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Emery: January transfers are not easy but the club are working

Unai Emery says it’s difficult to find players who can give the team better performances than the players we currently have, but that the club are working on bringing in maybe one player before the end of the January window.

Perhaps reading from the Arsene Wenger handbook on how to deal with questions about transfers, the Arsenal head coach seemed to be talking about the difficulty of finding quality players in mid-season, but after a few weeks in which our form on the pitch has been pretty poor, those are words that might well frustrate some fans.

Speaking ahead of the crunch showdown with Chelsea on Saturday, the Spaniard was asked about potential arrivals – this despite the fact he said last week that the only incomings would be loan deals.

“It’s not easy to take players who can help with more performance than the players we have now,” he said.

“The club is working. I spoke with Sven, with Raul about different possibilities for players. They are working but it’s not easy to take players who can help us a big performance now.

“Transfers with something special can help us, and we are looking, with the possibility of one player and if we can take him to help us in one position on the field, maybe we can.”

He refused to be drawn on whether or not Barcelona outcast Denis Suarez was that player, insisting that conversations about transfers were a private matter for club officials, but it is widely believed that he is the main target.

The sticking point of the deal appears to be Barcelona’s desire to sell the player, whereas Arsenal do not want a mandatory purchase option.

Whatever happens, it won’t be done in time for this weekend, so it’s up to the players we have to produce better performances than they have been.

Ornstein: Unai Emery has suggested to Ozil it’s best for him to leave (audio)

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“The club is working. I spoke with Sven…”

That’s the only notable thing I read. Deep down I still hope he stays.


Same here man. My thoughts exactly. Or maybe Raul told him to mention Sven in his presser ?


Especially difficult when we have no money.


There’s plenty of money- just none of it is being made available to improve the team.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

If it is because of financial fair play, Kroenke’s own money can’t help. New commercial contracts will.


I don’t know what basis I really have, but I’d prefer Carrasco to Suarez. Something about Suarez doesn’t really do it for me, he looks light weight and I’m just not excited about seeing him in an Arsenal shirt.

All this of course because we’re not getting a defender.

Lord Bendnter

Because Suarez is not a proper, natural winger. And we have been screaming for a winger


I couldn’t agree more with the Suarez assessment. He has the build of a 14 year old boy. Not ideal for the PL.

Thomas b

Yes, just like David silva


Suarez I unknown quality to me but I know of Churascco from Monaco, the player is undisciplined and inconsistent. He has moments of brilliance but they come too rarely ( not unlike a German dude who’s in our book)


Carrasco played for Athletico Madrid didn’t he?

Fiers d'être Bleus

Played for Monaco before that.

Lucas Sam

I think we used to have a small statured two footed spanish player that did well, I wonder if you consider him lighweight too.


Cazorla had a low center of gravity. Suarez runs upright and is easily knocked off the ball.


Also seemed to have quite a chore.
Was well built for his size but too quick in his thinking anyway 🙂
Oh Santi…


…whereas Cazorla dragged his knuckles, on all fours, like Tarzan?

I jest.

Tasmanian Jesus

Haha, and Cazorla runs…downright?

Pat Rice and Beans

“January transfers are not easy”

Specially when you publicly admit that Arsenal has no funds and there’s an ongoing situation with the professional responsible to identify potential transfer targets.

Dan Gunn

And freezing out your 2 best attacking midfielders.


Does it really look as if he’s freezing out Ramsey? He’s using Ramsey as an impact sub. He would probably do the same with Ozil but he won’t track back. Having said that none of our bloody players track back!


We have money, just not to buy players.

Red n white Les

FFS, thought loan players be queuing to join club eh, need to get rid of deadwood expense pay decent players perhaps they’d stay instead of leaving for free. Think hard to find players better than we got Lmfao, try watching team ya love going backwards


What if this Suarez come in and have the same impact Paco Alcacer is having in Dortmund?

Tasmanian Jesus

You’re right. We should have gotten Paco Alcacer.


The club is only …working for Stan. This isn’t our Arsenal. I would get behind any serious action by fans to pressure Kroenke to go. Can’t seen any way out of this utter mess, but I think we have to give it a go.

High gooner

Come on lets do something about it.. Start with signs is a small thing we can start doing by the next home game. My favourite sign would be “#fuckoffkroenke”. Make our unhappiness known to the cameras where Kroenke (if that mf:er even watch our games) will see us! Im afraid he will never see our comments here at arseblog

Tasmanian Jesus

He would never see them at matches either. I highly doubt he watches our matches.

