up in arms against cancel-culture?

Also, touring Rwanada doesn’t mean you’re against the regime, so do you have a point? Only if North Korea had more tourists.

Jean Ralphio

True but no sponsor or billionaire is ‘clean’ and there are plenty of good things and people in Rwanda too and Visit Rwanda is more tourism than supporting the government.

Non flying dutchman

I feel like we never had any such problems with the Japan Victor Company


Looks like a scrambled TV screen

King 14enry

Home kit looks more Ajax than Arsenal

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

3rd kit has a nice design but the visit Rwanda stops the 3 stripes from being full length, which would make it look better. Less said about the Ajax kit, the better.

What happened to kits being released every other season, and alternating between home and away each year?

DB10s airmiles


Tasmanian Jesus

No, thats part of the design. If Adidas drew the stripes all the way down, the Rwanda logo would have a white outline or something, and be printed over the stripes.
Ive worked with kits and other prints for a long time, and 99% of the time, the logos adapt to the shirt, not the other way around.

Tasmanian Jesus

Black outline in this case. Thought you were talking about the home kit at first..

Viv The 🐐

90 Pounds …. unbelievable

Paul Roberts

Dollars but yeah!

Viv The 🐐

Even worse.
I took to quick of a look at it, because I felt just kicked in the balls by it. Fashion FC at his finest.


How else do you expect the down-at-heel Kroenkes to fund the Odegaard transfer?!


And therein lies the difference.

If it was City, Chelsea, Liverpool, United and probably even Leicester and the Spuds, Odegaard would be funded and signed.

Meanwhile, here at Tight Cunt Towers, we have to sell to buy.


It’s ok, but not as nice as the home + away shirts for next season

Adidas are far better better than Puma + Nike, I hope they never leave us


Not too sure about any of next seasons kits if I’m honest. Home kit is too ‘Ajax’. I like the Ajax kit, but not on Arsenal players. Second is too pale for my taste and should have blue shorts. The third is hideous! To be fair I didn’t like the Nike ones back in the day either. 😁

Scott P

I forgot about the home kit, and wish it had stayed that way.


At this point I wouldn’t care if they wore nothing. I just want decent football.


You may be unto something there; distract the opposition then put the game to bed before they recover from the image

Fun Gunner

I love the yellow kit, like the home kit even though it’s a bit busy, hate the blue.


Love the third kit
Like the away kit
Hate the home kit


Could not disagree more with some of these comments The 3rd kit looks like it has been designed by Roy Lichtenstein and is only missing WOW written on the front as for the Home kit the more we look like Ajax the more I hope we start playing again like the Classic 70’s Ajax side which at times under early Wenger they did.

Billy bob

Oh dear that’s horrible


The away kit looks a lot better in real life than the leaked pictures so it’ll be interesting to see what this really looks like. I’ve seen some pictures that make it look nicer than this. The home kit is a bit weird, we did wear shirts like that back in the day but it does look very Ajax.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

You’re right. I saw it on youtube, it looks really good. Easily our best kit in a long time.
It pains me that I’m boycotting all merchandise

Vaibhav Pandey

I don’t know the process of kit design but seems to me very one sided, it should be open to consultations and feedback before finalizing one 😀


Awful home kit, superb away kit, terrible third kit.

I expected better from Adidas.


3rd kit Yuk. As bad as some of the ghastly pre match warm t shirts they have worn last season.
Anything evoking 71 cup final has some merit, but all yellow- shorts and socks I’m not sure. 1st kit despite the Ajax vibes I quite like it. Agree with Visit Rwanda comments, isn’t one sponsor enough anyway? I like the kit as pure as possible


Hey guys what’s been our best and worst kits from recent times?

old gun

home: 😐
away: 😋
third: 🤮

Arskel Wengteta

Horrendous kit – hurts my eyes.
I still have the kit from 03-04.
I said I wouldn’t get another new one until we win another league title….
I’ll just have to order a replacement 03-04 kit from somewhere as its completely worn out now from all the tears I’ve had to dry with it.

DB10s airmiles

The only one I still have is the red current one from the final season at our beautiful Highbury. Simpler times…


Who gets a new shirt(s) every year? it takes something special usually for me to get the new release.

Gooner J

If the home kit makes us play anything like Ajax, I’m getting 5


Ajax Cape Town maybe…


Do we play enough games next season to warrant a third kit?

Steve D

Red home kit, yellow away kit, so unless we play a team that plays in red and yellow (Galatasaray and Partick Thistle and some minor French team (Lens?) the only ones that I know of), why do we need a third kit (apart from fleecing innocent fans that is)?


Third kit will be used to crash out of the carabao cup.

apangu iddi Amin

Even some fans are ready to pay for them again I mean the Kroenke’s after they only open their pockets for getting money but not spending in order to get.


This one looks like a 1970s tv on the fritz


Is The Fritz a TV repairman?


Totally off topic- does anyone know a site to advertise secondary season tickets? My dad doesn’t feel comfortable returning to stadium next season, but if you take the offered ‘holiday’ you don’t retain your own seats when returning for the 22/23 season, instead getting seated somewhere else. We’re front row club, so don’t want to lose them.

Crash Fistfight

Wow, downvotes for asking a simple question. I don’t know the answer, but hope you’re able to find one.


“Kroenke OUT!!!”

“Ooh Shiny New Kit…!”

DB10s airmiles

Nailed it.

Public Elneny

I usually find the retro nostalgia-bait kits to be kind of 🙄 tbh, but I love that 3rd kit

Home kit is very 99/00 dreamcast. Puts into mind some weird players we had when I first started following Arsenal like Remi Garde, Giles Grimandi, Oleg Luzhny, Alberto Mendez, Christopher Wreh, Moritz Volz. But this one is woeful

Nelson Vivas!

Public Elneny

But also, no one buy anythong

Kroenke out

Bill Hall

That is fucking hideous and the home kit isn’t much better. Why the hell do they need 3 kits now and every season if not just a money grab from the fans?


Is it me or does anyone else think the kit is a bit irrelevant right now.Think they ought to dress this team up in a Kwik Save ‘No Frills’ branded kit


Third kit is horrendous, even for pyjamas.

Jim Diamond

Isn’t it obvious? The Ajax kit is in tribute to the imminent return of the flying and non flying Dutchmen!

Or it is a 1999 tribute to welcome Kaba Diawara as director of football

Naked Cygan



Im not a fan of the stripes on the shoulders for any kit.

Teta's cult of personality ●█▀█▄

Not bad I suppose


Each player’s shirt will have a different 3d image (like Magic eye pics from the 90s) .. this way the opposingGK will be so occupied with finding it that we will score a lot of goals.
I know I’m grasping at straws , dammit , one can only have a faint grasp on reality when they are an arsenal fan 😉

André Santos

Why would you buy a third kit considering how you poor they been..
You were a club kit to show pride this clubs has none

Dave Cee

Ugly as fuck 🙁


This looks great…anyone got any idea when this one is gonna be released?

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