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Arseblog wins Best Fan Media at the 2021 FSA Awards

The Football Supporters’ Association (FSA) have spent the day announcing the winners of their annual awards via their social channels and we’re very pleased to confirm that Arseblog has been crowned Best Fan Media for 2021 (or maybe it’s 2020, we’re not sure).

We were up against stiff opposition – including last year’s winners The Anfield Wrap – so we’re very chuffed to pick up the trophy.

A big thank you to everyone who voted for us, it really means a lot.

The Arseblog network has expanded quite a bit in the last couple of years and it’s a direct result of your support both here and on Patreon.

You visit, read, listen, watch and comment in your droves and together you’ve helped us build a community to be proud of.

We’ll be raising a glass to you tonight.

Team @Arseblog



The FSA 2021 winners

Club Podcast of the Year – The Squareball
Writer of the Year – Henry Winter
Commentator – Martin Tyler
Football Media of the Year – The Athletic
Podcast of the Year – That Peter Crouch podcast
Fans for Diversity Award – Villa & Proud
Fan Media of the Year – Arseblog
Women’s Player of the Year – Viv Miedema
Pundit of the Year – Ian Wright
Men’s Player of the Year – coming soon…

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Quite right too! Congratulations 👏


Yeah second that. Thoroughly deserving. Well done Andrew and team


I voted for you! Well done, thoroughly deserved.


Well done, Arseblog! Congratulations!


Fran Merida, see what you did there.
Congrats to everyone on the team. The only Arsenal site I look at.

Also great to see Wrighty win an award too.

Var Will Solve The Problem

And great to see Miedema win one too! Well deserved!

Trex d Gunner

Also good to see Martin Tyler winning instead of that knob Peter Drury

Lord Bendnter

So cheeky. That’s why Arseblog is the best

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Wrighty pundit of the year.



Shocked you didn’t win podcast of the year but in all fairness Crouch should end his career with some form of trophy.

Non - flying dutchman

He did win the FA cup with Portsmouth didnt he? Made some dodgy career decisions thereafter thoigh

Vaibhav Pandey

Well done Arseblog, glad that we are picking up trophies in media too 😀 Congratulation!!

Scott P

That’s cuz it’s fuckin’ excellent! Congrats!

Jane Pearce

Well done Blogs xxx

Mentally Drained Gooner

Tell me something new 😅

Although must say thoroughly deserved

Marianne Stewart

So glad Arseblog got the award! Well deserved, a wonderful site

Old but Gold

Congratulations and well deserved


Congratulations! And you now win best thumbnail of the year


Well done guys, much deserved!


So pleased for you guys, and proud to be part of this community. Well done all.


Many congratulations and thoroughly well deserved. Keep up the good work.


Whilst I don’t agree with blogs on many things, he’s certainly up alongside Pedro from Le Grove as my favourite Arsenal blogger

Congratulations blogs + the team, well deserved 👏

Pete Plum


Pete Plum

(That was only aimed at le gr*ve)

Congratulations, that’s awesome to read😊.

Though it shouldn’t be a surprise, there’s always top quality news on here and I haven’t read a newspaper sports column in a while because of it.

To even better things👍

Cygans Parting

Congratulations to everyone involved at Arseblog! 🙂 🏆

Trex d Gunner

Congratulations to the entire arseblog community


Well done – I’d say fully deserved but I – of course – don’t look at the others! Though I can’t imagine there would be anything better that could match your melange of wit and humour, intelligence, and Roger Melly-ish sweariness.


Great news all! Very well deserved.

Thanks for everything, my working from home days would be nothing without you…


Personally, I prefer Le Grove. Arseblog is a decent second-best.


Only upticking cos I finally feel like I know Fatgooner’s “sense of hunour” 😉



But hunour actually worked

Merlin’s Panini

Le cesspit will never compare to Arseblog.

Naked Cygan

Another trophy sp*rs missed on.


Congrats!!! 🍾🥂


Well done, and well deserved! The site has been a beacon of light in times that have been decidedly murky. Passionate but rational about the club and laced with an ability to laugh at the insanity of being a Gooner. Keep up the good work folks. 👍

It Is What It Is

Hear, hear!

It Is What It Is

Congrats to all contributors, and thanks.

Scored at the Clock End

This is so fully deserved and not just a function of the invincible online Arsenal army. You are absolutely brilliant, thank you for keeping us informed, inspired and sometimes infuriated.

Baichung Bhutia

Congratulations, well deserved.
We have to sign coming soon… this summer.


Feels like I won it! So proud of Mr Blogs, been reading Arseblog every day since the mid 2000s and it is one of the only things I have done consistently since then ( bashing the bishop comes a close second). I never comment but have always enjoyed reading the comments section. I started of in my early blog reading days reading A cultured Left foot and Gunnerblog, a mate pointed me towards Arseblog and it has very much been staple food since then as Gunnerblog became less frequent and I just lost interest in A cultured Left Foot. I… Read more »


Congratulations, a great achievement during a very difficult time. Well done the Arseblog team, now pass your success onto Arsenal FC!!!


Congratulations to everyone involved. And congratulations to us who commented on posts. Most of whom are effing lovely.


Congratulations to the whole team but particularly Andrew M after his sad recent time.


Massive congrats and very well deserved! ❤


Congratulations to the Arseblog team.


Congratulations Arseblog! Keep up the amazing work, you always entertain me even on the darker days of being an Arsenal fan. I think Arseblog is the only site I visit daily, and it’s the only website I comment in.


Your welcome
I stacy abrams in pennsylvania


You mean Georgia

Gus Caesar

F*cking excellent, well done Blogs & the team.


Huge congratulations Blogs! Well deserved on a job well done to you and all your content contributors! 🎉🥂

Happy St Patrick’s Day in advance ☘️

Prawn cocktail gooners

Well deserved

Timorous Me

Huzzah! A well-deserved honor. The work done by everyone here is excellent.

I’m not exaggerating, either, when I say that this site has played no small part in my growing fandom/obsession as an American Gooner despite all the frustrations the club itself has provided.

Non - flying dutchman

Been many a time in recent years when more of a fan of the arseblog then the arsenal


Great stuff! Well deserved. I’ll raise a glass to Blogs and James.

Dr Zebra

Congratulations!! So well deserved. I really appreciate how much the website has expanded since the patreon membership; love all the work you guys do! Thanks for keeping us informed, entertained and connected!

Also, really enjoy the Arsenal presence in the winning categories


Congratulations to Andrew and everyone at Arseblog.Thoroughly deserved.

I may no longer contribute to the daily news comments site (with the sole exception of this post) but I still actively read, listen and enjoy what is – and has been since it’s formation – clearly the best Arsenal blog by a country mile.

Very well done to all concerned. 🥂🍾


Yassssss. It rarely happens but when it does, it feels so great. It’s not every I get to vote for stuff like this and be on the winning side.

Bren Roberts

Well done each and every one of you, a joy to read and a pleasure to vote for you.


Congratulations, thoroughly deserved.

Billy bob

Good to see arsenal being represented by arseblog and wrighty


Congratulations and…………….thank you!


Good work Arseblog, a well earned reward for all your hard work. By far the best place for all things Arsenal

The future is bright, the future is Arsenal


Big ups!


I voted for you and the Arsenal women player’s but not Wrighty. The guy just rubbed me the wrong way … He got what he was aiming for, all WRIGHT, but as a pundit I like him to be a team player and show a bit of bias towards us and if anything most of the times I tot he was too eager to show he is not…

Anyway congrats for winning the award…I think your Blog deserves it so much..

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