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

Any truth in Ramsey having signed the Juventus pre-contract? Apparently it’s just happened… If true I wish him all the best, sad to see him go. I hope the majority of work going on right now is to bring the right players in, rather than finding ways to get decent players to leave.


I’m not having a go at you when I say this, but I can’t understand the mindset of a lot of Arsenal fans. I know the club has been run really poorly, but the people largely responsible for that have now left. We have to have faith in Raul and Unai and even Sven whilst he’s still here to try and do the right thing. What we think is right and what they think is right might not be the same thing, but these guys have more experience doing their jobs than we do. The ability to believe any negative… Read more »


Sorry, but most of us are irritated at the complete (and perhaps willful) ineptitude of kse to do anything but extract profit from the club as opposed to building it into something better. Regardless of how things are actually going, the optics that the Kroenkes have allowed into the public present these negative stories- they are not challenging them in the media, not presenting a case for their strategy, nothing. And when you allow things like this to fester, people will assume the worst, which only undermines the club’s position further.

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

@SharpasFc Clearly this is an opinion you had before reading my comment, but wanted to fit it in somewhere, and felt it could be placed as a valid counter-point to my simple and harmless message. For you to encapsulate my 30+ years of support to Arsenal both as someone who has made large physical and fiscal sacrifices (relative to my livelihood) to the club, to simply fit a narrative you had premeditated is somewhat insulting, especially given that you chose my comment to reply to, and ended it with: “The ability to believe any negative story about Arsenal is an… Read more »

Leno me, I’ll be your friend

Hahaa wow, reading that back… one thing is clear… I need a Snickers!


I don’t see us signing anyone worthwhile this window and without any money, the summer window is probably going to be a washout too.


For pity’s sake we have money. It’s down to FFP that we can’t spend money on buying a player this window. Come summer we will buy. We’ve brought tons of players recently Auba and Laca both in the region of £50m, not to mention some of the other players we brought in this summer.


I was hoping i wouldn’t have to hear garbage like that once AW had gone. Difficult to bring in players that could help and are better than what we have…is he serious? The kids down the local park have more commitment and put in more effort than that team. Im sure they’d love a go. Can put up with defeats as long as there us 100% effort and commitment every week. Sadly this overpaid excuse for a team doesn’t seem to understand that.

SB Still

Yes, this sounds straight out of Wenger’s handbook but he was such a visionary. His approach of playing youngsters in the League Cup seems to have become the blueprint for many teams now.

However, if there are no movements in/out of players (not Mislantat/Edu), then this transfer window will be a failure.


Some teams won’t even bother with this window. I hate the Spuds but when they bought no one in the transfer window everyone laughed but they are above us in the League because they believed in their manager and their players who didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Hopefully without Kane they will plummet down the table, but I actually think their ethos will help them rather than the doom and gloom one that pervades our club right now…thanks to the fans.


Please, Mesut, once in your Arsenal career, do something useful: leave and let us take this Suarez (who is apparently the next football God). Please, we’ll be forever grateful.


there is a distinct difference between a winger and a no.10. Suarez if brought will be an addition to a role where we have only Iwobi
I get that Emery has angred the Ozil fanbase, but this point is not s hard to understand.


We are seeing the impact of failson josh on the club here- not just in terms of poor business management, but also poor sporting side management, just like all the other clubs of his parents’ in which he’s been allowed a more active role.


There will be 380K at very least freed up in the summer with Cech (100K), Koscielny (100K), Welbeck (90K), Lichsteiner (90K) all likely to leave. Also Perez, Ospina and the next to valueless Jenkinson still on the books. Meanwhile we need to sell In January to make room for wages of a new player. It will either be Ozil or Ramsey. Of the two, Ramsey appears more likely Ozil being on astronomical wages. who would want to take him? BUT at 140k per week offered by Juve over 5 seasons, if I were the club,. I’d consider revisiting negotiations. We… Read more »


Ramsey’s gone and ain’t gonna come back

Tasmanian Jesus

I work with a hardcore Barca fan, and he swears Suarez is a phenomenal player who’s self confidence is low at the moment.
So maybe we’re what he needs, and he’s what we need…..
But then again, he swears that pretty much all the Barca players are phenomenal. Even Busquets!

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