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Adidas Arsenal kits to be launched on July 1st

It seems the much hyped new kits by Adidas will make their long awaited reveal on July 1st 2019 as advertised outside the Armoury at Emirates Stadium.

Numerous photos of the jerseys have been doing the rounds online since the partnership with the German manufacturer was announced. However, as previously reported, it seems that the most recent photos of Aubameyang and Lacazette features the final design of next season’s jerseys as leaked by the good people of Footy Headlines.

Feedback to the clean designs have been very positive online – a marked departure on the unpopular Puma kits of the last few years.

Scroll for photos of the leaked kits, including shots of the third kit which is clad in blue and gold.

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Refreshing to not know which kit to go for because they’re all decent – not too happy at endorsing folk to visit Rwanda and not taking a risk on a player name though.


Tough crowd – guess were all ok with countries in poverty spending £30m on a shirt sponsor.


Maybe they thought spending £30 million on promoting tourism would be well spent? It certainly reaches an extremely large audience. Tourism = Trade Trade = jobs + opportunities for people to lift themselves out of poverty. Give a man a fish, and he can feed his family for the day, teach a man to fish and give him a fishing rod, he can feed his family for a lifetime… We give billions away in foreign aid, when we’d be better off investing in business opportunities in goods that are to expensive for us to manufacture ourselves, and then using free… Read more »

A Different George

I don’t want to speak for Goonerrific, but I think he was referring to Rwanda’s political situation and human rights record, not to whether it was a smart investment by their tourist bureau.


I understand your point but having worked with tourism boards/ governments , this represent a sound investment for the country, big exposure for not that much money ( considering other investments in tourism). Well played Amiel.


Tourism happens to be Rwanda’s biggest earner generating $437m in 2017. So investing 30m to get more people to visit Rwanda sounds like good business for a country “with poverty”

John C

Rowanda has a population of 12.21m people, and if the country’s biggest source of income only generates $437m, that equates to a benefit of $35.59 a year to each person, that is the very definition of poverty.

Let’s put this into perspective, Ozil “earns” $44.08 a minute!!

I extremely uncomfortable taking £10m a year to promote a poverty stricken country to pay multi-millionaire footballers wages, i’d rather the club promote them for free.


the $437m is from Tourism only. The population of the country do not depend on Tourism as the only source of income.

Also, comparing $35.59 to Ozil’s wages per minute is so ridiculous. Not to say that’s a sustainable amount, but comparing when the country has different dynamics is just insane.


So you would rather they share the 30 mil? That would only equate to $2.46.

Have you thought about how things might be without tourism? Things are bad in the third world and that $35.59 per year could be what they are benefiting from the 30 mil investment.

From that perspective, $2.46 to $35.59 is a huge jump in income for poverty stricken households.

Africa wants trade, not aid.


There are so many holes in your argument. First of all, this is not their sole source of income as a country. Also, purchasing power parity means that the dollar amount in Rwanda is not the same as it is elsewhere. Africa does not need your free crap, they’ve made an investment in their own country and don’t need you to feel any type of way for them. So you can keep your uneducated sense of morality to yourself.

John C

I would rather Arsenal promote Rwandan Tourism for free, i don’t believe we should be taking money from the poor to pay the (very) rich. The fact that money that could be used to improve the lives of very very poor people only goes some way to pay the wages of a lazy waste of space like Ozil doesn’t sit well with me.

Barcelona had UNICEF on their shirts for free for many years, i’d rather we did that, or even better the players donate £10m a year on a pro-rata basis to pay for it!


UNICEF is a non-profit organization that’s held accountable for all donations they receive. Please go and do some research on this, the data is out there (I recommend a good book called Dead Aid). Giving things out for free sounds nice but it’s not always beneficial to the recipients for many reasons. It’s really ignorant and disrespectful to believe that people are out looking for handouts. They willingly entered this business deal as an investment in their own country. I promise you the majority of Rwandans are not complaining about this, it instills a sense of pride to see your… Read more »

Asrar Ahmed

Lol man said non profit

Dave Cee

I.m on my way now


What an ignorant statement on so many levels.


Enjoy the kit and forget about politics

Cygans Parting

I’d be just as concerned about our stadium and main shirt sponsors Emirates. The human rights abuses of our main patrons are every bit as abhorrent as Visit Rwanda

Asrar Ahmed

Shall we tally Britain’s human rights abuses or is that not fair game?

canon fodder

It’s the away kit that I am going for; I love Adidas’ return to tradition. Red (home kit) and yellow (away kit) is all I ask for. I’m not into third kits as they have no tradition and are just an excuse to fleece more money out of us.


This kit is simply too nice for the Europa league. What a cock up.

Eric Blair

Is there any way to get the sponsers logos off?


I’d pay extra for that.


Nice kits.

Unless Mustafi is inside them next season.

A Different George

Give it a rest.


Love the red and yellow but I’ll buy one only if we buy a quality player. I’ll splash the cash only if they splash the cash!


So we’re probably not anouncing any new signings til then?



Ya gooner

Why are we using american dates now?

A Different George

Because dates won’t grow in the British climate.

Floppy Gloves

What makes them American?


Probably says “Freedom Dates” on the box.

Paul Roberts

We are not.

Ya gooner

Month theb day makes them american. Day then month then year. Yes I am this bored and yes silly season has already driven me nuts (and raisins).


At least our defenders will look nice as they fall over.


Off topic but how would everybody feel about getting Cesc back to the club to add control, stability, desire(Henry coming back as a “fan” comes to mind) and creativity to our dying midfield? I for one would love it.


Would have loved it 3 plus years ago, but the reason Chelsea let him go was his legs were gone a bit. Not great for pressing, he tracks back less. Not surprising considering he’s been one of the worlds best since about 16 and has played for such high energy teams all his career.


Kit is alright. Nothing fantastic. Was expecting a bit more frankly, third kit is unimaginative. First kit at least they didn’t try to tamper too much. Never been a fan of the Banana kit. What’s more concerning is the brand of the club overall has been taking a nose dive for some time now. How we prosecute this summer’s (transfer business)/who we bring in, may well dictate the general direction thereafter. We can’t even say we are a team replete with much quality names these days. Even the striking pair of Auba and Laca are not entirely first class picks… Read more »


Please stop talking. Forever.


This is surely up there jn the top 3 longest posts ever, that no one actually read…

Lucas Sam

Maybe I’m reading too much into this but I wonder why Ozil and Mkhii are not featured in the leaks as they are Adidas ambassadors instead of Auba and Laca who are both sponsored by nike…

Dave Cee

Yuck and who gives a fuck. Sponsored site now?

Dave Cee

Sorry..i.m in a sour mood. And all things Arsenal just make me feel worse


Struggling to see what makes Adidas better than Puma or Nike. There are only so many ways you can cut red and white, yellow and blue. All the rest is just BS. If you’re happy spending 80 quid for a piece of nylon the cost of which supports underperforming wage thieves like Ozil then that’s your choice.


That home shirt brings happy memories:
Perry Groves cuts it back to Charlie Nicholas, 2-1!


The kits are too nice to be worn by a Europa League team.

Mike Freeman

Also not happy with association with Rwanda, a highly corrupt country.
Love the home and third shirt. The yellow doesn’t do it for me, I was hoping it would be a bit more retro. Never mind, good to have Adidas on board.

PS I am the only one that loves the Mint Green third shirt from last year? Rather hoping Adidas have a go but with black and mint green.

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